Sun.Nov 23, 2014

Show only relevant questions with branching logic in surveys


Using branching logic, you can hide unnecessary questions to keep surveys short and relevant for your respondents. This improves their experience and increases completion rates of your survey. The feature also helps you effectively capture the information you need from your respondents.

Hackathon! Design Gamified eLearning in Hours by Bill Brandon

Learning Solutions Magazine

Here is a different, creative way to kick off your eLearning design and development! Hackathons are events in which individuals with diverse backgrounds, from coding to graphic design to instructional design and management, can collaborate on a development project, including those involving games and gamification. Read the background in this article, and the story of a very recent example! Design Strategies Development Strategies Games & Learning Immersive Learning Training Strategies

ELearning era means new training possibilities


ELearning era means new training possibilities. Training employees for roles within organizations has taken on a new form in recent years, with the conventional notion of irregularly scheduled group sessions being replaced by flexible schedules and online tool sets.