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6 Tips to Upsell Your Newest Online Course


How can educators retain learners after their course finishes? Many of our users devote a lot of time and energy into putting together their courses and finding students who would benefit from them. Attracting new students takes a lot of resources for most educators.

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Tips to Promote Diversity in Leadership Development Programs

InfoPro Learning

For the 21st century workplace, if you are still wondering why promoting diversity should be a priority within your leadership and development programs , the answer is quite simple and clearly evident through validated research.

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How Nonprofit Training Delivered via LXP Drives Employee Engagement


There are many benefits to providing various types of training to nonprofit employees. Nonprofit training topics can include leadership, customer service, and fundraising. James W. Shephard, Jr.,

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Tips to Improve the RFP Process for Employee Training Partners

ej4 eLearning

We frequently receive invitations to participate in the RFP process for employee training partners and eLearning services. It’s good to provide some structure around the search process so you can compare potential vendors.

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Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

LMS Integration: The Key To Increasing Your eLearning ROI

Lambda Solutions

- 4 MIN READ -. LMS Analytics eCommerce Measuring ROI Totara Learn Moodle

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3 Ways an LMS Helps You Deliver Better Customer Experience


For better or worse, customer experience makes or breaks retail success. Your LMS can impact how shoppers engage with your store. Here are three examples of what we mean. The post 3 Ways an LMS Helps You Deliver Better Customer Experience appeared first on Wisetail LMS. All LMS Best Practices

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Free Guide to Selecting Online Manufacturing Training

Convergence Training

So you’d like to add online training to your current manufacturing training program, but you want to take your time and make sure you’ll implement the solutions that are the best fit for your organizational training and learning needs? Are we right?

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Big Data Analytics in eLearning – What You Need to Know


Big data analytics in eLearning is a complex process that learning professionals follow to check large sets of data. It’s mostly carried out to reveal information or data, including customer preference, market trends, hidden patterns, and other insights.

Free L&D webinars for March 2020

Limestone Learning

“ Stem, bloom, plant ” by Luis Rodriguez is licensed by Pixabay. Did you enjoy having an extra day in February? Did it help you catch up with all those projects? Or did you treat it like the weekend gift that it was? Either way, it’s wonderful when the universe gives you something extra, isn’t it?

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Why Smoking Costs Employers More Than They Realize

Your employees are smoking, and at a cost of $7,000 per year for each employee who smokes, that adds up - fast! This free report will show you how an effective cessation program pays for itself.

Cultivate a Learning Culture for Better Business Performance

Learning Solutions Magazine

Cultivate a Learning Culture for Better Business Performance. catherine-lomb…. Thu, 02/27/2020 - 00:00

Working Efficiently With SMEs

eLearning Industry

Subject Matter Experts can be your dream partners, but they can also turn into your worst professional nightmares. But fear not; once you understand who they are and how they think, communication will never be a problem again. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

5 Awesome Use Cases of Augmented Reality in L&D

Growth Engineering

If you want to know the 411 on AR, and be the hippest L&D professional in the room, then get ready to be fully immersed. The post 5 Awesome Use Cases of Augmented Reality in L&D appeared first on Growth Engineering. Gamification Learning and Development Augmented Reality

5 Factors to Consider Before Choosing an eBook Distributor for your Publishing Needs


eBook distribution is an ever evolving and complex topic in today’s publishing landscape. Every publisher aspires to achieve an effective distribution system , which is possible only by choosing the right eBook distributor with the broadest coverage.

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Build or Buy an LMS? How to Pick the Right Solution for Your Budget

BUDGET. When it comes to picking your next LMS that six-letter word is probably the most important part of the decision-making process. So, what are your options to get the best possible eLearning solution without breaking the bank? Build It or Buy It. This guide from Lambda’s eLearning experts details absolutely everything you need to consider so you can pick the perfect eLearning solution for your organization and budget.

Exploring The Role Of Mobile Apps In Online Learning

eLearning Industry

Nowadays, mobile apps have become highly essential in all fields, especially within the education sector where mobile apps have been able to transform education from methodology to results to innovation. This article explains all these things in detail.

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Transforming K-12 Learning with the Use of Technology


Each generation brings in its own share of challenges for educators. For a long time, children did not receive primary education? This changed when for the first time when the responsibility of education was wrestled away from the clergy in Prussia and given to the Ministry of Education.

The 5 eLearning video animation styles

Ninja Tropic

The animation styles of your eLearning video can make or break your course. Learn about the most common video learning styles, and which you should use. The post The 5 eLearning video animation styles appeared first on NinjaTropic.

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How Should the Learner’s Journey Fit into the Employee Journey?


I’m really encouraged by the amount of focus and attention leaders are beginning to put on the employee experience. Not the specific role or job deliverables, but the overall well-being and journey that an employee takes with their employer.

[On-Demand Webinar] The State of Customer Education: Trends and Benchmarks Report

Speaker: Sandi Lin & Linda Schwaber-Cohen

In this webinar, Skilljar CEO Sandi Lin will discuss learnings from their recent study, and share her insights on the state of Customer Education. They'll dig into key findings so you can benchmark against industry trends and understand how your strategy and metrics compare.

Learn-WiseGo Users Conference: Join Us March 12th!


Magnifi Group invites you, our users, to our Learn-WiseGo Users Conference! The annual conference will be held on March 12 th at The Hotel La Jolla, San Diego. Registration is open now: [link] Coming from out of town? We have negotiated a lower room rate at The Hotel La Jolla. Book your room here.

How Medical Professionals Really Feel about the MOC Process


Congratulations on earning your board certification! Becoming a diplomat is something to be proud of. Board certification demonstrates that you’ve met the highest standards for your practice in a medical specialty. But you’ll have to keep your credentials up to date, and that means taking MOC exams.

6 Interactive And Collaborative Support Resources To Add To Your Employee Onboarding Software

eLearning Industry

Onboarding software is the first thing new hires will interact with once they officially join your company. What online training resources can you provide to make them feel less isolated? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Pandemic Planning: How to Prepare for the Coronavirus


As of this writing (February 27, 2020), more than 82,000 people in nearly 40 locations internationally have been infected with the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the disease it causes, “coronavirus disease 2019” or “COVID-19.” More than 2,700 people have died.

9 Ways to Manage Costs and Prepare for Future Growth

SMB leaders are working day and night to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Successfully managing it requires the CFO and HR leader to make complex decisions quickly, without rushing into an uncoordinated response. Foremost among these decisions will be cost containment. The way organizations manage costs now will determine how well they perform during and after COVID-19. Download our guide and start preparing for the future today.

How to Create a Fill-in-the-Blank Quiz that Works

iSpring Solutions

In this article, we provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to make an online fill-in-the-blank quiz with iSpring… Read More. How-to

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Series A Funding Catapults Coassemble’s Online Training Platform Into The US Market | Coassemble


We are thrilled to announce that, as of February 2020, we have completed our Series A funding round! We want to give thanks to the guidance and leadership of Equity Venture Partners and Clinton Capital Partners.

6 Brilliant Reasons To Adopt An xAPI-Enabled LMS


When it comes to corporate learning and development, you’ve probably heard about the trends like microlearning , AR and VR. Now xAPI (Experience API), also known as Tin Can API, found its way into this list.

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Series A Funding Catapults Coassemble’s Online Training Platform Into The US Market | Coassemble


We are thrilled to announce that, as of February 2020, we have completed our Series A funding round! We want to give thanks to the guidance and leadership of Equity Venture Partners and Clinton Capital Partners.

Need Remote Learning ASAP? Don’t Pick Your Next LMS Before Reading This!

Need to go remote or move your training programs online? Download this guide to identify and overcome the biggest eLearning challenges so you can pick the perfect LMS without wasting time, money, and effort, even if you are just starting your eLearning journey.