Thu.Sep 21, 2017

How xAPI Benefits the Learner

eLearning Brothers

xAPI has been a buzzword among eLearning professionals for a while, and rightly so. It’s very exciting to know that you can see exactly who looked at what page in your eLearning and for how long they looked at it.

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So You Think You Can Change: 3 Quick Tips for Conducting a Change Readiness Assessment

Dashe & Thomson

by Amber Pandya. Your company is implementing yet another change. You swear you just got accustomed to your job’s day-to-day technology process, and now corporate is rolling out a new software that’s supposedly going to help you do it better.

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Educators and Marketers are Both Facing a Huge Problem


I admit, I am a relative newbie to the world of learning compared to those lifelong professionals who have been on the journey for more than my paltry 4 years.

LMS: External Customer Service

Your Training Edge

A Learning Management System can be a valuable tool for not only your internal customers, but also your external customers. Consider with whom your organization does business. Do you have clients or customers who purchase your products or services, such as machines, software, or business processes?

[Webinar] Driving Customer Health Through Education

How actionable is your customer education data? And are you combining it with other business metrics to uncover the impact of your training program? Innovative Education Services teams are integrating their Customer Training Platform (CTP) and CRM systems to uncover valuable insights, and answer mission-critical business questions. Join Skilljar and Pat Durante, President of the Computer Education Management Association and Senior Director, Technical Enablement at Talend for a Q&A webinar exploring the intersection of customer health and education.

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Give Your Retail Training The LMS Therapy


Why you need an LMS for Retail in your Organization? The retail sector is one that owes much of it’s success to customer employee interactions and customer service. Think back on all your good shopping experiences.

Content types and Major Accessibility Improvements to #H5P

Adult Learning with Technology

Two New Content types and Major Accessibility Improvements including the launch of two new content types, Flashcards and Image Sequencing! In addition, there have been major improvements made to accessibility and score feedback; both of which represent huge steps forward in terms of usability for H5P. Read more at New Release: Two New Content types […]. eLearning H5P instructional designer interactive tools

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Give Your Retail Training The LMS Therapy


Why you need an LMS for Retail in your Organization? The retail sector is one that owes much of it’s success to customer employee interactions and customer service. Think back on all your good shopping experiences.

Five Free Image Editors Worth Trying For eLearning

The eLearning Coach

In the world of image or graphic editors, Adobe Photoshop remains the gold standard when it comes to image editing software. It has the tools and features that allow users to create professional looking images and photos, but the learning curve and price tag are more than some are willing to invest.

State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

Part One: How We Decide to Do Work

Experience API

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the state of ADL and Rustici Software’s take on it. One of the real community leaders, Aaron Silvers, then shared his perspective , partially in response.

6 Proven Gamification Techniques for Effective E-learning

CommLab India

Planning to gamify your e-learning courses? Here are 6 proven tips. eLearning Design game based learning

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Top 10 eLearning question writing crimes

Unicorn Training

E-learning Templates: Making Online Course Development Faster and Economical

CommLab India

Find out why you should use e-learning templates to develop your online course. Learning Technology E-learning Templates

3 Reasons to Prioritize On-Demand Customer Training

How can you provide a great onboarding experience while keeping up with a growing customer base? By leveraging on-demand training. This guide describes three benefits of adding on-demand training to your onboarding process. Click here to download.

5 Ways to Simplify Your Employee Training Process


The employee training process is the bread and butter of every training professional. In a sense, you can say that this process is the sheer justification of every training team and their relevance to any business. There are different versions of the training and development process.

5 Tricks To Onboard Your LMS Users & Get Them Training Fast


You have an LMS – great! Next, it’s time to get your users in and training effectively. To do this you’re going to need the help of a few nifty features. Each one will help your learner easily access your LMS, train quickly and get the results you want from your online training. I’ve got 5 of these features to show you today so let’s dig in. Add Every User ASAP.

Things to consider when onboarding new managers


Being new at anything is both a stressful and an exciting situation. When it comes to management positions, the excitement is most often shadowed by all the challenges they pose. This is why onboarding is an essential step in ensuring a smooth and short transition for all involved.

Game-based learning: The Magic Wand to Transform Online Training

CommLab India

This blog focuses on how using games can transform training, both at the organization and employee level. eLearning Design game based learning

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The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

Do you struggle to achieve measurable results with your learning solutions? If so, you’re not alone. According to CEB, traditional training only creates 37% learning transfer. This guide explores the causes of poor transfer and concrete steps to achieving better outcomes.

Will Your eLearning be Impacted by the End of Flash?

ePath Learning

Flash, the software that helped to bring online video, animations, audio, and interactivity to the Internet is coming to an end. By the end of 2020, Adobe Systems will no longer support, improve or distribute its Flash Player.

Does Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Increase ROI?


A recent IBM study found that the benefits of a skilled workforce are significant—and they affect all areas of the organization, from sales and marketing to support and customer service.

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5 Challenges Facing Managers Today (And What To Do About It)

Growth Engineering

This week I tackle some of the top challenges facing managers and business leaders today. There are two eternal truths: Life is about change; and being a business leader can be super challenging!

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How to Use Your Post-Training Data to Create Actionable Intelligence


Learn how to optimize your Mindmarker reinforcement program by turning the data found in our Analytical tool into Actionable Intelligence to improve your training.

How to Price and Package Customer Training

To charge or not to charge? That is the question many customer training teams are facing today. The answer, however, is not always a straightforward yes or no. Download this guide to learn more.

Use Digital Technologies to Make Your Classroom Future-Ready

CommLab India

Unleash the power of digital learning in your classrooms. eLearning Design Digital learning

[WEBINAR] Creating an interactive mobile simulation in Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate

Date: Tuesday, September 26th (Australia/New Zealand/APAC). Time: 11 am (Australian EST) / 1 pm (NZ). Synopsis: In this webinar, you’ll learn how to create an interactive mobile simulation from a mobile phone.

What Happens Next? Post- eLearning Development To Do List

SHIFT eLearning

So, you have completed your eLearning course or module, and you are ready for learners to begin learning from it. Does this mean that you can move onto the next project and forget about the existing one? Absolutely not!

3 Powerful Learning Mediums Reimagined


Just about anyone can create an e-Learning course on a soft skills topic. You gather up the right information and some relevant and clever animated images or pictures. You follow the established instructional design protocol of ADDIE (analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation) and then present your content to the learner and ta-da! you have a course. . There are probably a hundred thousand e-Learning courses produced this way that are available for your employees to enjoy.

Living up to the Promise of eLearning: Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

It’s well documented that people leave managers – not companies. Download this guide to learn how to shift the perspective from event to journey and how to take learners through Proficiency Journeys to get results.