Sat.Jul 31, 2021

6 Benefits of Using Quantitative Vs Qualitative eLearning Assessments

Dan Keckan

Qualitative exams get all the glory, but there are many perks associated with its quantitative counterpart. From measurability to employee evaluation en masse. In this article, I share 6 notable benefits of using quantitative versus qualitative eLearning assessments.

Tips to Convert Soft Skills Training Material to eLearning Programs

Swift eLearning Services

In this blog, let us discuss some important tips to Convert Soft Skills Training Material to eLearning programs. Perhaps ‘soft skills training’ is the one program which almost every company has been undertaking for decades.


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7 Online Training Navigation Obstacles You Never Knew Existed Until Today

Dan Keckan

Employees log into the platform to cultivate talents and build their knowledge base. It’s one of the perks of the job. They don’t expect these 7 navigation obstacles to stand in the way of their online training success. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

What Is Modern Homeschooling In 2021?

Dan Keckan

The COVID-19 pandemic saw over 300 million students all over the world become homeschooled according to Thinkimpact. Since it is a forced measure, and we live in a world where traveling to space is possible, the approach to homeschooling has also changed since its origin in the 1970s.

6 Tips for EdTech Evaluation by Adult Learning Institutions

Many continuing adult education institutions have turned to technology used by higher ed with the following benefits: elevates teaching and learning, scales to address changes in staffing, enrollment and budget, and protects student and institutional data.

Distance Learning: The Secret Of Powerful Company Development

Dan Keckan

DLS is a familiar acronym to many people. But not so many people know what is useful about using such systems for corporate training purposes. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Distance Learning Employee Training From ILT To VILT Remote Working