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Managing Mindsets: Why it Matters in Modern Blended Learning

InSync Training

Modern workplace learning professionals wear many hats. Gone are the days of specialization. Our organizations expect us to design, deliver, implement, and manage entire training programs.

NextGen LMS Features (Now and Later)

eLearning 24-7

Earlier this week I presented a webinar on LMSs of tomorrow. The session covered in essence the next generation LMSs. These are systems that are out there today. Yes, right now. Some are extremely new, others have been around for years. Some are in my Top 50 LMS Report , some aren’t (because they didn’t score high enough, but still solid systems, missing though some set features). . Before diving into the current Nextgen feature sets, here is a direct link to the presentation: a.

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eLearning Design: Assess? When? How?

Allen Interactions

By Michael Allen , Chairman & CEO, Allen Interactions. eLearning can’t do everything. It can’t detect frustration by observing facial expressions and body language (yet).

Adapt Leadership Styles to Solve Ambiguous Problems

CLO Magazine

In his book, “The Ambiguity Advantage,” author David Wilkinson describes four modes of leadership: technical, co-operative, collaborative and generative.

Content Planning Map: A Template for Training Teams

Are you delivering disjointed feature-based training? Rather than looking at small tasks, focus training content on goals that you want your students to achieve. Download the template to learn how!

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ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2017: Setting the Capture Caption Style

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Kevin Siegel, COTP. If you create a software simulation using Adobe Captivate, you can elect to have Captivate automatically create text captions for you. This awesome feature isn’t new… in fact, it’s been around since the earliest incarnations of the tool.

Mentoring: More Than Just a Match 

CLO Magazine

Leading a mentoring program means more than just matching people and calling it a day. That single task barely scratches the surface of what it takes to effectively run a mentoring program. Mentoring administrators are part coach, part facilitator, part support network and part matchmaker.

How To Improve Memory Retention In Online Training

Growth Engineering

Are your employees really absorbing the information? Or is the forgetting curve putting a strain on workplace productivity and company profits? In this article, I’ll share 9 sure-fire ways to improve memory retention in your online training program.

Diversity and Inclusion: A Partner for Learning

CLO Magazine

These two facets of HR should invest in one another’s strategic goals on a daily basis to increase cultural competency in an organization. Homepage - Video Talent Management diversity inclusion Kellye Whitney learning partnership Steve Pemberton talent management Walgreens

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

5 Reasons Digital Learning is Going the Video Way

CommLab India

In recent years, the demand for online videos has increased considerably and the trend shows no signs of abating. A study by Cisco showed that videos would make up 82% of all IP traffic, by 2020.

How Interactive Is Your Learning?

CLO Magazine

Personalization is one of the hottest topics in corporate training. But learning delivery remains largely top-down, with little thought to a learner’s personal style nor alignment to their individual objectives.

5 Amazing Benefits of Gamification for Corporate Training [Infographic]

CommLab India

Since the concept of gamification was introduced, many companies have benefited from using it in their online training courses.

In the Business of People: 10 New Storyline Cutout Characters

eLearning Brothers

For business training purposes, professionally dressed characters can go a long way to set a mood and an ambiance for your courses. It also pays to know your demographics.

The Essential Template for Your Customer Training Strategy

Looking to build your customer training strategy? The process can be overwhelming, if you don’t have a set plan from the start. This template can help.

I am Bailey. I am a Modern Professional Learner.

Jane Hart

Meet Bailey, a Modern Professional Learner. This is how she wants to learn at work. How can you support her in the modern workplace? You’ll find some suggestions in this slideset below. Social learning

Cheers to the SANS Institute for being an awesome customer!

Rustici Software

Last week we were incredibly excited to share a brand new, Content Controller case study for The SANS Institute. The case study describes the success they have using Rustici Software’s eLearning content distribution solution Content Controller to help them distribute and manage training content. When we were publishing the case study, we couldn’t help but reflect upon how wonderful they are as a client. SANS has continuously inspired us, encouraged us and collaborated with us.

Informing adult vocational students of their funding options


We are pleased to share a guest post written by Kathy Jackson, of The Refrigeration School. The article below takes an interesting look at the possible options adult students have in order to finance their vocational studies and training.

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Use of Mobiles for Just-in-time Learning

CommLab India

Information can be required at any time, any place and under any circumstance. Having crucial information at the time of performing a task can be the decisive factor for its success.

Take training beyond your LMS: technical considerations for extended enterprise

You know the benefits of extended enterprise. But how do execute the plan? Learn more about the technical considerations that can help you create a strategy to manage the delivery and tracking of product training across a variety of systems.

Webinar: Infuse Awesomeness Into Your Soft Skills Training With Customizable Courseware

eLearning Brothers

Earlier this week we announced our newest product: Customizable Courseware. Along with our press release , we also held an informational webinar outlining what a great asset this new product is!

Storyline’s Offline Viewing Option is an Impressive Feature!

CommLab India

Today’s e-learning authoring tools assume that employees have a persistent Internet connection. Although this is partly true, there are many instances where employees need to learn or access material, but have limited to no access to data networks. Take the sales team of a company, for example.

Survey Results: How People Benefit from E-Learning


In 2017 I think it is safe to say that e-learning has lost its luster, and that’s a good thing! There was time when simply having an e-learning course was seen as revolutionary. Now our expectations have changed.

Kineo Pacific and clients take home 5 awards at the 2017 LearnX Impact Awards


Kineo Pacific and clients take home 5 awards at the 2017 LearnX Impact Awards.

Aligning Customer Training With Certifications

Want to deliver a cohesive customer training certification program? From strategy to systems to job functions, it's time for us to reassess how learning and certifications are delivered together. Download the guide to see how!

How to Use Rulers in Adobe Captivate 9 Authoring Tool

CommLab India

Adobe Captivate 9 is the most widely used rapid authoring tool and one of most popular eLearning tools. The tool is known for its capability to develop software simulations and responsive eLearning courses. In this blog, I am going to explain about rulers and guide. Why do we use Rulers in courses?

No SaaS Platform is an Island


When choosing an LMS or any other software application, it is important to ensure you can access the data it creates and hosts. It is also important that you can share that data with other systems when needed.

Upskilling Employees: Advantages and Methods To Teach Staff More


Corporate leaders understand that employee turnover is expensive. When organizations invest in employees, they are investing in much more than just their salaries.

5 Rules for Creating Scenarios in eLearning

SHIFT eLearning

As eLearning designers, we must all deal with dull, insipid content that brings out the yawns, both in you and the learners. And then there are those complex, technical topics that leave you and the learners overwhelmed.

10 Tips to Take You from Zero to eLearning Hero

Whether you’re a solo eLearning hero or you’re like the Avengers and you have your whole squad, Blue Sky eLearn is counting down 10 tips that’ll help you put some POW into your program and make your eLearning program more successful than ever before!

Meet the New ScholarLMS Small Size – SMB Learning Management


Small businesses and teachers! Have we got great news for you. We heard your feedback and are thrilled to announce some exciting wallet-friendly changes to our plans. While we will continue to show startups love with our forever free version of ScholarLMS, we now offer a Small size plan at $49/month that’s meant to help small businesses get more out of their learning management system. Designed for up to 50 active learners, you’ll enjoy all the same features as our Pro plans.

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What Is Social Learning - What Does It Mean?

Designing Digitally

The Social Learning Theory (SLT) was theorized and created by Albert Bandura. It is an influential learning theory that envelopes the fundamental concepts of learning.

Kineo Pacific and clients take home 5 awards at the 2017 LearnX Impact Awards


Kineo Pacific and clients take home 5 awards at the 2017 LearnX Impact Awards.