Fri.May 13, 2022

Everything you Need to Know about Machine Translation for eLearning

CommLab India

The global corporate training dimension needs authoring tools for course optimization and quicker translations. Read about how, with the help of machine translation, your organization can reach its business goals in the least possible time. eLearning Translations

Here's What Your Stakeholders Think Of Training

Dan Keckan

Your leaders expect the training function to account for outcomes like any other internal operational function…if not, then you’re not needed, and they'll reallocate funds to areas that are. But to appreciate how they value your efforts, you must first accept how they categorize the training need.


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POINT-of-WORK:   Step Away from the Stone

Living in Learning

A recent post on LinkedIn tripped my trigger this morning, and despite the urge to rant, I will try to be gentle. No guarantees. The question posted asked for advice for someone new coming into Learning & Development (L&D).

Selection of Effective Corporate Learning Management Software in Manufacturing Industry


Finding and building a set of skilled workforces in the manufacturing industry is one of the biggest challenges. As per the reports from Deloitte, due to the issue of the skill gap, there will be about 2.4 million job vacancies in the manufacturing sector by 2025.

Transform Your Classroom with Apple

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

Apple empowers educators and students by design. In our webinar, we’ll explain how to make the best use of Apple devices in your classroom, and the tools and resources you need for success.

Academic Enrichment: Supporting Student Success

Magic EdTech

What is Academic Enrichment? Students receive a wealth of knowledge in their daily classes; nevertheless, every student is unique and responds to the course materials in their own way. While some students find it difficult to keep up in class, other students face the opposite problem.

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Disability inclusion is a business imperative

Learning Pool

You may have heard the latest thinking that to create a productive and engaged workforce, we need to create a sense of belonging and enable people to bring their whole selves to work.

The Challenges Teachers Face

Jigsaw Interactive

If you think teaching is easy, you clearly haven’t spent the day in a K-12 classroom in a very long time. When many of us were young enough to be students ourselves, the classroom environment was very different than it is today.

Academic Enrichment: Supporting Student Success

Magic EdTech

What is Academic Enrichment? Students receive a wealth of knowledge in their daily classes; nevertheless, every student is unique and responds to the course materials in their own way. While some students find it difficult to keep up in class, other students face the opposite problem.

ansrsource Recognized as a 2022 Training Industry Top Custom Content Development Watch List Company

ansrsource - Accelerating Better Ways to Learn!

ansrsource is working to enable and accelerate transformation through learning. Reinforcing our commitment to this goal is another feather in our cap: we have earned a spot on Training Industry’s 2022 Top Custom Content Development Companies Watch List.

Who C.A.R.E.S.!? How Learning Got Its Bad Rap & What We Can Do About It

Speaker: Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer at ELB Learning

Since when has learning and development become such a negative experience with learners? Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer for ELB Learning, will introduce a new learning framework called the C.A.R.E.S Learning Effectiveness Model.

Friday Finds — Learning Transfer, Working Memory, Portfolio Tips

Mike Taylor

The luckier you are the nicer you should be and the nicer you are the luckier you’ll be?. ?Morgan Morgan Housel. Happy Friday! We’ve been getting a bit more practice looking for silver linings lately than we would like.

What Managers Don’t Know… Can Help Them! – Tip # 276

Vignettes Learning

Employees are doing something all managers and L&D leaders never know about, but should. Individual employees are constantly figuring out how to solve problems or work better, faster, and smarter. Often they are meeting challenges that other employees just ignore,… Read More →

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Ways to Maximize Engagement in Your VILT Sessions – There’s More than Polls! [Video]

CommLab India

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) is becoming the buzzword in corporate training world in present times. The success of VILT programs depends on the interactivities and collaboration. Read on to get useful tips on how to design engaging interactivities. eLearning Design Virtual Training

Poll 52

Pros And Cons Of Using Informal Learning In Your Compliance Online Training Course

Dan Keckan

When you acquire knowledge informally, it sinks deeper and you retain it longer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying this principle to compliance online training? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Keeping Students Safe and Productive on Devices

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, we’ll explore the full range of Jamf education products to protect students, including quick and easy tools for IT admins, powerful apps for teachers to ensure student safety anywhere, and parental engagement tools.

The Top 4 Benefits and Best Practices of eLearning Localization in Corporate Training

CommLab India

With technology bringing the global population closer together, eLearning localization has become a critical requirement for training programs to stay relevant and effective. This article discusses the benefits and tips for localizing your training program. eLearning Translations

DevLearn 2022 Conference & Expo

Dan Keckan

DevLearn Conference & Expo is the event that shapes what's next for the future of learning. Join us on October 26–28, 2022, in Las Vegas to learn about today's top strategies, technologies, and trends that are impacting the L&D industry. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

10 Best DEI Initiatives

Ed App

You need some of the best DEI initiatives in your organization since increasing diversity is not a passive endeavor. Increasing diversity in the workplace takes effort from everyone involved in the company, so it’s important to have all teams on board.

Top Content Providers To Help You Prove Training ROI (2022)

Dan Keckan

Evaluating training and measuring ROI is key to achieving your company goals. Let's see how the experts do it! This new top list features the best eLearning companies to help you showcase that your training is having a positive effect on the company's bottom line.

ROI 56

The Key to Getting the Best Out of Video-Based Practice & Coaching

Speaker: Micah Eppler, Account Executive for Rehearsal of eLearning Brothers

Join Micah Eppler from eLearning Brothers to see hands-on examples of how organizations are transforming outcomes with video-based training strategies.

20 Brand Extension Examples That Will Inspire You


Have you ever noticed when your favorite brand introduces a new product? Personally, my mind was blown when I saw… The post 20 Brand Extension Examples That Will Inspire You appeared first on Thinkific. Articles Thinkific Plus

Corporate purpose is foundational to business innovation and success

Interactive Services

Corporate Culture

How to Make Money Online: 20 Ideas for 2022


Making money online and working from home is something millions of people think about every day. The good news is… The post How to Make Money Online: 20 Ideas for 2022 appeared first on Thinkific. Start Here

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How Can a University Help Your Leadership Development Program?

Learning Solutions Magazine

How Can a University Help Your Leadership Development Program? gaylen-paulson. Fri, 05/13/2022 - 08:00

The Best Ways to Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, How to Best Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School, hear the real-world experience of Steven Palomo, IT Director at Beverly Public Schools, regarding how he successfully managed his entire tech stack.

The 3 Qualities of a Good Manager Employees Want in 2022


Anyone who has been employed for any period of time will tell you that there are good managers and there are bad managers. Either way, we learn something from each of them. However, the managers who taught us the most were the best managers.

How ethical corporate culture impacts the employee experience

Interactive Services

This blog post is the first in LRN's “Strengthening the foundation” series, where we dive into research, best practices, and perspectives on building and maintaining ethical corporate culture at the employee, C-suite, and board levels. Corporate Culture

Ten Ways to Increase Student Engagement During Admissions


For the last few years, educational institutions have started opting for technologies that play a supporting role in overall academic and administrative management. Among all other important tasks, admissions, recruitment, and enrollment are the most crucial.

Aptara awarded ‘Top 20 Custom Content Development Companies’ for 2022 by Training Industry


Falls Church, VA | May 12, 2022. Training Industry, the leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, today announced its selections for the 2022 Top Training Companies lists for the Custom Content Development sector of the Learning and Development (L&D) market.

Immersing the Curious Mind in VR: Why You’re Missing Out on Proven ROI!

Speaker: John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO, CenarioVR® Creator

Join John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO and creator of the award-winning VR course builder CenarioVR®, to find out why organizations choose immersive learning and how they've used innovative approaches.

Using VR to enhance your DEI training

CLO Magazine

As diversity, equity and inclusion training becomes a more integrated part of employee learning and development programs, it’s critical for L&D professionals to determine the most effective way to provide that training to their employees.

CLO 51

Personalized Learning: A Customizable Approach to (e)Learning


It is unfair for learners when the trainer calls the learning group to turn to the next lesson while some of the learners are still unable to comprehend what has been taught. Yet, it is mind-numbing for some as the session was spent on teaching things they already knew. What is Personalized Learning?

Why protecting yourself from supply chain attacks is so important

emPower BPO

Top US law enforcement agencies have cautioned MSPs against targeted cyberattacks from malicious hackers. Along with other agencies from the Five Eye intelligence alliance, the FBI, CISA, and NSA released a joint advisory highlighting the threat of supply chain attacks. Such attacks target MSPs with the intent of compromising their customers, and other businesses down the supply chain. Why protecting yourself from supply chain attacks is so important.