Thu.May 21, 2020

What is blended learning? (benefits of blended learning in your LMS)


Here’s a plot twist – the most modern approach to learning in the workplace: not shaken, not stirred, but blended. The cool part about blended learning models is that we’re not totally saying “out with the old and in with the new”, here. Frankly, traditional face-to-face instruction along with instructor lead training (ILT) does have a place in the learning process.


New to Working Remotely? Here's How eLearning Training Helps Teams


Remote working isn’t a new concept. The practice of employees fulfilling their respective duties and responsibilities from home instead of the office has been around for quite some time now. However, it’s only in these trying times that this approach has become more of a necessity rather than a mere luxury that many businesses must adopt to continue their operations amidst the viral outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic , as well as the strict quarantine procedures that have been put into place.


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5 Reasons Why Vetting The Voice For Your eLearning Course Is Important

Dan Keckan

While several key factors are taken into account when creating effective eLearning videos, the choice of a voice actor is by far the most important. The voice actor is the voice of your eLearning video, if not the face. They become your brand’s identity with which your learners identify you. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development Audio In eLearning eLearning Narration eLearning Voice Over Video In eLearning


How to Go Live: Thinking About Virtual Classroom Facilitation

InSync Training

We all know that organizations have had to quickly move face-to-face training to the virtual classroom. This seismic shift extends beyond instructional design, learner logistics, and technical considerations. It impacts facilitators, too. Chances are you didn’t dream of being a virtual facilitator, but here you are quite by accident. You might’ve recently graduated and landed a sales position that is now training. Or you’re a traditional trainer and now you’re working online.


How HR Can Promote Mental Health at Work (Actionable Advice to Help Your People Thrive)

HR leaders are on the frontlines of a mental health crisis, but the topic can still be taboo—or at least something that’s only talked about reluctantly. What can HR do to help? Download our latest guide to learn the 4 ways you can support the mental health of your employees and identify warning signs of burnout.

10 Easy “Hacks” For Connecting With Students Online

Lambda Solutions

- 4 MIN READ -. Learner Engagement


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How Financial Services Companies Can Onboard Remote Employees Effectively


Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many industry-specific obstacles have surfaced for financial services training. Onboarding new hires effectively is a common challenge for the financial service industry, but COVID-19 has compounded the problem. Contributing factors to this obstacle can include outdated or insufficient eLearning technology, limited training content, learner disengagement with training, and lack of compliance training.


Choosing to Conduct a VILT

Upside Learning

We’ve been asked to conduct VILTs before. And we have. And we’ve even gotten good reviews. But we’d be lying if we said they’re easy, universally suitable, or even that organizing a good one is simple! I’m about to share with you our pooled experience with running a VILT from start to finish. Firstly, when […]. Upside Learning


FCPA Requirements: Building an Anti-Corruption Compliance Program

ej4 eLearning

When my team talks to HR professionals about the topic of compliance, there are some usual suspects that come up: Anti-harassment, workplace safety, substance abuse, diversity. Rarely do the topics of bribery, anti-corruption, or FCPA requirements get mentioned as part of a compliance program—but this is becoming a topic that every business with foreign dealings will need to know about. Compliance


10 Learning Theories You HAVE To Know!

Growth Engineering

Learning theories are sets of principles that explain how we best absorb information over time. Here are the 10 learning theories that you have you to know! The post 10 Learning Theories You HAVE To Know! appeared first on Growth Engineering. Brain Science Online Learning Bloom's Taxonomy Self Determination Theory BJ Fogg The Forgetting Curve The Hook Model Learning Theory Nine Levels of Learning ADDIE David Kolb 70:20:10 Theory Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs


The Role of Human Resources in Workplace Safety

While it may seem obvious to say that safety is important for any company to embrace, making it a priority as an HR representative will not only be beneficial to your employees but to your bottom line too. Download this whitepaper to learn more!

How to foster authentic connection between remote employees

Poll Everywhere

The coronavirus pandemic has sent the majority of U.S. workers home, resulting in a massive and unprecedented transition to remote work. While remote work does offer plenty of benefits—comfy office ware and a non-existent commute—it can also strain connection and. The post How to foster authentic connection between remote employees appeared first on Poll Everywhere Blog. Business


Studies Find Captions Improve Engagement with Online Video

3Play Media

Captions make videos more accessible to people who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, but the benefits go beyond accessibility. Several studies show that captions improve engagement from users with online videos. Research findings from Verizon Media, Facebook, and several universities reveal that captions help viewers to stay focused and to comprehend more information. Plus, captioned videos support brand awareness and brand recall.


4 Sustainable Skills to Build in Your Organization for the Digital Economy

TLNT: Training and L&D

Technology continually advances at such an alarming rate that recruiters worldwide are struggling to keep up with the shifts. Beyond just knowing how to leverage these new tools, many companies face the huge task of ensuring that employees have the skills to thrive in a tech-driven workplace. Talent Management Training, Learning & Development administrative professionals skills


Making Small Learnings Work


The label "micro-learning" refuses to die. You’d think, like most hype-driven buzzwords, it would have faded away. Its very persistence suggests, instead, that there’s some legitimate appeal. And, given that I’ve been an advocate of (and blog at) learnlets, I should agree. So, why am I resistant? And, more importantly, what’s involved in making small learnings work? I get the appeal, really I do. The notion of small chunks of content isn’t just driven by the advent of mobile devices.


Five Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.

10 Best Practices For Remote Training You Should Know


According to data from FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics: In 2015, 3.9 million workers in the U.S. worked remotely. Today the number stands at 4.7 million. In the previous five years, remote work grew 44%. With this spurt in remote work culture, there is a corresponding need for remote workforce training. The best practices in employee training , either local or remote, more or less remain the same.


If this is our “new normal” how do we go forward with virtual training and reskilling?

Limestone Learning

“ Road, wood, nature ” by Chris Hilbert is licensed by Pixabay. Two months into the coronavirus shutdown, many organizations are still reeling financially and struggling to get a foothold in a business world that is now mostly virtual. How long this will continue is uncertain. While the curve has flattened in many places, the threat still looms of a second COVID-19 wave this fall, and a vaccine is by most estimates at least two years out. What does this mean for how companies operate?


How to Create a Custom eBook App to Reach a Wider Audience


The world of publishing has been in the midst of an unprecedented flux over the last decade or so. While the millennials and gen Z are reading more than their parents and grandparents ever did, they prefer doing it on the go. Consequently, the eBook market continues to flourish and expand. In this scenario, it has become imperative for people in the publishing business – irrespective of whether they are legendary publishing houses, startups, or offline sellers – to enter the digital fray.


SCORM Cloud + Bright: A case study 10 years in the making

Rustici Software

When I first joined Rustici Software, SCORM Cloud was just starting to gain traction. I remember the excitement when we hit the magical 100th SCORM Cloud paying customer mark. Around that time, I was on ‘Team Cloud’ and got to know a few of the early adopters pretty well, including Bret Weinraub from Aura Software. He was one of the first to use our SCORM Cloud WordPress plugin to build out a learning platform.


From Surviving to Thriving: Returning to what science says about how we think, work, and learn

Speaker: Clark Quinn, Ph.D., Author and Executive Director of Quinnovation

The pandemic and associated upheavals of 2020 have led to both the need and opportunity to rethink how we think, work, and learn. In this session, Dr. Quinn will go over the implications for learning and working effectively both in general and in this new era. Come see what L&D can, and should, do to help transform organizations to work smarter (and wiser)!

Learning Pool’s Hang Ten with Donald H Taylor

Learning Pool

The post Learning Pool’s Hang Ten with Donald H Taylor appeared first on Learning Pool. Learn & Connect Webinars


10 Key Features That Make Web Conferencing Software Stand Out Of The Crowd

Dan Keckan

You certainly aren’t starved for choice when it’s time to search for the right digital meeting solutions. So, which selling points separate the top-notch web conferencing software from the rest? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Web Conferencing Software Corporate eLearning Best Practices eLearning eBooks eLearning Solutions Remote Working Virtual Learning Environment


Business Succession Planning


Imagine you are the CEO of a company and have worked hard to build a successful organization. Over the years, through ups and downs, you are proud to say that your company has grown tremendously. But what would happen to your organization if you retire? Or heaven forbid, something unfortunate happens to you? Would your organization still function properly? Would your business still be able to attract potential customers? What will happen to your employees if the business fails?


Webinar on Hospital Access in COVID-19 Environment. Recap


Last Wednesday, Magnifi Group hosted a webinar on The Impact of Coronavirus on Global Hospital Access , feauturing GHX (Vendormate)and Symplr. We were thrilled by the attendance we had at such short notice. Thanks to all those of you who participated and helped make it a success. The topics covered were: Hospital access requirements during and after the COVID-19 pandemic What are hospitals currently requiring? What are we expecting for the future?


The Ins and Outs of Connecting Technologies in a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Speaker: TJ Seabrooks, former CEO at Rustici Software

Have you ended up with a collection of content inputs and data outputs that might be hard to wrangle? If your organization uses multiple LMSs and has content coming from many different places, or you’re heading in this direction, this webinar is for you.

7 Ways To Find A Sales Online Training Content Provider

Dan Keckan

The right sales online training content provider knows your spending limits and works with you to achieve L&D objectives without cutting corners. How do you find the perfect outsourcing partner for your organization? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning eLearning Content Development Outsourcing eLearning eBooks Online Training Sales Team


?I Am?

Web Tools for Learners

Remnants of other lives invade, infest, infuse my life, enlighten me, cling to me. drag me down, lift me up, surround me. . I persist pushing the furniture of my past, clearing space so I can see. poetry Changes life


AllenComm Clients Win 4 Horizon Awards For Interactive Courses

Dan Keckan

AllenComm receives awards for transformational learning experiences in onboarding, compliance, branding, and leadership for their clients' courses. This post was first published on eLearning Industry


How to Bottle and Distribute ?Beginner?s Luck? in Challenging Times


During challenging times, sales reps need to tap into the collective wisdom of their peers and other subject matter experts. Veteran salespeople who have worked through previous downturns can reassure newcomers that this too shall pass. But seasoned colleagues can also learn from the fresh perspectives of beginners. Is there really such a thing as beginner’s luck? Will a novice chess player frequently beat a grandmaster? Will a newbie salesperson typically outperform a grizzled veteran?


The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

Managing change in the era of digital transformation

CLO Magazine

The new decade promises a whole new approach for the speed of change. VUCA — or volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous — has gone from military jargon to an overused business acronym. Organizations are recognizing the need to exist in a state of constant readiness to respond to new information about changing customer requirements, stakeholder expectations, regulation and competition. It’s a matter of survival. The life expectancy of public companies has plummeted.


COVID-19 has taught us our education system wasn’t ready for mass disruption: here’s how it can be


NEWS COVID-19 has taught us our education system wasn’t ready for mass disruption: here’s how it can be May 22, 2020 Janison Education Group (ASX:JAN) (formerly HJB Corporation Limited) re-commences trading today on the ASX following a successful $10 million capital raising underwritten by Bell Potter Securities to fund global growth initiatives.


A Psych Perspective: How to Train for Critical Thinking


Discover corporate training strategies for critical thinking that will drive performance in your organization. The post A Psych Perspective: How to Train for Critical Thinking appeared first on AllenComm. Corporate Training