Sun.Jul 14, 2019

The eLearning Designer’s Academy Goes Live on July 31st

Tim Slade

Over the last several weeks and months, I’ve been sharing my progress with you, as I work to build my new online learning platform for new eLearning designers: The eLearning Designer’s Academy.

History of Experience API (xAPI) using the H5P Timeline

Adult Learning with Technology

As part of a recent course I developed (coming soon for all to use ?? ), below is a Timeline developed in H5P covering the "History of Experience API (xAPI) using the H5P Timeline". eLearning H5P Expirence API xAPI

xapi 115

7-Right Things Infographic – Download

Living in Learning

I’m a big fan of reducing redundant work and these RIGHT THINGS provide a structure to optimize short-form assets to enable productivity acceleration at the Point-of-Work. Optimization is tied directly to identification of performance restrainers via the PWA. 7-Right Things Performance Support Point of Work Assessment #7-RightThings #Pointofwork #PWA #performancesupport

Continuous Learning in the Time of Learning as a Service

Origin Learning

Tell me, I forget. Show me, I remember. Involve me, I understand. This is an ancient Chinese proverb that offers. The post Continuous Learning in the Time of Learning as a Service appeared first on Blog - Originlearning. General Learning Strategies Training ContinuousLearning WorkplaceLearning

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

Customer lifecycle training gives customers the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. As customer success and satisfaction grows, so does retention and repeat business. This eBook can help training teams improve or expand their customer training programs.

How To Use a WordPress LMS for Internal Training Websites in Big Companies and Governments with Brad Williams and Lisa Sabin-Wilson from WebDevStudios


We discuss how to use a WordPress LMS for internal training websites in big companies and governments with Brad Williams and Lisa Sabin-Wilson from WebDevStudios in this LMScast with Chris Badgett of LifterLMS.

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Why Choose Articulate Storyline 360 for Flash to HTML5 Conversion? [Video]

CommLab India

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12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Knowing what you need from an eLearning authoring tool can be hard, especially when there are so many options on the market. gomo’s new ebook aims to save you time and hassle by identifying 12 must-have authoring tool features.

Achieving a High-Performing Organizational Culture: A Personal Story

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The 3 “C’s” of a Coaching Perspective


Opportunities to provide coaching open or close, depending upon the lens that you look through. When you encounter a situation that needs to be addressed, are you looking for an opportunity to support others to learn and grow, or do you simply see another problem to fix? In order to turn challenges into opportunities to provide coaching, you need to look through the eyes of a coach.