Sat.Feb 15, 2020

LMS Basics: Can an LMS Provider Migrate User Records Into the LMS for a New Customer?

Convergence Training

In our continuing LMS Basics series, we’re going to address a question that new customers often ask us: is it possible for an LMS provider to automate the process of creating user records inside a new LMS to represent all of the employees of the customer company? Read on to learn more.

When Is Learning Successful?

eLearning Industry

How do we make sure learning is successful? The application of learning is an important factor when looking for completion and ongoing success. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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8 Secrets To Develop Offline Learning Games That Bring Bored Mobile Learners Back On Track

eLearning Industry

Is your remote workforce letting life distractions get in the way of building vital skills? In this article, I share 8 insider secrets to develop offline learning games that bring bored mobile learners back on track. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

How Simulations Create An Exciting Onboarding Experience

eLearning Industry

Give them a worthwhile experience. They build your brand in return. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Employee Engagement Corporate eLearning Best Practices Employee Onboarding Immersive Learning Simulations

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

In this eBook, we will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

What Constitutes Gamified Microlearning?

eLearning Industry

Gamification and microlearning are among the two most popular and effective digital learning strategies that are relevant in modern times. But what happens when you combine microlearning and gamification to create gamified microlearning? Let’s discuss the answer to this question in this article.