Sun.Jun 16, 2019

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5 Things You Should Always Include in an eLearning Storyboard

Tim Slade

Whenever I’m starting work on a new eLearning project, I always like to start my design process by drafting an eLearning storyboard. Not only are storyboards great for helping you organize your content, but they can also help you validate your learning content with your subject matter experts before you invest a large number of hours developing your course.

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We Trust, We Watch, We Learn

The Simple Shift

Most of what we’ve learned from our father’s was through watching them; how they spoke, how they treated others, how they worked. We learned far more through observing them than from what they told us to do, far more. We trusted them, so we watched them and we trusted because we respected them. This is […].

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8 Corporate Learning And Development Myths To Debunk In 2019

eLearning Industry

All leading organizations know the importance of investing in professional training development programs. However, in 2019, organizations need to be aware of and take measures against some longstanding corporate Learning and Development myths that keep them from getting the most out of their training programs. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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What Being a Father Teaches you About Being an Entrepreneur


As Father’s Day approaches, we’re all taking a moment to celebrate the fathers in our lives. At EduBrite, we’re lucky to have many team members who play both the role of StartUp team member and Dad. They shared a few of the things they’ve learned about entrepreneurship from being a father. Time Matters. Time is … Continue reading What Being a Father Teaches you About Being an Entrepreneur.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Find A Value For Money LMS

eLearning Industry

Value For Money LMS and why you need to make the right investment. The necessity of Learning Management Systems is a foregone conclusion for many organizations. But with so many on the market, is there any way to be sure you’re getting the right one? In this article, I’ll discuss the importance of finding a value for money LMS. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Learning Approaches In Data Science: Online Or Project-Based

eLearning Industry

Are you interested in taking a data science course? Are you wondering which learning approach is best for you: online or project-based? In this article, I go into detail about the pros and cons of each learning style. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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How To Choose An eBook Topic That Fits Your Audience’s Needs

eLearning Industry

The topic of your eBook can be about anything; however, it must deliver useful information to your audience. In this article, I'll share 4 steps on how you can choose a specific, relevant and focused topic for your eBook based on your audience's needs. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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