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How To Write For eLearning

Your Training Edge

Format for readability. “If If you really want to reach more people, you need to create readable courses. For instance, a block of text won’t be able to have that impact on readers that you are looking for. Instead, your students will give up soon and they will not rate your lessons favorably.”says

4 Ways Integrating Your LMS Will Improve Your Business

Absorb LMS

A learning management system (LMS) makes it easy to consolidate your training and learning materials into one place. And while that’s great and all, what happens if you need them in more than one place?

Do Your eLearning Courses Follow Adult Learning Principles? A Checklist

CommLab India

While introducing e-learning in your workplace, it is necessary to base them on a good understanding of adult learning principles. This will help you create powerful and truly learner-centric e-learning courses. eLearning Design Adult Learning Principles

Pop quiz: What does compliance really mean today?

Brightwave Group

Ahead of our breakfast event next week , Brightwave’s Sales Director Paul Kelly talks about the challenges facing compliance training today, where the problem lies – and what we’re going to do about it. The common perception is that compliance training is a dreaded activity.

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

A well-designed learning curriculum develops and nurtures skills needed to achieve organizational and business goals with the most effective and engaging set of experiences. This ebook outlines 5 critical steps to develop learning solutions that will help you achieve the most ambitious objectives.

3 ways to reduce training costs while improving outcomes

Epilogue Systems

3 ways to reduce training costs while improving outcomes. It will come as no surprise to most people, least of all learning and development professionals, that effective employee training is a crucial component of any organization’s path to sustained excellence. However, as a way to save money, some organizations attempt to reduce training costs by cutting training staff, decreasing the amount of training provided, or by outsourcing training efforts.

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Edvance360 LMS Releases Version 8.1.3 -  Grade Macro Added to Certificates


Edvance360 LMS has released Version 8.1.3 and if you are on Version 8, these changes are either already showing or available for selection. Next up: Grade Macro Added to Certificates. Certificates successful online program Online Training learning management system, lms

Despite Cool New Sales Learning Tools, Content is Still King


This blog is written by Kaitlyn McCabe, a member of Allego’s award-winning Customer Success team.

Sales 59

5 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity


Employee engagement remains one of the primary factors that help determine workplace productivity and, ultimately, the success of a business. Unfortunately, less than 50 percent of Americans are engaged by their work.

DevLearn 2018 Recap: Top 5 Event Highlights


While DevLearn 2018 may be over…the learnings, excitement and momentum gained from this experience are only beginning to crystallize. For the Appsembler team, this was our first time attending DevLearn (and for some of us, our first trip to Vegas!).

How to Use Customer Training Data to Make Better Business Decisions

You may think customer training is crucial to the success of your organization, but do you have the data to prove it? Download the guide now, and learn how to prove the value of your customer training programs.

Not Receiving a Holiday Bonus This Year?


A new survey indicates a holiday bonus tops employees’ wish lists this year. However, only about a quarter of companies will be delivering on the extra holiday pay this season.

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How to Create Your Own eLearning Disaster – Part II

JCA Solutions

Content Can Be an eLearning Disaster Too. Design is queen but content is king. You can do all the right things in your course design and layout. Solid structure. Beautiful interface. But if you make one or more of these content mistakes you could be heading for an eLearning disaster.

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Artisan Grammar Game

Artisan E-Learning

We set out to teach a simple skill that could increase a person’s credibility in the workplace and incorporate three hot topics in e-learning: mobile device access, micro-learning, and gamification. It was important to put a laser focus on one specific skill. We chose a…. Portfolio

Embrace Active Learning (And 7 More Call Center Training Tips)


Your call center is the front line of your company. If your call center agents aren’t making a good impression, you’re going to lose customers. So your call center training needs to be on point. But that’s not easy. Call center training best practices shift all the time.

Agile Microlearning Explained

Learner engagement and retention doesn’t have to be a mystery. Cognitive science theories already supply the answers. Learn how OttoLearn packages them into a single platform you can use to deliver microlearning based reinforcement training, and go beyond completions to focus on outcomes.

Pryor Learning Solutions

Artisan E-Learning

Pryor Learning Solutions wanted several micro-learning pieces to supplement an existing e-learning curriculum. They left it up to us to determine what kind of micro-learning was necessary and what formats it should take. As a result, we created a set of interactive. Portfolio

Does the Marriott International data breach worry you?


Are we winning the battle against data hacking? Do you feel companies are doing enough to keep their customer’s personal data safe? It has been half a year since the launch of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Artisan E-Learning

LogMeIn challenged Artisan E-Learning to create a micro-learning template that would allow for the concurrent development, by multiple teams, of 50+ micro-courses in preparation for a company merger. It was imperative that the courses be stylistically consistent. Portfolio Uncategorized

Finding the Right Technology Partner Can Be Like Speed Dating!


Choosing the right technology can feel like a round of speed dating. Teetering between too much information and not enough, while determining what is essential versus a “nice to have,” can be downright exhausting.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Knowing what you need from an eLearning authoring tool can be hard, especially when there are so many options on the market. gomo’s new ebook aims to save you time and hassle by identifying 12 must-have authoring tool features.

Essential Elements Οf Interactive Learning

eLearning Industry

Educators and trainers across the globe are dealing with constantly dropping learner attention spans. This article focuses on interactivity as one of the best approaches to address this challenge and lists down some of the most essential elements of interactive learning. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Interactivity Interactive eLearning Interactive Online Courses Learners Engagement

New Data Reveals Top 20 Universities for Graduate Employment

CLO Magazine

Qualification and training provider The Knowledge Academy pulled data from QS Graduate Employability Rankings to find out which U.S. universities ranked highest for graduate employment.

CLO 50

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | November 30, 2018

Mike Taylor

Success is an act of exploration. That means the first thing you have to find is the unknown. Learning is searching; anything else is just waiting. – Dale Dauten. In case you missed it NASA landed a probe on Mars this past Monday completing a mind-boggling 301 million mile trip. Man, I *LOVE* science! Here are a few far-out things here on earth for you from the world of learning, design, and technology. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Toolkit: Adobe Captivate 2019 Features Make a Big Difference

Learning Solutions Magazine

Toolkit: Adobe Captivate 2019 Features Make a Big Difference. joe-ganci. Fri, 11/30/2018 - 01:00

Best Practices for Launching an External LMS

When launching a new platform to deliver customer and partner training, there are a few key items to keep in mind. The best and simplest way to stay organized during this process is to follow the tried-and-true practices outlined in this eBook.

8 Ways To Render Your Virtual Teacher's Personality

eLearning Industry

As Artificial Intelligence develops, virtual teachers, become more and more popular. But what makes a virtual teacher successful and appealing to learners? This article covers some key factors to have in mind when rendering a virtual teacher's personality. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Educational Technology Artificial Intelligence Educational Technology Trends Virtual Learning Environment Virtual Reality

Is Your Job Meaningless? Maybe, It’s Time for a Change


During the holiday season, many of us strive to find a greater meaning and purpose in our lives. Given the large proportion of our lives spent at work, it makes sense to look for a purpose-driven life in what we do for a living. However, in his new book “ Bulls**t Jobs ,” anthropologist David Graeber contends that 40 percent of Americans find their job meaningless.

Job 43

6 Tips To Syndicate Your Content And Boost LMS Brand Awareness

eLearning Industry

Did you know that you can turn your previously published content into a valuable marketing tool? In this article, I’ll discuss how to syndicate your content and boost LMS brand awareness. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Market Content Marketing eLearning Marketing LMS Vendors

Are some People Just “Great Test Takers”?

Fulcrum Labs

One of the questions we get asked most frequently is: How does Fulcrum’s platform work for learners who are just. The post Are some People Just “Great Test Takers”? appeared first on Fulcrum Labs. Fulcrum Labs Blog Training Analytics

State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

Understanding/Using System Variables – part 2

Adobe Captivate

Intro. In a first blog about System variables I offered a free table with description an references for all system variables. If you didn’t get that table yet, please get it from that article. That older post described shortly all caregories.

Talking IDs – Spaced Repetition: Remembering Not to Forget


Our instructional designers have been instant messaging again.

Blended Learning For Better Results

Adobe Captivate

Using Blended Learning. Types of Blended Learning. Face-to-face driver – where the teacher drives the instruction and augments with digital tools. Rotation – students cycle through a schedule of independent online study and face-to-face classroom time.