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PulseLearning Attending DevLearn 2017


DevLearn 2017, North America’s largest learning technologies expo, takes place from October 25 th to 27 th in Las Vegas. DevLearn is where the future of learning comes alive, putting you at the forefront of what’s happening in the learning industry.

Using Video in Articulate Storyline

B Online Learning

Video opens up a wealth of opportunity to make your Articulate Storyline modules interactive and engaging. The great thing about video, is that even using a small amount of video can have a huge impact on the ‘interest factor’ of your module.

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5 Steps to Successful LRS Implementation

HT2 Labs

We share our process and the questions you need to answer to ensure your first LRS Implementation is a success. The post 5 Steps to Successful LRS Implementation appeared first on HT2 Labs. Data & Analytics Learning Locker xAPI

Workplace Elearning: Mindtools 1

The E-Learning Curve

Most e-learning replicates the worst features of face-to-face instruction. It may be cheaper to ‘deliver’ knowledge on the Internet, but not more effective. Continue Reading → The post Workplace Elearning: Mindtools 1 appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog. Knowledge Work Workplace Learning Constructivism e-learning Jonassen mindtools workplace learning

2017 Customer Training Benchmarks Study

What are the baseline metrics for a successful customer training program? Find out in Skilljar's inaugural customer training benchmarks study, which includes an analysis of completion rates, course duration, and more. Click to download.

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EdCast Attracts Key Industry Leaders from HPE, Skillsoft, Degreed and Wipro


EdCast Attracts Key Industry Leaders from HPE, Skillsoft, Degreed and Wipro Two established Learning & Development leaders join EdCast’s executive team; Digital transformation expert joins Advisory Board. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — October 19, 2017 — EdCast, the AI-powered Knowledge Cloud for enterprise-wide unified discovery, knowledge management and personalized learning, is pleased to announce its executive […].

5 Essential Skills You Need to Master eLearning


Managing online training requires you to wear many hats. With the eLearning landscape rapidly evolving, training needs change, software upgrades, your learner’s needs diversify – it’s difficult to keep up. Don’t worry.

Ditch the Annual Review: 5 Tips to Improve the Performance Management Feedback Loop


Managers and employees alike tend to cringe upon hearing the term ‘ annual performance review ’ and for good reason. Research shows that most of us view them as an ineffective waste of time, and that for a majority of the workforce, they are. So it should come as no surprise that more and more companies are opting to scrap the process entirely in favor of more frequent, effective, ongoing feedback for employees.

E-learning vs M-learning: 4 Design Aspects that Differ [Infographic]

CommLab India

Check our infographic to know four fundamental difference between e-learning and m-learning. eLearning Design E-learning and M-learning

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

The Modern Learner

InSync Training

If you are on any learning related email lists, you’ve been seeing the word “modern” quite often over the last 12 months. Modern learning , modern workplace, modern design , and so on. What does it mean? And why do we need to make that distinction?

When Training Is or Is Not the Answer

Your Training Edge

Before scheduling training to correct performance gaps, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Does the gap exist because employees don’t know how to do the required work or because they don’t want to?

What is Just-in Time Training (and the Best Practices to Adopt it for your Business)


Just a few years back, everyone was at the mercy of schedules, availability, and even circumstances to get any type of service. TV schedules dictated entertainment. The chance of a cab passing by was what determined whether or not somebody got a ride.


Mobile Learning Apps: Is It Your Cup of Tea?

CommLab India

Explore the power of mobile learning apps. Learning Technology mobile learning

3 Ways to Create a Best in Class Customer Training Plan

Looking to improve your training plan for Q4 and beyond? Download this guide to learn how the right goals, education, and tools can help.

3 Tips to improve learning transfer that instructional designers can use anytime


If we were to define learning transfer, it is the learner’s ability to successfully apply the knowledge, skills and competencies acquired in one or several learning modules in their work. This should ultimately result in better results and increased performance.

Here's Why Learning Technology Doesn't Solve Anyone's Problems

Riptide Software

We are all completely engulfed by a world of technology. On a day-to-day basis, we all use cellphones, computers, headphones, cars, and the list goes on. Businesses are also dependent on technology these days, and specific business units use these technologies to allow them to do a more effective and efficient job

Creating Accessible E-learning with Lectora

CommLab India

This blog gives L&D professionals an insight into how Lectora is a suitable tool to create accessible e-learning courses. Learning Technology Lectora Inspire

If you meet a fake entrepreneur don’t get sucked into playing their game.

Trajectory IQ

They’ll start off by telling you they are super busy. They’ll speak in buzzwords and try to make you feel like they’re smarter than you. They’re working on a “super secret project” that’s “in stealth mode”.

How to Select an LMS for Customer Training

Finding an LMS suitable for customer training can be tough. Check out our guide to learn about some key considerations for selecting a customer education platform.

Free template for non-comercial use only with a video tutorial how to use it from

Adobe Captivate

Hello, we have prepared yet another free template for you to use, this one is for non-commercial use only, but we believe a really nice template to learn how Captivate works and what can be built with such a powerful tool as Captivate. Here is the template: FasterCourse_Com_Free_Template.

Create a Culture of Learning with User-Created Content


Have you thought about encouraging employees to create and share their own content? User-created content is an important step towards creating a culture of learning within your organisation, helping staff to become more engaged with training and development, and bringing benefits to your business. The fact is, people are always going to create their own […]. The post Create a Culture of Learning with User-Created Content appeared first on GO1 Learning.

Canvas LMS Uses/best practices?

Adobe Captivate

Our organization uses the Canvas LMS and I would love to begin a discussion about things others have learned using Captivate with Canvas. I’ve got the SCORM integration enabled and have imported an activity successfully into a course, but am curious if others have experienced any challenges or successes that they could share? Discussion canvas lms

Where Do Microlearning Modules Fit in the Training Strategy?

CommLab India

Find the right place for microlearning modules in your training strategy. Learning Technology microlearning

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding & Support

Looking to create customers for life? Training can be used to successfully engage customers throughout their entire lifecycle - from initial awareness, to onboarding, to continuing support. Download this eBook to learn more.

From Newbie to Explorer and beyond…

Adobe Captivate

I have been a fan of Adobe and Captivate for many years maintaining active subscriptions for years. However, the amount of time I had with my previous employer to acquire new skills was minimal because we are always in survival mode due to growth and limited resources. I have moved to a new position with a new organization that has enabled me to finally dive more in-depth into the tools and the community.

Watershed Offers Free Essentials LRS Accounts at DevLearn by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Participants at DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo can get the most out of Essentials LRS with a complimentary learning. analytics book from Watershed. Learning Systems Measurement

Fill the Curriculum Gaps in Your K-12 Online Course Content


Treehouse Custom Tracks Solve Learning Management Challenges by News Editor

Learning Solutions Magazine

Treehouse Custom Tracks provide expert curriculum planning help. See how at DevLearn 2017 Conference & Expo! Blended Learning Design Strategies Management Training Strategies

Employee Training Playbook by Lessonly

Strengthen new employees and develop existing teams with Lessonly’s Employee Training Playbook.