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5 Benefits of Micro Courses


Micro-content offers new possibilities for learner engagement. We’ve discussed ways that micro learning can help educators shift their thinking about online content delivery.

Anti-Harassment Training for Employees Doesn't Have to Be Cringeworthy

ej4 eLearning

When I tell people I work for a company that makes employee training videos, their typical reaction is a loud groan with eye-rolls and a story about a horrible video on sexual harassment they are “forced” to watch every year. It’s true, they think I am the one to blame!

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Getting Handy With Interactive Enterprise Software Training

Your Training Edge

Enterprise software training has changed. It wasn’t long ago that face-to-face sessions and tools like on-demand video were mainstays. While they continue to have a place, they clearly have limits.

How to Create a Fundraising Training Program for Association Staff


The benefits of an online learning platform for associations are abundant. For example, an online learning platform gives association staff easy access to training, provides a variety of engaging courses, promotes collaboration, and can save associations money.

Digital Learning Tips and Tricks from Neuroscience

Speaker: Margie Meacham, Chief Freedom Officer, Learningtogo

Join "Brain Lady" Margie Meacham for a quick-paced review of the latest tips and tricks as revealed by neuroscience. Learn how the brain works - and, in doing so, discover how to make your training stand out amidst the daily clutter of the online experience.

How to Create an Online Course (in 2020)


Online learning and training have become an essential part of every online business. Creating and selling online courses can be quite profitable, with many professionals achieving 6- and 7-figure incomes.

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You Can’t Innovate Without Sometimes Failing

TLNT: Training and L&D

One of the greatest players to step up to the plate, Babe Ruth revolutionized baseball by hitting 714 home runs while compiling a lifetime batting average of.342 — both among the best numbers of all time.

Be the mentor you wished you had with these 3 strategies


“A single conversation with a wise man is worth a month’s study of books”, says a wise Chinese Proverb. Take it with a grain of salt, though. Avid readers like Bill Gates will most likely tell you that books are a precious mentor and an excellent way of seeking solutions for many problems.

Best eBook Publishing Strategies Every Publisher Must Know!


Publishers need to adapt to the changing industry trends followed by an acrobatic digital book/ebook publishing strategy. Digital publishing has become the new norm for publishers today. Every print edition is almost always accompanied by its digital version.

An Interview with Art Markman: Author of Bring Your Brain to Work

Growth Engineering

As big advocates of cognitive science and the learning journey, we presented Art with a collection of questions for your reading pleasure. The post An Interview with Art Markman: Author of Bring Your Brain to Work appeared first on Growth Engineering.

Brain 65

Top E-Learning Software - Recommendations and Pricing

Zero in on the best E-Learning software for your company. Get expert recommendations and pricing comparisons based on your specific needs.

Learning Pool Labs Saves the World

Learning Pool

Earlier this year Learning Pool acquired HT2 Labs, the Oxfordshire-based learning innovation company. HT2 are true pioneers in learning technologies, with a well-earned reputation for creating leading-edge learning solutions that use modern technology to deliver innovative business outcomes.



Learn-WiseGo will start rolling out an integration with Dropbox! This document-sharing integration feature is located in your resource library in addition to Med World Live, Vimeo and Youtube video integrations.

How To Use Learning Paths For Effective Training Programs

eLearning Industry

Learning paths (learning plans if you use Moodle LMS) offer a great deal of learning experience to your learners. The best part of a learning path strategy is that you can tailor make it to suit whatever L&D requirement you have and whichever LMS you use.

Empowering the Frontline: Teaching Managers to be L&D Pros


Over half of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022, which means that as a learning and development (L&D) professional, you’re likely busier than ever before.

Teach 56

Employee Training Playbook by Lessonly

Strengthen new employees and develop existing teams with Lessonly’s Employee Training Playbook.

Gagne’s Nine Levels of Learning

Growth Engineering

Not many can say they’ve changed the way we learn, but Robert M. Gagne most certainly can. The post Gagne’s Nine Levels of Learning appeared first on Growth Engineering. Brain Science Online Learning Learning Robert Gagne The Conditions of Learning

Convert your PowerPoint into SCORM course with isEazy


Companies often store a large amount of information in PowerPoint format. Presentations, courses, instruction manuals… why not recycle all that content and transform it into an online course? If you think it’s a long and expensive process, you’d be wrong!


ADDIE: A 5-Step Process for Effective Training & Learning Evaluation


In our previous blog post, we explained the challenges associated with learning evaluation. Simply put, when training isn't properly designed with specific goals in mind, it's nearly impossible to actually evaluate effectiveness or impact on overall organizational goals.


Hey Zvi, what do you see? CloudShare’s leader takes a look at the year ahead in training and sales enablement


In this blog we sit down with our intrepid co-founder and CEO, Zvi Guterman, to ask questions about what to expect in 2020. From user experiences to cloud provider developments, trends in training to the rise of the sales engineer, here’s a bit of what Zvi sees. What’s the big trend to expect and when will we see it?

View from the Learner's Perspective: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Lonna Jobson, Instructional Design Team Lead, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

Learners make an investment when they participate in learning initiatives - an investment that is often overlooked. Their schedules, priorities, and even their colleagues’ schedules are impacted. The Triple Bottom Line of Learning acknowledges the learner as a crucial stakeholder in the learning process. Join Miriam Taylor and Lonna Jobson of Inno-Versity as they continue in this series by looking at eLearning from the learner's perspective!

Flash To HTML5 Conversion: 3 Decision Points For Effortless Conversion

eLearning Industry

Stepping toward HTML5 from Flash may seem like a difficult move, especially if you have a huge volume of Legacy courses. This article explains 3 crucial decision points in the Flash to HTML5 conversion process. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Cohort-based programs can develop leaders at all levels

CLO Magazine

In today’s turbulent, fast-moving business environment, what’s the best way to build intellectually nimble, innovative and self-confident leaders, equipped for the challenges of constant change?

Retooling Instructional Design

The eLearning Coach

Learning professionals have been preparing for the changes in the modern workplace. Here are some ways we've been retooling instructional design. eLearning 2.0

5 Essential Steps To Implement A Successful Employee Onboarding Process

eLearning Industry

It’s hard to undo first impressions, so you want your new hire’s first week at work to count. How can you ensure their orientation process is positive and successful? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

View from the Learning Team: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Andrea Mikulenas, Instructional Design Team Lead, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

As a learning leader, you are regularly faced with a dilemma: prioritize the needs of the learners, or succumb to the budgetary demands and deadlines of the C-suite? This proverbial tug-of-war is a constant in learning development - but it doesn't have to be. Join Miriam Taylor and Andrea Mikulenas of Inno-Versity as they dive into the second layer of the Triple Bottom Line of eLearning – the Learning Leaders!

Why Use Hospitality Industry Training Software for Your Business?


“True hospitality consists of giving the best of yourself to your guests.” ” Did you ever receive complaints from customers about your staff’s impolite behavior, delayed response to order, poor table management system, or poor customer support?

Interest on Behavioural Insights: What can the growth of disruptive banks tell us about the elearning industry?

Saffron Interactive

Behavioural science can explain the multi-billion pound digital banking boom. The same rules can also apply to elearning. Future historians will remember the 21 st century as the era of digital upheaval (unless climate change continues to be avoided by world leaders).

Educational platform vs training software vs LMS: What’s the difference?


You’ve probably been using at least one of these words to search for a solution to your training problem. Maybe your materials are disorganized. Maybe your people are scattered across different locations.

Essential remote team management tips to increase productivity

Poll Everywhere

Managing a remote team comes with its own unique strategies and considerations. Virtual team members often have different schedules, roles, and communication styles, making team management more challenging. These team management tips will help keep you and your virtual team.

View from the C-Suite: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Jerry Zandstra, Co-Founder, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

One of the secrets of the C-suite is that they are always dealing with scarcity. Money spent in one place cannot be spent in another. One hundred thousand dollars spent on learning will not be available to spend on marketing or hiring, or any one of several dozen other budget items. Join Miriam Taylor and Dr. Jerry Zandstra as they take a look at learning, training, and development from the C-suite perspective!