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Exploring Immersive Technology


Immersive technology is the extension of virtual content into the physical environment to create a new reality. This new reality is leveraged in a 360-degree space, making it difficult for the user to differentiate the virtual content from the physical reality.

Pivoting and professional growth in today’s (and tomorrow’s) workforce

CLO Magazine

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who played for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers basketball teams, was known for his ability to pivot — keeping one foot in place while moving the other into a different space.

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Testing Employee Knowledge In Your Online Training Courses


Well, one way to do an employee knowledge in your online training courses is by testing your employee knowledge through qualitative e-learning assessment. They help L&D professionals to measure employee knowledge , hence improving their productivity and proficiency.

How to Upskill Your Employees with Business Application Training

Hurix Digital

Organizations across the globe today find themselves in the midst of a strange workplace dichotomy – on the one hand, many traditional jobs stand the risk of becoming obsolete in the face of automation.

Digital Learning Tips and Tricks from Neuroscience

Speaker: Margie Meacham, Chief Freedom Officer, Learningtogo

Join "Brain Lady" Margie Meacham for a quick-paced review of the latest tips and tricks as revealed by neuroscience. Learn how the brain works - and, in doing so, discover how to make your training stand out amidst the daily clutter of the online experience.

Priorities May Differ But Workers Everywhere Say Training is Critical

TLNT: Training and L&D

In today’s world, the need to develop and retain a diverse workforce is more challenging than ever.

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Where is the Learning Science in Technology Products?

Learning Solutions Magazine

Where is the Learning Science in Technology Products? clark-quinn. Mon, 12/09/2019 - 00:00

What’s in a Learning Measurement Strategy?


Every good measurement strategy must start with a vision that is articulate yet concise. A solid vision for learning and development measurement would be to “measure communicate and improve learning programs and the people and business outcomes impacted by those programs.”.

8 Benefits of Creating Microlearning Videos Based on Social Learning Elements

Obsidian Learning

In a recent blog article, How to Adapt Your Microcontent to Your Employees’ Social Needs , we discussed the importance of addressing social needs at work, and how you can use your microcontent to both educate and to engage/build community.

Training from the mall this month?


‘Tis the season for PTO. Workers will be working a lot less this month. From family obligations to holiday-related events to the holidays themselves, plenty of employees will be working remotely and taking time off in December.

SAP 52

Top E-Learning Software - Recommendations and Pricing

Zero in on the best E-Learning software for your company. Get expert recommendations and pricing comparisons based on your specific needs.

How to Always Keep Your Screenshots Up to Date

TechSmith Camtasia

There’s little worse than returning to a completed task to redo something you just finished. The good news is, when it comes to screenshots , there’s a better way! . In this post, we’ll show you four ways that you can quickly and easily keep your screenshots up to date.

Top L&D books for ambitious learning leaders in 2020


What are the best Learning and Development books to keep you a step ahead in your career? We’ve asked some of the biggest names in L&D this year on the Learning at Large Podcast for their book recommendations!

Sponge wins TJ Award for AstraZeneca’s Code of Ethics programme

Sponge UK

“Embedding Ethics in AstraZeneca’s DNA” scoops bronze award for Best Commercial Programme


eBook Release: Measuring The Business Impact Of Your Learning Programs

eLearning Industry

Your learning program is a vital part of your organization’s L&D, but how exactly does it impact your business? By revisiting this tried-and-true framework and aligning it with modern learning, we can provide an actionable, step-by-step process that will maximize your ROI.

eBook 72

Employee Training Playbook by Lessonly

Strengthen new employees and develop existing teams with Lessonly’s Employee Training Playbook.

#TwistedTropes 25. Schindler's shopping list

Learning with e's

Image from Wikimedia Commons Oskar Schindler was an industrialist, playboy and philanthropist during the Nazi occupation of Europe. Schindler's 'list' refers to his quiet defiance of Hitler's murderous regime when he saved several hundred of his Jewish employees from the Nazi death camps.

Why Invest In An LXP For Personalised Learning: Delivering Impact And ROI

eLearning Industry

Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) offer new opportunities L&D. They focus on the experience of the learner, rather than the management of learning, and are designed to place the learner at the centre of training and enable greater personalisation.

ROI 67

How to Creative an Effective Diversity Training Program


If you’ve been tasked with starting a diversity training program for your company, you’re making the right move. Besides, making each and every one of your employees feel empowered and accepted at your company, it has business incentives as well. According to McKinsey & Company’s Diversity Matters report, companies in the top quarter for gender diversity outperform their competitors by 15 percent and those in the top quarter for ethnic diversity outperform their competitors by 35 percent.

Please Don’t Make Me Do This


Let’s see. you’ve checked your email twice, looked to see how much your bank account has changed in the last hour, played 2 games of Sudoku, and now you can’t think of anything else to keep you from making those dreaded cold calls. I mean, why should you be having to waste your time calling people who probably won’t be in their office anyway, or if they are, wouldn’t talk to you, and if they did. they wouldn’t be interested. It would probably be more successful if you called them tomorrow.


View from the Learner's Perspective: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Lonna Jobson, Instructional Design Team Lead, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

Learners make an investment when they participate in learning initiatives - an investment that is often overlooked. Their schedules, priorities, and even their colleagues’ schedules are impacted. The Triple Bottom Line of Learning acknowledges the learner as a crucial stakeholder in the learning process. Join Miriam Taylor and Lonna Jobson of Inno-Versity as they continue in this series by looking at eLearning from the learner's perspective!

How An LMS Supporting The 70 20 10 Model Can Engage Your Employees

eLearning Industry

Knowing how an LMS engages employees and supports the 70 20 10 model is crucial to effectively utilize this blended learning strategy. Let’s run through the must-have features you should look for when selecting an LMS to implement 70 20 10 Learning and Development.

Types of Analysis for eLearning

The eLearning Coach

Analysis involves finding the facts and the data to support a solution. Here are six types of analysis in instructional design that you can conduct. eLearning Design Instructional Design

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 360: New Trigger Workflow

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

If you want to make something happen in Articulate Storyline, Triggers are everything.

Increasing Digital Classroom Engagement: Is the Learner’s Voice Missing from Your LMS?

eThink Education

The advent of virtual learning environments (VLEs) have revolutionized the way education is delivered and received. From K-12 to higher ed ucation , from non-profit to corporate , no sector of education has been untouched by the advances in online learning.

View from the Learning Team: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Andrea Mikulenas, Instructional Design Team Lead, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

As a learning leader, you are regularly faced with a dilemma: prioritize the needs of the learners, or succumb to the budgetary demands and deadlines of the C-suite? This proverbial tug-of-war is a constant in learning development - but it doesn't have to be. Join Miriam Taylor and Andrea Mikulenas of Inno-Versity as they dive into the second layer of the Triple Bottom Line of eLearning – the Learning Leaders!

Promoting Women In Learning & Leadership, With Kate Graham


Looop’s Chief Learning Officer and L&D podcast host, David James, met up with Kate Graham, Head of Content at Fosway, […]. The post Promoting Women In Learning & Leadership, With Kate Graham appeared first on Looop.

Copyleaks Partners With Macmillan Learning To Help Reduce Plagiarism

eLearning Industry

Copyleaks' AI-based software to be integrated into Macmillan Learning’s digital learning platform. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

The Impact of Action-based Learning

Petra Mayer

In this following infographic, MyQuest demonstrates the importance for action-based learning and for building activities into your learning interventions. If you need any convincing, look at this statistic. Only 20% of information is retained when learned in a passive environment.

Check Out My Latest LinkedIn Learning Course: eLearning Tips

Tim Slade

Back in 2017, I share a post, documenting my experience scripting, recording and producing my very first online course for LinkedIn Learning ( at the time): Learning Articulate 360: Rise.

View from the C-Suite: ROI and the Triple Bottom Line of Learning

Speaker: Jerry Zandstra, Co-Founder, Inno-Versity, and Miriam Taylor, Chief Learning Strategist, Inno-Versity

One of the secrets of the C-suite is that they are always dealing with scarcity. Money spent in one place cannot be spent in another. One hundred thousand dollars spent on learning will not be available to spend on marketing or hiring, or any one of several dozen other budget items. Join Miriam Taylor and Dr. Jerry Zandstra as they take a look at learning, training, and development from the C-suite perspective!