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Engage Your Audience With These New Cutout People

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With the online training world growing at a rapid pace, presenters and instructional designers are looking for effective ways to create connections between them—or the content—and their learners. Since eLearning is electronic (thats what the “e” stands for, right?),

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How to improve knowledge transfer in Online IT Training

Your Training Edge

Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever. It has revolutionized the way work is done in most of the industries. The eLearning technology has enabled the growth of the education sector across the globe. Learners can take courses along with their full-time job.

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The Learning Side of Sears

CLO Magazine

Frank Nguyen has a knack for entering companies during periods of significant transition. It happened at Intel Corp. in 1999 during the Y2K frenzy when the technology company wanted to get 100 trainers off the road. It also happened at American Express Co.

Traditional Learners, Non-Traditional Training - Oh My! 

InSync Training

We L&D professionals are lucky. With today’s technology , we have options to engage every learner audience, in every possible environment. Even if you have a tight budget and a small team, you can deliver a comprehensive blended learning program. And this is all thanks to learning technology.

How to Select an LMS for Customer Training

Finding an LMS suitable for customer training can be tough. Check out our guide to learn about some key considerations for selecting a customer education platform.

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Fight Ambiguity by Focusing Agile Talent

CLO Magazine

The White House has business leaders on a swivel right now. Ordinarily early in a new year, they’re thinking about strategic planning, getting their workforce aligned around execution and strategically planning scenarios to get a clear sense of what’s likely to happen.

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HT2 Labs’ Identified As New ‘Potential Challenger’ by 2017 Fosway 9-Grid™

HT2 Labs

[PRESS RELEASE] HT2 Labs named as a new 'Potential' Challenger in 2017 Learning Systems 9-Grid from Fosway Group. The post HT2 Labs’ Identified As New ‘Potential Challenger’ by 2017 Fosway 9-Grid™ appeared first on HT2 Labs.

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Skillsoft Rolls Out New E-learning Products

CLO Magazine

Skillsoft has kicked off 2017 with a new learning platform as well as new content to expand and deepen its engagement of corporate learners. The global e-learning company launched Percipio, a cloud-based content delivery and learning platform and unveiled new business and leadership skills content.

The Keys to Engaging Virtual Classroom Training? Planning, Design—and Channeling Oprah by Pamela S. Hogle

Learning Solutions Magazine

Being a great presenter is only the beginning of what an instructor needs to engage learners online. The ability to build. rapport with an audience you can’t see is essential. Design Strategies Training Strategies Virtual Classrooms

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

For the Sake of Shelf-Life

CLO Magazine

A disruptor has been disrupted. Well, we’ll say it was a steady disruption until it wasn’t. The 1980 opening of the natural foods supermarket Whole Foods Market, would, with time, help propel the organic foods movement in the U.S.

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Webinar: In a Learning 3.0 World, Context is King


Join this webinar to discuss why context is king! In a world where access to online content, training, MOOCs, and “friends and experts” is unprecedented, traditional approaches to fostering role growth and development are no longer enough. Learning organizations must reevaluate how they equip and develop today’s modern learner. New technologies, curation approaches and content […]. The post Webinar: In a Learning 3.0 World, Context is King appeared first on EdCast.

Supporting Manager-Led Learning (Online Workshop)

Jane Hart

Next public workshops run as follows: Intro to MWL: 27 Feb – 10 March Supporting MLL: 13 March – 17 April 2017 When it comes to manager-led learning, there is a huge opportunity to work with managers to help them recognise, value, encourage and support the learning that takes place … Social learning

5 Rocking E-learning Design Tips for Refresher Training

CommLab India

Human memory tends to fail – what we learn, we tend to forget after a certain period. This calls for reinforcing what we learn. There are two ways to do this in e-learning, make your employees go through the same course again or create a refresher course.

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding & Support

Looking to create customers for life? Training can be used to successfully engage customers throughout their entire lifecycle - from initial awareness, to onboarding, to continuing support. Download this eBook to learn more.

‘Ninja’ Trick for Improving Your Online Course Completion Rates


One of the biggest issues with online courses is that completion rates are terrible. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) have some of the worst completion rates around , but the problem permeates online courses of any size and topic.

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Educating a Society of Hackers


If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re an experienced hacker. You may not be a coding wiz or even particularly knowledgeable about computers, but if you’ve ever used a clever shortcut to accomplish something in an unconventional way, then you’ve successfully employed a “hack.” Ever used old food containers to store your non-food items? Or placed your phone in a cup to amplify the sound? Congratulations! You’re a hacker.

3 Rapid E-learning Myths Busted

CommLab India

Rapid e-learning – an online course development methodology perfectly suited to the technology-enabled learning needs of companies in the 21 st century.

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Marc My Words: Using Training to Support Performance Support by Marc Rosenberg

Learning Solutions Magazine

We have often heard it said that performance support can be used instead of training. But that doesn’t mean the two are at odds with each other. Here are six scenarios where training might be helpful in fostering performance support adoption and use. Instructional Design Performance Support Training Strategies

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National IMCO™ Study finds employee engagement linked directly to strength in leadership

A newly released study on the state of employee engagement in the US found that more than half of the adult workforce are Disengaged and only a quarter is Actively Engaged. Download the results and gain insight into the drivers behind engagement at work.

5 factors driving Modern Workplace Learning (new article in the MWL Magazine)

Jane Hart

In today’s article in the Modern Workplace Learning Magazine, 5 factors driving Modern Workplace Learning I take a look at 5 factors that are impacting the workplace and driving a new approach to workplace learning, and which mean a very different organizational learning culture from the long-standing traditional culture that exists in most … Social learning

What Top Managers Wish They Knew About Team Building When They Were Starting Out


Automobiles. Whether sleek and expensive, large and hardy, or small and convenient, cars have become an undeniable element of everyday living across most parts of the world. But cars were not the product of one man’s genius alone. In the words of Henry Ford himself, “ Coming together is a beginning.

Warning: 1 in 4 Companies Will be Phished in the Next 2 Years


It all starts with a seemingly innocent email. Joanne wants to connect with you on LinkedIN. But lurking behind that email is an invisible threat that could cost your organization millions of dollars and destroy your reputation. This happened to a friend of mine a few years ago. Let’s call him Peter.

Why the Best Leaders Never Lower the Bar


The pressure was on. The ‘critical tasks’ list had piled up for the whole team and the deadline was quickly approaching. It seemed every single day the last three weeks were mission critical. It was late afternoon when I took a quick break to observe my team. What I saw was the opposite of a team motivated by our looming deadline. My first reaction was to micromanage by restating the importance of our deadline, but I knew my team well at this point.

5 Key Aspects of Accurate Learning Management Systems Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Learning Management Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best LMS software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!

Help Authoring: Adding Flare to Your Work

I Came, I Saw, I Learned

by Neil Perlin. MadCap Flare is a tool used to create online Help, software and API documentation, policy and procedure manuals, knowledge bases, and user guides. It's

Video-based Learning to Spice Up your Online Sales Training

CommLab India

Using on-demand video for an annual sales kickoff saved Oracle $10 million. Video-based learning (VBL) has proven to be an effective and scalable means of workplace training over time. It has become a reliable way to train sales teams working across the globe, in different time zones.

5 Steps to a Data-Driven Approach to Learning

Lambda Solutions

“A data driven approach is used to optimize how your organization manages and deployes learning and development to support the execution of your business strategy” (Chief Learning Officer 2015).

How to Effectively Promote Your New eLearning Program

Designing Digitally

Ever wonder why popular and thriving brands have millions in marketing costs every year? Kentucky Fried Chicken for example; they make the best fried chicken in town, and they know it.

[eBook] Make Better Business Decisions with Customer Training Data

Want to take your training data one step further? Download this eBook & learn how to demonstrate the full value of your program by combining traditional training metrics with the data in your CRM.