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Last couple of days left to support your favorite interactivity builder. By doing so, you would share your choice of interactive building tool with fellow eLearning professionals. You can support Raptivity software by just filling out the simple nomination form. [.].

Building the Next Generation of SCORM

Integrated Learnings

by Jonathan Shoaf. Last Thursday was the kick off of project Tin Can. While project Tin Can has been championed by Rustici software for years now, it is speeding up activity to produce a 1.0 version of the Tin Can API (planned for June of this year). This project is a first step towards the next generation of SCORM. As one of the most widely used versions of SCORM , the SCORM 1.2 specification is over 10 years old.


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The problem with pre-work

Clive on Learning

Time and again, trainers tell me that they have trouble getting trainees to complete their 'pre-work'. For some this failure has become such an obstacle that it threatens the whole basis of blended learning, which will typically mix asynchronous activities (which these trainers would categorise as 'pre-work' and 'post-work') alongside the synchronous (whether bricks-and-mortar classroom or its virtual equivalent).

Community really is the curriculum

Learning with e's

I'm in Tallinn, one of the most beautiful of the old Hanseatic cities dotted along the Baltic coast. It is the capital of Estonia , a small country with a population of around 1.3 million, 400,000 of whom live in Tallinn.

[eBook] Make Better Business Decisions with Customer Training Data

Want to take your training data one step further? Download this eBook & learn how to demonstrate the full value of your program by combining traditional training metrics with the data in your CRM.

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Don’t attempt to convert e-Learning to m-Learning – they’re different.


Mobile Learning can expand your reach. Recently I participated in a LinkedIn discussion started by one of the Learning and Development Managers in my LinkedIn Group – The eLearning Guild.

Practical Mobile eLearning Today: Real Solutions for Creating mLearning for Your Organization Right Now, Part 1.

Adobe Captivate

Mobile Learning has become a hot-topic and therefore has been seriously laden with marketing and hype. The excitement is very understandable, but it also makes finding information about how to actually create mobile eLearning solutions (mLearning) all the more difficult. Today’s post is intended to help you cut through the hype and get down to [.]. Whats new

3 Secrets to Training Program Success


Every training implementation has an end goal of success – but what separates the best from the rest? While there are certainly many factors that can play into the success of a training effort, these three strategies will go a long way to making any organization’s training efforts successful: 1.

10Q: Leigh Graves Wolf

Learning with e's

Leigh Graves Wolf, who is one of the Pelecon invited spotlight speakers next week, is Program Director for the Master’s in Educational Technology program at MSU. Leigh started her career in 1997 as a network administrator and technology coordinator at the International Academy in Bloomfield Hills.

Take Charge of your eLearning environment

Learn how to maximize the impact of your learning by aligning to the goals of your organization, how to establish a learning culture with gamification including leaderboards and badges. Discover a learning content management system that is both powerful and easy to configure and manage.

Five Reasons I’m Sending My Entire Team to Our Industry’s Biggest Conference


It isn’t often that an industry conference comes along at just a time when an organization can send its entire team.

Flash 11

Cloud Computing Training from MicroAssist | MicroAssist

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