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Don’t Design Training Content like a Food Blogger!

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This weekend, I purchased something new at a local farmers market: delicata squash. It came highly recommended as an easy winter squash to prepare, with a nice light taste. As I was getting ready to cook it, I had a couple of quick questions. At what temperature should it bake, and for how long? Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design

How The “IoT” is Progressing The E-Learning Industry


The “Internet of Things” is transforming how we engage with technology. What does that mean for your online course? Over the past couple of years, a new jargon term has emerged that anyone in a technical industry will be aware of: the Internet of Things, more commonly referred to as the IoT. If you haven’t heard of the Internet of Things before, you’ve almost certainly engaged with it. Your smartphone is part of the IoT, as is your smart watch.

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3 Ways an LXP Simplifies Employee Training


An increasing number of companies are implementing learning experience platforms (LXPs) to train their employees. An LXP not only delivers and manages training, but it also helps learners discover new learning opportunities. It also encourages collaborative learning, such as knowledge sharing, and can make employee training simpler than ever. Employee Training Learning Experience Platform LXP

5 Tips to Time Management for Maximum Productivity

Your Training Edge

How good are you with time management? Are you maximally productive at work? Well, if you always seem to have too much on your plate all the time yet there is never enough time to do what your purpose to accomplish, then you probably have a problem with time management. This article seeks to help you manage time and become more productive. Here are 5 important tips in that regard. Get sufficient sleep. Adults are supposed to sleep for 7 hours a day, 8 hours maximum.

Paycor CFO Survey: The State of American Business in 2021

In Paycor’s latest survey, more than 2,000 Finance and HR leaders told us about their plans for 2021. Download the survey for actionable insights and tips.

How To Cut Your eLearning Costs With LMS Integration

Lambda Solutions

- 4 MIN READ -. LMS Analytics eCommerce Measuring ROI Totara Learn Moodle

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4 Tips for Using Nudge Theory in Your Learning

Bill Mastin

Nudge theory has gained a lot of attention in recent years. But what exactly is nudge theory and how can it be applied in your learning programs? Find out more in this blog

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CEdMA 2019 – Event Update

Origin Learning

CEdMA, the Customer Education Management Association, is the premier organization for training executives, managers, and professionals on a management path. The post CEdMA 2019 – Event Update appeared first on Blog - Originlearning. Events CEdMA

The AGES Model can help learning stick

CLO Magazine

Most corporate learning programs are designed to be popular. They are optimized to earn high ratings from participants during end-of-course assessments with little regard to how much they actually improve performance or change behavior. When organizations track metrics at all, they tend to focus not on how well participants remember what they learn, but on net promoter score — essentially a measure of how enjoyable the learning program is.

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Brewin Dolphin Invests in both Catalogue and Bespoke Online Training with Learning Pool

Learning Pool

Leading elearning company, Learning Pool, has agreed on a new contract for pre-built elearning modules and new bespoke learning content with Brewin Dolphin, one of the UK’s leading wealth managers. Founded in 1762, Brewin Dolphin helps customers to achieve their financial ambitions through expert, personalized financial planning and investment management advice.

9 Warning Signs Your Employees Need Language Training

Most global companies are diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, and yes, language. Language barriers can compound existing communication problems, often resulting in business losses. Learn the 9 warning signs your employees need language training today!

Gamification in Learning: Getting Your Learners Motivated


Keeping your learners engaged is tricky when it comes to online learning. It’s important to create an environment that motivates your learners, making the learning experience enjoyable and engaging. eLearning gamification offers a great way to drive this motivation to learn. But before we look at how eLearning gamification motivates, let’s look at what it is. What is gamification? Gamification is the use of gaming elements to enhance non-gaming experiences.

How To Engage Your Learning Population

eLearning Industry

At Skill Pill, we found that when it comes to marketing our content, there is a wealth of different approaches—some good, some bad. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Design Tips eLearning Development Best Practices Learner Engagement User Experience

Next-gen Retail Training: Can Salespeople Really Change Lives?


You've heard it for the past few years; we've entered the Experience Economy. Brand loyalty is now built primarily on the experiences a company delivers to consumers. They buy, re-buy, and recommend based on how the company makes them feel above all else. Today, customer experience is more powerful even than the quality and/or cost of your products, as proven by study after study.

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#MeToo Consequence: Male Leaders Are Backing Away From Mentoring Women

TLNT: Training and L&D

The collective voices of the courageous women who chose to use their fame as a platform to invigorate the national dialogue on sexual harassment in the workplace has had profound impact. They brought national and global awareness to the victims of sexual harassment and visibility to the #MeToo Movement.

The Ins and Outs of Connecting Technologies in a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Speaker: TJ Seabrooks, former CEO at Rustici Software

Have you ended up with a collection of content inputs and data outputs that might be hard to wrangle? If your organization uses multiple LMSs and has content coming from many different places, or you’re heading in this direction, this webinar is for you.

7 Steps Towards Successful Serious Game Implementation

eLearning Industry

Serious game implementation takes some planning. The following 7 steps will put you on the road to success. Read on! This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Game-Based Learning eLearning Games Free eLearning eBooks Serious Games

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7 Key Features an eLearning Authoring Tool Must Comprise


One of the things that powers effective learning is effective training content. While there is a plethora of off-the-shelf learning material that can be used to create information-rich training content, the benefits of developing course content tailored to your organization’s needs are far too significant to be overlooked. However, many. The post 7 Key Features an eLearning Authoring Tool Must Comprise appeared first on Whatfix Academy. E-Learning Employee Training

The 3 Best Areas Of Emphasis For Effective Mentoring

eLearning Industry

Effective mentoring in onboarding can increase employee speed to competency and retention, but what components make for the best mentoring program? Here are 3 areas to focus on as you consider program design. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Corporate eLearning Coaching And Mentoring Employee Engagement Employee Onboarding Employee Training

Designing Training for Retention


The nature of today’s workforce has made it easier for employee turnover rates to increase. With abundant opportunities and resources for employees to find new jobs, and an increase in work-life standards, employers need to put more effort into retaining their employees. They need to create incentives to encourage their employees stay with them. So, The post Designing Training for Retention appeared first on CoreAxis. Training Delivery

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

Why Should You Adopt Blended Learning, And How Can You Design It To Ensure Success?

eLearning Industry

Blended learning provides several benefits to both organizations and learners. In this article, I show you how you can manage the transition from a facilitated mode (or ILT) to a blended learning mode in order to design and deliver successful blended learning solutions. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Blended Learning Blended Learning Solutions Corporate Training Employee Training Instructor-Led Training

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Using Microlearning to Prevent Information Overload and the Damage it Can Cause to Your Training Strategy


Using Microlearning to Prevent Information Overload and the Damage it Can Cause to Your Training Strategy. Information overload has always been an issue when it comes to training. Whether it is the complexity of the topic, the unfamiliarity of the topic, or the state of mind of learners when they are completing the course, the central issue is the same – learners struggling to take on board the information they need to because they feel it is too much.

Tips To Consider Before Outsourcing Your Onboarding Training

eLearning Industry

Businesses big and small often outsource onboarding and training tasks to other organizations so they can focus on other HR related tasks, but how do you know if it’s the right choice for your company? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Training ROI eLearning Outsourcing Employee Onboarding Employee Training Free eLearning eBooks

Upgrade Learning Content Strategy with Proven Marketing Techniques

Learning Solutions Magazine

Upgrade Learning Content Strategy with Proven Marketing Techniques. mark-d'aquin. Tue, 11/12/2019 - 00:00

Use Chaos to Build a Stronger Organization

Speaker: Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group

As we look to tomorrow, it is time to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned and how do we create flexible organizations that can survive what the future holds. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, will share insights, data, and tools that are helping organizations adapt and even thrive in this difficult environment. She’ll discuss the emerging trends in the Learning technology market, and how these exciting new approaches to creating micro, adaptive, and personalized content is changing the face of workforce development while creating strong connections to business outcomes.

Scenario-Based Learning Webinar Recording

Experiencing eLearning

I presented a webinar on November 7, 2019 with Swapna Reddy of Origin Learning on using scenario-based learning to make training stick. We discussed the benefits of scenario-based learning, when SBL is an effective strategy, and shared examples of SBL. If the video isn’t embedded above, you can watch the recording on YouTube. Citations. I cited Ruth Clark’s article “ Accelerating Expertise with Scenario-Based e-Learning ” in my part of the presentation.

Why Is It Crucial to Focus on Employee Experience in 2020?


If you are in the restaurant, retail, or hospitality industry, your primary focus is to offer and improve customer experiences by giving them better service than the competitors. However, you can significantly improve the customer experience by concentrating on employee experience and through integrating digital workplace tools. Content Management Mobility Operations

Why Mobile Learning Is Perfect For Sales Enablement


Sales enablement training is vital for an effective sales team, but the underlying training technology is just as important. Try mobile learning to support your salespeople. The post Why Mobile Learning Is Perfect For Sales Enablement appeared first on AllenComm. Sales Enablement Training Mobile Learning

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Change Management Skills Required for Success

Epilogue Systems

Change in the workplace is necessary for running a successful business. Changes in business can have myriad benefits for your organization, including improved efficiency, better-served customers, and even more opportunities for growth and success. Making updates to your workflow to take advantage of new technologies, automating and streamlining processes, switching from one software employees use daily to another — these types of changes are all normal, natural byproducts of company growth. .

6 Ways to Secure (More Of) a Budget for Your Customer Education Program

Whether you’re looking to kickstart or expand your customer education program, you need access to a budget. Learn how you can demonstrate the positive ROI of customer training and make the case for securing a larger budget in our latest eBook!