Thu.Oct 06, 2011

Rapid Instructional Design for Accelerated Learning

Dashe & Thomson

Created in the military during World War II, the Instructional Systems Design (ISD) model has dominated curriculum design for the last 40 years. It is still taught in universities and by most train-the-trainer firms.

Cases in custom content development - 1

Clive on Learning

I have been developing a set of cases to use at a workshop I am running next Thursday in Munich. They are designed to bring out a wide range of issues related to the development of custom e-learning content. I want participants to be aware of the sorts of problems that all too frequently occur, but also the difficulties with coming up with a process that suits all stakeholders and all requirements.

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Motivation & Gamification

Clark Quinn

The initial Learning 3.0 conference (well-done, Phillip, Julie, & Leah) was held in conjunction with The Motivation Show, a large conference (dwarfing our little group) and Expo on incentive and recognition programs. And it’s thought-provoking. First, you have to know that while I understand sales commissions and rewards, because they *work*, I don’t like them. It seems to me to be rewarding a behavior of convincing people to buy things they might not otherwise do.

You can't get a cloud in your hand

Clive on Learning

With iCloud appearing on the horizon, I was reminded yesterday of just how vulnerable you become when you trust all your data to a third party to store for you online. I made a simple change to my Blogger template and pressed Save. Some bug in Google's software then rendered my blog as a complete dog's dinner of code. My instinct was to revert to the previous version and put this down to experience. Surely, there must be a copy of my template somewhere.

2017 Customer Training Benchmarks Study

What are the baseline metrics for a successful customer training program? Find out in Skilljar's inaugural customer training benchmarks study, which includes an analysis of completion rates, course duration, and more. Click to download.

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Top 10 most influential e-learning bloggers

Jane Hart

After many weeks of voting, the winners of the E-Learning Council’s Top Ten Most Influential Bloggers contest have been named. I am very pleased to appear at #1 on the list alongside many of my own favourite bloggers too. Very many thanks to all who voted for me.

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Gen Y: A Driving Force Behind the Gig Economy?


When the parents of so-called Gen Y (aka the Millennials) graduated from college or high school, they knew exactly what to do: Get a job.

Job 16

Slightly dangerous

Learning with e's

Barcelona is the most dangerous city in Europe. That is the assessment of well known author and TV producer Manuel Castells who resides in the city for part of each year.

High Touch vs. High Tech

The Peformance Improvement

Technology is putting up barriers to the kind of deep listening that helps two people learn from each other. This is especially true in healthcare.

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

"Nuts and Bolts" for Practitioners


Many of you likely know that for the past couple of years I've been writing a monthly column, "Nuts & Bolts", for the eLearning Guild's Learning Solutions Magazine. It's meant to help an audience largely made up of folks who may have found their way to eLearning and instructional design via less-than-formal means. I find that writing this often satisfies my bloggin' urge (and find that people often refer to these columns as "posts"). Some are ID based, some philosophical, some theory.

Reflecting on the Apple Experience

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

I decided to take a break and sit outside the Apple store at the Biltmore in Phoenix today. I sit here with an iPhone 4 in my hands. I effortlessly swipe my thumb across the screen looking for the right icon. It's beautiful. Every pixel. Every icon. I simply marvel at this little device every day.

Job 3

Learning Conversation with Liz Griffin, Director, Global People Team, Ernst & Young – Part 1

Learning Cafe

We had an opportunity to talk to Liz Griffin about learning and the challenges it faces in a leading professional services company – Ernst & Young. With a career in organisational development, learning and development, HR, line management and operations spanning 27 years, Liz’s experiences have encompassed the education, hospitality, airline and professional services sectors.

"Social Media for Learning" Report


I was delighted that the eLearning Guild invited me to write up the results of their ongoing "Social Media for Learning" report. The 2011 version is now available to Guild members. Results showed great enthusiasm for using social media for learning, and widespread (83% of respondents!) belief that social media for learning was worthwhile. There's a brief excerpt in my October "Nuts and Bolts" Column for Learning Solutions if you'd like to take a look there

3 Ways to Create a Best in Class Customer Training Plan

Looking to improve your training plan for Q4 and beyond? Download this guide to learn how the right goals, education, and tools can help.

Mastering the Jargon of Game Design

Bottom-Line Performance

(We have created an 8-part comprehensive report containing a series of one-to-two page “briefs” regarding learning game design. This is part 2: Mastering the Jargon of Game Design. If you would like to see the white paper in its entirety, check out the Learning Briefs section on our website.).

I will remember Steve Jobs 2005 Commencement Address

Jane Hart

Steve Jobs died yesterday, 5 October, and the blogosphere is full of tributes today to him. For me one of the most influential things he did was his commencement speech to Stanford University in 2005. I’ve forwarded the link to many people over the years, and I know it has impacted many others too. In fact it’s been viewed on YouTube over 6 million times. But if you haven’t seen it… Read the rest. Social learning



Apple’s iPad Officially Passes the Higher Education Test Note to Reader: I was working on this when I heard that Steve Jobs died. This is not directly about him since I have no words, just an empty space, a sort of hole in the universe … it’s about Steve Jobs and Apple and all the [.]. Education

I was little surprised…

Usable Learning

…at how sad I was to hear about Steve Jobs. I would not have expected to choke up about it, but I did. From XKCD : Eternal Flame

Job 0

How to Select an LMS for Customer Training

Finding an LMS suitable for customer training can be tough. Check out our guide to learn about some key considerations for selecting a customer education platform.

"Awesome as a shark high-fiving a bear during an explosion in space!"

Unicorn Training

Unicorn senior developer Eddie Yanez talks intergalatic high-fiving and the latest SkillsServe offering.What happens when you get the design team, together with the solutions team, together with the support team, together with the content team, together with the platform team? Something as awesome as a shark high-fiving a bear during an explosion in space!We We love a good LMS at Unicorn Training. It’s one of our things.This new release of SkillsServe (1.7)