Sat.Nov 11, 2017

Why ask Why?


Every great leader I’ve ever spoken with or read about does the same thing: They ask “Why?” ” at least three times to really find an answer. Try it. The Rule of Three Why’s WHY number 1 will feel right and skipping past it will drive you crazy since we love to jump to the conclusion. […]. Managing Minds

The EDEN Interviews: Georgi Dimitrov

Learning with e's

Pure Diversity (1993) by Mirta Toledo The EDEN interviews are a series of conversations I have recorded with keynote speakers during EDEN summer conferences. EDEN video interviews have included Tony Bates, Cristobal Cobo, Sir John Daniel, Jim Groom, Melissa Highton, Michael G.

#eLearning #LIVESTREAM Custom Captivate Themes 2017-11-13 16:00 EST/21:00 UTC

Adobe Captivate

In this Adobe Captivate eLearning live stream, I will share with you how I create a custom theme for Adobe Captivate 2017. Follow the link below at any time to set up a reminder to be notified when this event becomes live on November 6th at 4 PM Eastern Time. eLearning #LIVESTREAM Custom Captivate Themes 2017-11-13 16:00 EST/21:00 UTC.