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Color Theory for eLearning

eLearning Brothers

We had a great webinar last week on designing visual hierarchy. Our senior designer, Stacey Wilhelmsen, touched on some elements of color while discussing visual hierarchy principles.

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8 Tips To Increase Attendance Rates In Online Training

Lambda Solutions

You’re ready to roll out your new online training course, but can you say the same for your staff? In this article, I’ll share 8 tips to get your employees ready and increase attendance rates in online training. Moodle online learning learner engagement eLearning trends

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The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by Jennie Ruby, COTP. We hear it all the time: engage your learners, create e-learning that is engaging, make sure the students are engaged.   And so we create interactive eLearning. In our classrooms we call students by name and discuss things with them face to face.

Effective Learning Strategies Are Never “One Size Fits All”


Join us April 19 to discover how to create effective personalized learning experiences and how Docebo’s Pages helps you bring them to life. Personalized learning is at the heart of modern professional learning, and the demand for these experiences is stronger than ever.

3 Reasons to Prioritize On-Demand Customer Training

How can you provide a great onboarding experience while keeping up with a growing customer base? By leveraging on-demand training. This guide describes three benefits of adding on-demand training to your onboarding process. Click here to download.

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Plagiarism and ethics

Clark Quinn

I recently wrote on the ethics of L&D, and I note that I didn’t address one issue. Yet, it’s very clear that it’s still a problem. In short, I’m talking about plagiarism and attribution. And it needs to be said.

Information security: plug the leaky learning faucet with learning campaigns


If you’ve ever invested countless hours preparing a one-hour corporate training or 30-minute management webinar, you know how frustrating it can be to have your attendees retain very little. Even though you spent considerable time in making the event lively or the webinar interactive, attendees can still struggle to retain what was covered.

What Does LMS Stand For? It’s Simpler Than You Think.


The average non-IT employee isn’t aware that the LMS market was worth $4,396 million in 2016.¹ Such individuals may not even be sure of what ‘LMS’ means. If this describes you, you have nothing to feel self-conscious about. After all, this acronym is used often in the workplace yet seldom defined by company leaders. What precisely does LMS stand for and how can one benefit you and the company you work for? What Does ‘LMS’ Stand For?

Using LaTeX in LearnDash


Yes, you can use LaTeX for math equation in LearnDash. One question we often receive is if it is possible to use LaTeX for creating math equations, particularly in a quiz for both the question and possible answer selections. I am happy to say that this is indeed possible, and it is easier than you think! Step 1: Install the free MathJax LaTeX plugin. This is what makes the entire use of latex in LearnDash a reality.

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State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

What are the Biggest Virtual Classroom Tool Challenges? Experts Say.

InSync Training

I nSync Training President Jennifer Hofmann recently had the opportunity to join a panel of experts at eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions 2018 conference to discuss The Present and Future of Virtual Classroom Tools. Over the coming weeks, Getting InSync will feature highlights from this engaging, informative discussion.

Building Modern Independent Lifelong Learners

Jane Hart

Geenio Update: Fighting Procrastination with New Features


A previous couple of updates we dedicated to improvements here and there, following the feedback from instructional designers, admins, and learners who use Geenio on a daily basis. So we were keeping quiet until we have something worth its own blog post. The time has come!

Learning Technology Evaluation Checklist for L&D Pros

Bottom-Line Performance

The post Learning Technology Evaluation Checklist for L&D Pros appeared first on Bottom-Line Performance. Analysis

How to Price and Package Customer Training

To charge or not to charge? That is the question many customer training teams are facing today. The answer, however, is not always a straightforward yes or no. Download this guide to learn more.

How a UI/UX Makes or Breaks your LMS


The LMS is an interactive system, and like any interactive system, ease in navigation and usability play a defining role in its success. The UI/UX of an LMS is responsible for how we, the users, perceive this system.

Why Learning Analytics is the Best Approach to Evaluate Online Assessments[Infographic]

CommLab India

As a training manager, are you having trouble tracking your employees’ key performance areas and progress even after designing effective online assessments? Are you unable to interpret the results? Want to know if the assessments are effective in measuring performance?

Starbucks to Implement Unconscious Bias Training

CLO Magazine

Starbucks Coffee Company announced it will close more than 8,000 stores the afternoon of May 29 for unconscious bias training. This announcement comes in the wake of protests following an incident at a Philadelphia Starbucks store where two black men were arrested for trespassing.

What is SCORM? A Simple Guide for those new to eLearning


SCORM has become so widely used, it’s often referred to as the default or de facto standard of eLearning. But SCORM’s confusing name and technical nature make it difficult for some eLearning professionals to understand.

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

Do you struggle to achieve measurable results with your learning solutions? If so, you’re not alone. According to CEB, traditional training only creates 37% learning transfer. This guide explores the causes of poor transfer and concrete steps to achieving better outcomes.

How to Create Engaging E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

Here’s a presentation from a previous workshop on how to create interactive e-learning. For this workshop, I focused on how to create an engaging e-learning experience for the end-user. Here are a few core points from the presentation on how to create engaging e-learning courses.

Some Simple Truths about Us and Learning at Work

The Simple Shift

We tend to, in the age of lots of information, make more out of things than we need to and should. What motivates us and how we learn are not impervious to this bombardment. And yes I know there is a lot of science and research happening but there is also a lot of common […]. Charles Jennings community conversation Learning experience reflection social learning work

What Is Learning Evaluation?


Knowing how to aggregate and evaluate all types of learning is a priority for many learning and development practitioners. In fact, many say there's a growing demand from their organizations to show L&D’s impact across the organization.

Why Do You Need a Customized LMS?

CommLab India

Discover how to increase the power of an LMS through customizing it as per your requirements. Learning Technology LMS

Your Guide to Creating a Customer Onboarding Program

Even if you don’t have a formal program in place, customer onboarding is already happening at your organization. The question is, are you dictating it and guaranteeing a great experience? If not, this guide can help help.

Social Learning for Associations: What to Expect in a Modern LMS

Talented Learning

Social learning. It is essential for any association learning management system (LMS). Yet no one can define “social learning” in a nutshell, because there is no universally accepted meaning. In truth, it should be what your organization needs it to be. As LMS consultants , we’ve helped many different types of associations define their learning technology requirements.

Adopting Accessible E-Learning for Reasons Beyond Compliance

CommLab India

What are the reasons, apart from compliance to provide accessible e-learning to your employees? Check this blog to find the reasons that include creating an inclusive workplace. eLearning Design Accessible eLearning

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Why Large Organizations Should Be Hyper-Focused On Entry-Level Employee Training


The Valedictorians have been picked, gowns have been ordered, and diplomas have almost all been printed. In a few months, hundreds of thousands of new graduates will enter the job market. Are you prepared for these entry-level employees? Because according to The Accenture Strategy 2016 U.S.

Gamify Online Training with iSpring Learn LMS

CommLab India

This blog shares the gamification techniques available in iSpring Learn LMS. This LMS product focuses on points, badges, and leaderboards. Learning Technology iSpring

Living up to the Promise of eLearning: Closing the Learning-Doing Gap

It’s well documented that people leave managers – not companies. Download this guide to learn how to shift the perspective from event to journey and how to take learners through Proficiency Journeys to get results.

Visualize Your Training Data with an Infographic Report + Free Template

Mike Taylor

Virtually every training department in the world does some form of post-event evaluation. Instead of giving your stakeholders data that looks something like this… Egad….nobody nobody is going to read that!

First steps for building a coherent digital training strategy


We are in the twenty-first century, a time which is defined by an unprecedented surge in technology. Everybody in the modern world is somehow connected and most jobs do require more than average computer and internet skills.

How Microlearning Benefits Your Online Employee Training


One of the biggest trends in online education and training is known as microlearning. This refers to learning that occurs in small chunks rather than in long, drawn-out sessions. This is in accord with today’s fast-paced world where people are extremely busy and have short attention spans.