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Benefits Of Using Videos In Blended Learning


Videos in blended learning, if well planned, can serve as a useful learning approach for organizations to achieve a massive boost in their training ROI. One way to plan that is by utilizing the right mix of classroom instruction, online learning, tools, coaching, apps, and resources. Since videos in e-learning are becoming the preferred mode of delivering learning content, having a video strategy in blended learning is a better approach to deliver training.

Why eLearning Is The Future Of Corporate Training

eLearning Industry

Employee training using only classroom methodology has become outdated due to the rise of eLearning. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Basics Corporate eLearning Best Practices Employee Engagement Employee Training Online Training

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Unicorn LMS Release Notes 8.10

Unicorn Training

This month we've focused on improving the LMS functionality supporting the Senior Managers and Certification Regimes as well as making it easier to build new reports. Corresponding guides and videos will be updated or added to. Unicorn Help over the coming weeks. We have indicated which version number each feature will be released in. To check which version your LMS is currently operating on, please refer to this. Help Guide.

Combating Employee Disengagement And The Science Behind It

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By tapping into what motivates people, you can combat disengagement. Use the following 5 tips, which are based on psychological, neuroscience, and behavioral research in the workplace, to help combat employee disengagement. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Employee Engagement Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Feedback Employee Motivation Employee Training

9 Warning Signs Your Employees Need Language Training

Most global companies are diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, and yes, language. Language barriers can compound existing communication problems, often resulting in business losses. Learn the 9 warning signs your employees need language training today!

5 Tips to Successfully Begin in the Gig Economy

Healthy Work Insights

In this article we share 5 tips that can help you to start successfully your business in the gig economy. Future Of Work Organizational Change digital Freelancer gig economy innovation work

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How Does Microlearning Increase Knowledge Retention?

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Microlearning is based on principles that reveal how our brains process and remember information. Without fully comprehending those, one cannot create effective microlearning. In this article, let us have a look at said principles which explain how microlearning increases knowledge retention. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Microlearning Digital Learning Microlearning Best Practices Microlearning Examples Online Learners Retention