Thu.Aug 11, 2011

Social Learning Has Its Place…And Informal Learning Does Too.

Dashe & Thomson

Two weeks ago Jane Hart wrote an article titled, Social Learning: to be or not to be? , in which Jane expresses her dislike of the term Social Learning (big S, big L). Jane claims that “Social Learning has come to refer exclusively to the use of social media in top-down, formal learning.”

What low growth and high debt mean for l&d

Clive on Learning

Although here in the UK inner-city rioting is grabbing all the headlines, behind the scenes we are experiencing (another) economic sea change, one that will influence just about everyone in the western world. The markets have woken up to the fact if you're going to tackle crippling levels of national and personal debt then that necessarily means spending less and that economic growth will suffer as a result.

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Decision Tree: Should You Let Your Employees Work From Home?


Today, many companies offer their employees the option to work from home, even if they live relatively close to the office. But common sense tells us that for some employees, this may not be the best option.

Psst.wanna gossip about elearning?

Learning Visions

"Did you see the elearning that that team created? You know the one that was really boring and no one could remember a thing about? Remember how every screen was packed with information and endless text bullets? And how the learners were completely bored but had to sit through it because it was compliance training?". You did? Hopefully you weren't the designer on that one!

2018 Customer Training Goals

Are your customer training goals actually achievable? Or will they be cast aside as your team gets caught up in their daily tasks? If you’re not sure, this guide can help.

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Competition vs. Collaboration

The Peformance Improvement

In many organizations today we need less competition and more collaboration. Ron Ashkenas makes this case in a blog post for HBR titled, Learning Not to Compete. He gives examples of organizations in which collaboration, not competition, has become the way to success. He writes: As organizations have become more global and more reliant on cross-functional processes, teamwork and collaboration are increasingly becoming the currency of success.

Stop Wasting Time: Designing Effective and Efficient Learning Systems

Rob Hubbard

What’s the biggest cost in any elearning or training programme? The production of video, graphics and audio? The instructional design time? The subject matter expert’s time? It is the time it takes your learners to go through the material.

End of the screen age?

Learning with e's

Since the earliest days of television and the subsequent introduction of personal computers, the visual display unit (we now commonly refer to them as 'screens') has been an integral part of the user experience.

Buy Every Learner an iPad? – NOT!

Web Courseworks

I wanted to take a moment to recap the happenings at last week’s UW Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison, WI. My week started by appearing on a panel in front of 180 first-time conference attendees. My platform was encouraging distance educators to not get hung up with technical bureaucracy and silos that create [.]. eLearning

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Interactive 3D Content Creation for eLearning

Corporate eLearning Strategies and Development

It seems like a lifetime ago that I created the my first interactive 3D training simulation. It was such an amazing training solution combining software interactions with physical processes into one learning experience. I know I wasn't the only one doing it, but in 1995 there just wasn't anyone that could do it cost effectively. I posted about it in 2006. After a few wonderful conversations with eLearning colleagues recently, I started thinking about the solution again.

eLearning Taoism Through Minecraft


When I read the Tao Te Ching in my freshman year of high school I didn’t really get it. The principle texts of Taoism were just a little bit too. vague for my high school self. Good Times

Time Machine: Tips for Harnessing Time to Ensure Success in your eLearning Projects

Rob Hubbard

Time: it marches relentlessly on – we can’t stop it, change it or rewind it (yet!). We squander it on the wrong things, complain when it goes too slowly and when it goes too fast. In this posting I’ll share three tips for making the most of the time you have, so you can maximise the success of your elearning projects. There is a pub that I often walk past, which for years had a fairly bad reputation. It was not a place you’d choose to drink in unless you were a local.

The Secrets of Memory Savants, for Trainers


A trainer’s job would be much simpler if her audience were all geniuses.

State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

The effectiveness of learning – Back to Basics

Learning Cafe

This posting is the first in a series that will discuss a wide range of considerations to be taken into account to ensure effectiveness of learning interventions. The approach will take into consideration myriad issues that extend beyond the effectiveness of learning design to encompass success factors including appropriate analysis of needs, organisational environment, media and audience, through to expectation, risk and project management.