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Leadership Training

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Wisetail’s Virtual Series: Cocktails + Community


We are embarking on the two-year anniversary of this pandemic. While we don’t know if it’s a “congratulations for coming this far” or a “can we take a nap yet,” we do know it has been impressive how quickly the world has pivoted to become primarily virtual.


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Leveraging Effective L&D Modes to Improve Organizational Culture and Retention

Dashe & Thomson

One of the greatest challenges organizations face when creating learning and development programs is a lack of engagement from their learners.

L&D Vision 2022: The Future of Managed Learning Services

Infopro Learning

In the last two years, most businesses have been forced to adapt to the ever-changing market conditions and accordingly adjust their feet in the new environment.

The Ultimate Guide to Engaging Your Employees in Onboarding and Training

With a war for talent raging, employee disengagement leads to defection. And nearly half of employees cite a lack of learning opportunities and professional growth as reasons for their disengagement. This guide shows you how to engage your employees in onboarding and keep them coming back for more.

Learner Engagement and Its Aspects

Lambda Solutions

LMS Tips

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eLearning Brothers Solidifies Position as Video Learning Leader, Acquires Rehearsal

eLearning Brothers

American Fork, Utah — January 13, 2021 — Learning solutions company eLearning Brothers today announced the acquisition of Rehearsal, ??a a video-based practice and coaching platform. video Company News Press Release eLearning Resources

eLearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Tesseract Learning

Summary: As we enter 2022, organizations are rethinking how they conduct business and how they can equip their learners with the requisite knowledge and skills to stay competitive. This article will look at how organizations can do that and what the key eLearning trends are for 2022.

5 Steps to Better Sales Training


Ultimately, if you don’t sell, your business doesn’t succeed! So, it’s paramount that your sales workforce is ready to meet the challenges of selling under any conditions. And if your goal is to build an effective sales department, sales training is a must.

Sales 74

Learning Planet Joins The BlueVolt Course Library


Looking for professional, engaging training courses in one platform? The BlueVolt Course Library (BVCL) offers BlueVolt customers a comprehensive resource of ready-made courses. BlueVolt News BlueVolt Course Library

Extended Enterprise Learning: Building Capability and Driving Performance Across the Value Chain

Extended enterprise learning can serve many needs for an organization. Latitude CG teamed up with Brandon Hall to share a deeper look into extended enterprise learning.

4 Ways to Improve the Chances That Developers Will Adapt and Build On Your Product/Platform


Developers don’t respond to traditional marketing tactics. They don’t want to be sold to; they don’t want to receive cold calls or sales brochures full of jargon and buzzwords. So what do they want?

Top 4 challenges of training a hybrid team


The coronavirus pandemic has affected all fields of activity one way or another. However, not many professionals were forced to reinvent themselves to the extent trainers did. Many of them had to deliver courses to hybrid teams, quickly learning to deploy new technologies.

Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education

Learning Pool

Written and edited by colleagues at Fielding Graduate University, a valued client of Learning Pool, the ‘ Handbook of Online Learning in Higher Education ’ is a timely and comprehensive response to the higher education crises triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. .

VLE 64

Workplace Training During COVID-19

Dan Keckan

Online training was in high demand although being assumed as a temporary approach to the ongoing crisis. Rather than just adapting, a roadmap for online workplace training, now, is a must. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Which Type of LMS is Right For My Organization?

Deciding which LMS is right for your organization can be a hefty task. To help you get started and save time, we have developed a decision tree infographic that determines your best fit LMS by focusing on the type of training program you are administering

2021 Awards: Allego Honored for Tech Innovation, Service, Workplace Culture


Life remains turbulent, but Allego maintains a steady course—continuing to advance, innovate, and achieve new levels of success.

EdTech and Skills

eLearning 24-7

I’ve heard from a couple of vendors who play in the EdTech market (defined as K-12 and higher education), that believe skills, specifically skills capabilities can be successful at the higher education sector.

The Importance of eLearning in the Technology Sector


The past two decades have seen an explosion of new technological concepts. The technology industry is just as dynamic and highly competitive, and staying up to date with new developments (or one step ahead of the competition) is necessary to survive.

2022 Corporate Training Strategies: Realignment


In 2022, we have lessons from 2021 combined with cautionary tales of catastrophic proportions from 2020. Looking ahead, we should take stock in the things we can proactively build today to manage a future catapulted into the unknown. Planning for the future can often feel daunting.

Knowledge Graphic: Current State of Extended Learning

We surveyed training managers on their learning audiences, allocated budgets, modalities for delivering training, and more! This knowledge graphic summarizes our findings and helps get you started on preparing your extended enterprise training program.

Northpass Wins Gold and Bronze in Brandon Hall’s 2021 Excellence in Technology Awards


With advances in the Learning Management Systems (LMS) space, Northpass is recognized for its latest Customer Education-focused product innovations.

How To Use A Quiz Lead Magnet (And Why They Work)


Are quiz lead magnets worth the hype? You bet your quiz they are! They are highly effective for increasing opt-ins, building trust, growing your email list, and getting more sales. It’s easy to get excited about online quizzes because of all the benefits you’ll gain from using them.

Trust 52

2022 learning and elearning trends


eLearning Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Tesseract Learning

Summary: As we enter 2022, organizations are rethinking how they conduct business and how they can equip their learners with the requisite knowledge and skills to stay competitive. This article will look at how organizations can do that and what the key eLearning trends are for 2022.

Think Outside the Box: Solutions for Effective Content Distribution

Deliver your courses in a way that’s compatible with multiple systems, easily manage versions, and create consolidated reports. Learn how to improve your content distribution strategy, whether it’s internally to employees or externally across platforms.

5 Steps To Choose The Best Augmented And Virtual Reality Training Partner

Roundtable Learning

How do you pick what movie to watch if you’re stuck between 3 different options? One was just released, one stars your favorite actor, and another is by a highly-acclaimed director. . Picking a vendor for your augmented or virtual reality training program reflects this predicament.

Diversity & Inclusion: How TTEC Is Practicing the Uncomfortable Conversations


Over the past two years, movements such as #MeToo, #BlackLivesMatter, and #StopAsianHate have pushed companies to look at diversity and inclusion in a way that they never had before. Conversations that people used to steer away from at work were now becoming front and center.

SAP 52

5 Great Ways to Combat Holiday Learning Loss

Magic EdTech

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Every child welcomes the holiday break with open arms, looking forward to relaxation and celebration. While the time away from school gives students a well-deserved respite, the break from classes does not have to mean a discontinuity from learning.

Microlearning, Covid, and Economic Recovery

Learning Solutions Magazine

Microlearning, Covid, and Economic Recovery. bill-brandon. Thu, 01/13/2022 - 08:00

How COVID-19 Has Changed Training in the Workplace

Latitude teamed up with Brandon Hall to discover how other organizations were impacted, and how they pivoted, by COVID-19 in order for you to evaluate and deliver tangible, business-changing training to your learners during the pandemic and beyond.

7 Tips To Find An Intuitive Employee Training And Development Software For Your L&D Team

Dan Keckan

You count on your L&D team to develop, deploy, and measure your training strategy. Are you equipping them with a user-friendly LMS that makes their workload easier to tackle? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Hybrid Teams – Part III – Value, Training, & Retention

Jigsaw Interactive

Previously in this series, we discussed what hybrid teams are, how companies benefit from them, and some of the tools necessary to successfully implement a hybrid model. In this final article, we’ll explore retention, needed training, and cost vs. value to this business strategy. Recruitment and Retention. In 2021, four million people in the U.S. quit their jobs. About 20% of them said it was due to lack of flexibility in the work schedule.

Teams 40

What Are The Benefits Of A Cloud LMS?

Dan Keckan

The use of the cloud has drastically increased in the past few years. With Google Drive and Apple's iCloud, storing data on the cloud has become the norm. Cloud-hosted platforms have been diversifying as technology has evolved. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Apple 56