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A Training Company’s Guide to Selecting an eLearning Platform [With Free Templates]

Lambda Solutions

The training industry’s shift to online learning is nothing new to those working within it. These changes were hastened dramatically by COVID-19, which left many providers scrambling to adapt to keep their businesses afloat.

What does an instructional designer do?


Instructional Designer on the eLearning Hemisphere. Online learning has transformed how learning is imparted to the learners; it makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective than the traditional teaching method.


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Teacher to Instructional Designer Interview Questions

Experiencing eLearning

I received a question from a classroom teacher who is hoping to make the career move to instructional design. Specifically, she wanted to know how to prepare for an interview and what instructional designer interview questions to expect. Any sage wisdom?

4 Tips for Writing Better Sales Copy for Your Online Course


It’s not enough to just build a great course—you have to sell it, too. Many online educators create courses because they have a passion and want to share it. And, of course, that’s a fantastic and inspirational thing to see.

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6 Tips for EdTech Evaluation by Adult Learning Institutions

Many continuing adult education institutions have turned to technology used by higher ed with the following benefits: elevates teaching and learning, scales to address changes in staffing, enrollment and budget, and protects student and institutional data.

New recommended readings

Clark Quinn

Of late, I’ve been reading quite a lot, and I’m finding some very interesting books. Not all have immediate take homes, but I want to introduce a few to you with some notes. Not all will be relevant, but all are interesting and even important. I’ll also update my list of recommended readings.

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3 Best Sales Training Software: From Core Training to Sales Skills Finesse


For many teams, switching to a modern sales training software alone is enough to more quickly and efficiently train their sales team.

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7 Important Skills for Modern Maintenance Professionals


As technology grows, maintenance roles change. Workers need continuous training to fix modern equipment while maintaining company productivity. The post 7 Important Skills for Modern Maintenance Professionals appeared first on BizLibrary. Employee Development agility soft skills

Three Ways to Motivate Your Online Learners

Rapid eLearning

We can put together great courses, but we can’t guarantee a person learns from them. Learning requires some level of interest and motivation from the person taking the course. The good news is there are things we can do to engage people and tap into their motivation. Here are a few ideas.

Import, play and track media with video, audio and PDF support in SCORM Cloud

Rustici Software

Today’s learning and training programs go far beyond traditional eLearning courses. Whether it’s video based micro-learning or supplementary documents, training content comes in many different shapes and sizes. SCORM Cloud is keeping pace by going beyond standards-based content support.

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6 Strategies for Using Actionable Data to Impact Student Success

Educators need effective tools to drive student success. The trend to use actionable, comprehensive data—like attendance, assessments, grades, and more—is an effective way to give teachers the visibility they need to make a difference. Videri gives teachers and administrators access to comprehensive, integrated data so they can easily filter, drill down, and analyze data—to get the information that they really need, when they need it, and improve student outcomes. Download the eBook today!

Interactivities in eLearning – A Look at the Types

CommLab India

eLearning interactivity is the real ‘thought trade’ that is vital to enhance learning and performance. Designing and developing an effective eLearning course is not complete without including engagement and interaction – which improve attention and activate long-term memory.

Best Practices To Make Adobe Flash Courses Run Through Latest Browsers

Swift eLearning Services

Adobe declared that it would discontinue its support to Flash player from Dec, 2020. In connection to this, no prominent browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari would support Adobe Flash player.

11 Tips When Using E-Learning for Cybersecurity Training


11 Tips When Using E-Learning for Cybersecurity Training. Stories relating to cybersecurity are appearing more and more in our newsfeeds.

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SweetRush Pioneers La Maestra, A Carbon-Neutral Reforestation Initiative

Dan Keckan

SweetRush’s La Maestra initiative unites the wisdom of the rainforest with the business of learning; offsets the carbon footprint of every project. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top 7 things you can do to out-maneuver your competition and win the war for talent in the coming months.

How to Create Explainer Videos That Motivate Coworkers

simpleshow video maker

A company’s success begins internally. From product development to marketing and customer service, there are various moving parts that need to be in sync for business operations to run smoothly.

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4 Skills That Every L&D Professional Needs In The Post-Pandemic World

Dan Keckan

With continuous learning being more pertinent than ever, L&D professionals need to arm themselves with newer skills that might not have been traditionally associated with their roles. Read on to learn which skills these are. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Emails vs Chat

Technology Enhanced Learning Blog

Is it just me or has our use of emails been replaced by chats in Teams or other such office messaging system? Since the pandemic started, the number of emails I receive daily has dropped. On some days it’s nil.

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New Employee Onboarding Process: Planning For Day 1 & Potential Missteps

Dan Keckan

Designing a new hire onboarding plan is no easy task, especially when so many organizations have shifted to remote working or a hybrid work environment.

Maximize the Power of Multiple Technology Ecosystems

Schools invested in Google education tools or considering these services can achieve strong benefits by blending the best of Google services on Apple hardware, opening the door to a wealth of educational possibilities for students, teachers, and parents.

Is It Time to Learn about TikTok?


If someone had asked you about TikTok 30 years ago, you might have said, “Isn’t that the weird robot from the movie Return to Oz? ”. 20 years ago, you’d have probably said, “It’s the noise a clock makes. What a weird thing to ask and duh.”.

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10 Benefits of LMS Integrations For Your Organisation

Growth Engineering

10 Benefits of LMS Integrations For Your Organisation - Making the most out of your learning technology with the aid of its integration capabilities can result in an increase in employee productivity and in efficiency of business resources.

How to Monetize Instagram in 2021: Top 6 Ways

Sell Courses Online

… How to Monetize Instagram in 2021: Top 6 Ways Read the Post. Online Course Marketing Course Marketing Instagram Social Media

10 Tips for conducting a training needs analysis when faced with managerial demand


Whenever there is a team performance issue, the go-to people for most managers are the training specialists. In my many years of corporate L&D experience, I’ve heard more such requests than I can recall off the top of my head. Unfortunately, the great majority of requests were unfounded.

HR’s Role in Safety Culture: 4 Key Elements to Implement

What role does your HR department play in a culture of safety? This whitepaper explains how to create a culture of safety and how it can have positive, long-lasting effects. Download it today and learn about the 4 key elements of a successful safety culture!

Scaling an Engineering Org With Learning


Earlier this year, the Northpass team launched a new blog. Unlike this one, which is intended for insights into Learning & Development, Customer Training, Northpass News and much more, this new destination has a more focused approach.

How a Non-Profit Can Leverage an LMS


We need to know a few things about non-profits before we understand how adopting a Learning Management System (LMS) can greatly benefit them in the short and long run. Did you know that non-profits contribute to nearly 10% of overall employment in the United States?

The Incredible Way Virtual Classrooms Can Help You Share Resources Across Your District

Jigsaw Interactive

If you’ve ever spent a day in a classroom, you know how hard it is for teachers to deliver quality instruction without the proper supplies.

LTDX – a Learning Technologies virtual event

Learning Pool

The post LTDX – a Learning Technologies virtual event appeared first on Learning Pool. Events Learn & Connect US Events

Ensuring Compliance with Student Data Privacy Regulations

This whitepaper talks about- 1. Countries with Highest Use of Tech in Classrooms 2. Complications with Digital Tools 3. What is Student Data? 4. Why Should Educational Institutions Care About Data Privacy? 5. Legal and Ethical Obligation and more

Why Meeting Platforms Do Not Meet the Needs of Virtual Training

Jigsaw Interactive

The use of meeting platforms has exploded in recent years, and it seems like nearly everyone has an account for either personal or business use these days.

Why is there so much demand for elearning localization?

Creativ Technologies

There has been so much change in the hiring situation now and companies are taking in employees from all over the world. International employees are working in every company either in headquarters or in local branches.

Career progression knocked off course for high-potential women

CLO Magazine

There has been significant media attention this year on professional women effectively balancing the demands on their time, particularly the trend of working moms exiting the workplace.