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What are the priorities for L&D in the modern workplace? Our survey says …

Jane Hart

I recently ran a short survey about the role of L&D in the modern workplace. In this article I want to share the results and describe what I think it shows for the priorities for L&D in the modern workplace. Social learning

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5 Content Marketing Tips for Training Professionals

Your Training Edge

Course promotion is one of the biggest challenges training organisations face. The training world is becoming increasingly competitive , so attracting and engaging delegates becomes a struggle to be heard above the noise. And that’s when all eyes swivel towards your content marketing efforts.

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Webinar: 5 Lectora Tips You’ll Love

eLearning Brothers

We got the best gift for Valentine’s Day! Our developer Andrew Vass was joined by a bunch of you awesome eLearning rockstars for his Lectora tips webinar. Andrew walked through 5 of his top tips for Lectora development, including: Working with Notes. Using the Resource Manager.

What to Expect During a Corporate LMS Demo


In 2016 the Brandon Hall group reported that 44 percent of companies planned to switch to a new learning technology solution (a different corporate LMS, for example) by 2018.¹ The top reason cited by Brandon Hall for company dissatisfaction with current learning technologies was poor user experience. Running an LMS demo is the best way to decrease the chance of replacing a learning management system in the future. LMS CorporateTraining lms

Developing a Results Driven Curriculum

A well-designed learning curriculum develops and nurtures skills needed to achieve organizational and business goals with the most effective and engaging set of experiences. This ebook outlines 5 critical steps to develop learning solutions that will help you achieve the most ambitious objectives.

Flippancy: The Biggest Threat To Enterprise Social Today

The Simple Shift

For years many have lamented that rigid hierarchies, silos and knowledge is power beliefs were the greatest barrier to social success in organizations. Rightfully so, as many of us in this space of social advocacy answered the tough questions that stemmed from fear and pushed through those that saw it as folly and/or a passing fad. […]. collaboration communication conversations ESN leadership Social Business social platforms social tools ESn OrgNet social business SWOOP Analytics

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On Trend for 2018: Learning and Flexibility

CLO Magazine

In an ever-changing work environment, courses can become stale as they work to maintain old standards without innovation. When employees see theneed to innovate before learning leaders do but aren’t given the opportunity to do so, tension can rise.

All About Instructional Design Strategies [Infographic]

CommLab India

Our infographic explains all you need to know about instructional design strategies. eLearning Design instructional design strategies

A Life of Learning

CLO Magazine

Photo by Saskia Aukema Chances are, if you were to reflect on the times in your life that felt most fulfilling, you would recall that you were in the middle of learning. “If If you look at all the studies on happiness, there are three things that make people happy,” Nick van Dam said.

Five great reasons to attend a learning conference this year


Conference season is upon us. This year is already off to quick start with an array of high-impact learning conferences, such as ATD Tech Knowledge , Brandon Hall Group's HCM Excellence , and Learning Technologies in London.

How to Use Customer Training Data to Make Better Business Decisions

You may think customer training is crucial to the success of your organization, but do you have the data to prove it? Download the guide now, and learn how to prove the value of your customer training programs.

Podcast Episode 3: Gamification and Learning – With Karl Kapp

Talented Learning

WELCOME TO EPISODE 3 OF THE TALENTED LEARNING SHOW! In January, we launched this podcast as a convenient way to hear directly from experts about how you can achieve more from modern learning solutions.

8 Training Areas in the Manufacturing Sector Improved through Online Translations

CommLab India

This blog elaborates on various types of online training programs that can be more effective if they delivered in native languages of the employees. How translations make them beneficial for the manufacturing sector. eLearning Design online course translations

4 Steps to Reduce Churn with Customer Training


All businesses have to deal with churn. It’s normal. We expect it. However, just because it’s expected doesn’t mean you should accept it. Churn happens for many reasons. Your customer just might not be the right fit.

10 Reasons To Train Staff In Employee Relations


Workplace issues are not just all over the current news cycle, they are the current news cycle. Sexual harassment, assault, bullying, communication breakdown and discrimination are topics of conversation and condemnation from Hollywood to Washington to major corporate boardrooms.

Agile Microlearning Explained

Learner engagement and retention doesn’t have to be a mystery. Cognitive science theories already supply the answers. Learn how OttoLearn packages them into a single platform you can use to deliver microlearning based reinforcement training, and go beyond completions to focus on outcomes.

E-learning or LMS or Both – What Do You Need?

CommLab India

If you are considering e-learning solutions, check this article to make the right start. Learn what you need to know before you approach a vendor. Learning Technology LMS

L&D Pro Challenges: Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Clarity Consultants

L&D pros are challenged with limited budgets, small teams, and an overall gap in demonstrating return on investment (ROI). To tackle these challenges, and others, L&D professionals must demonstrate business impact. Challenges can come from projects, people, process, and even just from learning to manage stakeholder expectations.

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Don’t Bury Your E-Learning in Flash’s Coffin!

Artisan E-Learning

Preparing for 2020. Sure, the end of 2020 is still a couple of years away, but just because that’s when Adobe has declared it will officially stop supporting Flash, doesn’t mean that browsers won’t pull the plug sooner. Are you prepared?

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Measuring Business Impact: Step 1 Define the Problem and Your Employee Training Solution

ePath Learning

In a recent blog post titled: Are You Measuring the Business Impact of Your Employee Training Programs? we identified a 4 step process for demonstrating the value of your employee training programs through measuring business impact.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Knowing what you need from an eLearning authoring tool can be hard, especially when there are so many options on the market. gomo’s new ebook aims to save you time and hassle by identifying 12 must-have authoring tool features.

How to know your learners better than they know themselves

Spicy Learning

Putting the learner first – we all talk about it, but we don't all do it. Discover how to really get to know your learners and their intrinsic motivators. The post How to know your learners better than they know themselves appeared first on Saffron Interactive.

How to Achieve 100% Sales Certification Success


Second in a series on sales certification, after The First Step to a Successful Certification. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Depends which side of town you’re coming from. But one thing’s for sure: if you want to be good enough to get a gig there you’ve got to practice, practice, practice.

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The best 3 strategies on retaining top talent


One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses these days is getting and retaining talented employees. In today’s workplace, loyalty no longer means what it did a decade ago.

AI: Menace Or Marvel?


How well do you know AI? IT skills training Artificial Intelligence

Best Practices for Launching an External LMS

When launching a new platform to deliver customer and partner training, there are a few key items to keep in mind. The best and simplest way to stay organized during this process is to follow the tried-and-true practices outlined in this eBook.

How To Use Responsive eLearning Design For Better Learner Engagement

Adobe Captivate

mLearning provides multi-device support and is undergoing a shift from a fixed layout to a dynamic or responsive eLearning design. In this article, I answer 5 questions on how you can use responsive eLearning design to create better learner engagement.

Learning Systems for 2018 (11 to 15)

eLearning 24-7

Day two. A blizzard hits the prairie. It’s cold. Too cold? Oh sorry, I thought this was for my new script, Blizzard hits the prairie. But it is day two of the Top 50 Learning Systems for 2018. Received a lot of “thank you” from readers and folks saying they wanted to have the top ten intact. I hear you. . No, I mean I read you on your comments. So, being a very loving and understanding person (don’t laugh), only 11-15 will be presented.

How do I test my participants’ knowledge? 3 tips for creating test questions & co.


Are you creating e-learning courses for knowledge transfer? Then sooner or later the questions of how to effectively assess that knowledge arises. The answer is easy: by using tests. Not that simple though, is the creation of tests, at least not for everyone. How to construct suitable test questions efficiently and what other factors should […]. The post How do I test my participants’ knowledge? 3 tips for creating test questions & co. appeared first on Coursepath.

Ebooks for improving personal effectiveness and soft-skills with Kristian Madsen

Sponge UK

Find out how ebooks can be useful to a modern learner and how Bookboon have tailored their content to make them most useful for large organisations

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State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

Webinar: What Learning Theories Teach Us About Learning in VR

Learning Solutions Magazine

Webinar: What Learning Theories Teach Us About Learning in VR. news-editor. Thu, 02/15/2018 - 04:03

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5 eLearning Training and Development Trends for 2018

Designing Digitally

2018 is expected to be a significant year for eLearning training and development. Over the last 7 years, this industry has grown 900%, with growth expected to continue on pace in 2018.

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