Sun.Sep 13, 2020

Is It Time To Ditch Synchronous Classes?

eLearning Industry

Are live classes still worth it or should they be avoided? Are recorded classes the better option? This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Asynchronous Learning Asynchronous Vs Synchronous Learning Digital Learning Online Courses Video Production Best Practices

What Is Learning Experience Design and Why Is It Important?

Superb Learning

Learning and development practices have undergone a radical transformation over the years. Thanks to technology and different approaches to learning, the focus has shifted from being a teacher-led experience, to a learner-based one.

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10 Crucial Features To Look For In Your New Virtual Classroom Software

eLearning Industry

Synchronous training software lets you blend VILT sessions with on-the-spot support. But which features should you look for in your next virtual classroom LMS? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Instructional Design Basics: What Is ADDIE?

Convergence Training

Many people who wind up having training creation as part of their job roles have never had a full opportunity to learn about the basics of instructional design, how people learn, and how to develop training.


Use Chaos to Build a Stronger Organization

Speaker: Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group

As we look to tomorrow, it is time to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned and how do we create flexible organizations that can survive what the future holds. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, will share insights, data, and tools that are helping organizations adapt and even thrive in this difficult environment. She’ll discuss the emerging trends in the Learning technology market, and how these exciting new approaches to creating micro, adaptive, and personalized content is changing the face of workforce development while creating strong connections to business outcomes.

Organizational Learning: Facts And Figures

eLearning Industry

87% of millennials value in-house development opportunities, and other important things to know before designing your learning plan. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning And Development Corporate Learning And Development eLearning Design Employee Engagement

How To Understand Customer Needs And Improve Your Marketing

eLearning Industry

The most valuable way to get more detail about who your organization is selling to is to develop a buyer persona. Once you have created buyer personas, their impact on marketing is powerful. Here are 10 ways you can improve your marketing when you have a deep understanding your customer needs.