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How LMS Training Increases Volunteer Productivity for Associations


Volunteers are critical to the success of an association. Associations that fully utilize volunteers can operate at nearly half the average budget of those that don’t.¹ To make better use of your own volunteers, use an association LMS to deliver online volunteer training, that increases productivity.

Personalize Your Learning Experience Using the Modern LMS App


In today’s tech-savvy world, many organizations are focusing on using mobile learning management systems to train globally dispersedemployees.

Sweetgreen and the Business of Family


In the spirit of creating a conversation about parental leave following Sweetgreen’s new policy, we looked around for evidence to support your case for advocating for equal and reasonable parental leave. The post Sweetgreen and the Business of Family appeared first on Wisetail LMS.

Collaborative Learning vs Flipped Classroom

Lambda Solutions

- 3 MIN READ -. Two of the most popular and successful learning models currently used by educators and institutions are collaborative learning and the flipped classroom.

Training for Lead Generation, Customer Onboarding and Support

Customer lifecycle training gives customers the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. As customer success and satisfaction grows, so does retention and repeat business. This eBook can help training teams improve or expand their customer training programs.

5 Tips to Keep Expanding Your Knowledge and Expertise with eLearning

Your Training Edge

The digital age is transforming the education sector across the globe, and has quickly given rise to a popular learning concept – electronic learning.

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Reconciling Cognitions and Contexts

Clark Quinn

In my past two posts, I first looked at cognitions (situated, distributed, social) by contexts (think, work, and learn), and then the reverse. And, having filled out the matrixes anew, they weren’t quite the same. And that, I think, is the benefit of the exercise, a chance to think anew.

Announcing the Allen Academy

Allen Interactions

Professional Development E-Learning Design Education Instructional Design Training eLearning Academy L&D Team techLearn

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Virtual Reality Training and Development Best Practices


Knowing the growth of the industry and the technology growing vast, having the knowledge and training about your field is the most important thing you will have to do.

Microlearning Design Techniques for a Great Learning Experience

Hurix Digital

The millennial learner is, by and large, a disinterested, distracted learner. Studies find that the young generation look at their phones around nine times an hour; however, ask them to look at a training video which is more than 4 minutes and their attention will begin to wane in no time.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

Knowing what you need from an eLearning authoring tool can be hard, especially when there are so many options on the market. gomo’s new ebook aims to save you time and hassle by identifying 12 must-have authoring tool features.

Measuring the Effectiveness of E-Learning Compliance Courses


Measuring the Effectiveness of E-Learning Compliance Courses. Creating and implementing compliance training should not be an exercise of going through the motions so you can tick boxes in a file somewhere.

How You Can Evolve Your Training Business’ Inbound Marketing In 2019


We had an extremely informative talk at our recent training event, Everest 2019, from guest speaker Andrew Thomas from Digital 22. Digital 22 are a creative marketing & design agency who help ambitious companies grow.

How the Best Leaders Energize Their Team


The clock strikes 6 PM and you’re finally ready to wind down your workday, only to see an email that includes a project that just can’t wait. Instead of shutting it down, you grab a coffee and hunker down for the next couple hours.

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Instructional Design: How is the skillset changing?


It’s exciting to watch eLearning evolve over time. New tools and trends are blossoming, while others fade into buzzword-infamy. But one design principle remains stalwart and necessary. It reminds me of my favourite Wuthering Heights quote: elearning design

A New Segmentation Model for Customer Onboarding

A great customer onboarding program is a proactive and meaningful way to make a lasting impact on customer engagement, retention, and expansion. In this eBook, Skilljar will show you a new framework for building a customer onboarding program, including how to segment users and drive long-term value and retention through education.

Training Magazine Webinar – Using Chatbots to Engage, Support, and Inform Your Learning Audience


You can’t be available to provide coaching and feedback 24/7, but an intelligent chatbot can! All over the world, people are using artificial intelligence to manage their bank accounts, book travel, and find great products, so why not use this same technology to help people learn new skills and advance their careers? Events Featured LearningToGo Blog AI artificial intelligence bot brain chat bot chatbot instructional design Learning machine learning training

Learning Objectives and How to Handle them Safely


The word ‘objective’, as used to describe an aim or goal, is a 19th century military term, but the field of learning is not a battlefield, so we should tread carefully (i.e. not jackbooted) in this terrain. We want our learning objectives to survive contact with reality.

Just launched: Summer 2019 TalentLMS Update


In a world chock-full of choices, with information bombarding our senses from every direction, it’s almost revolutionary to keep things simple. This is the core principle of TalentLMS. We keep things simple so you can get work done.

Diversity and Inclusion at work


What is Diversity and Inclusion? Inclusion & diversity is about empowering people by respecting and appreciating what makes us all different. These values should be embraced to maximise performance and create a true representation of our society inside the workplace. Compliance training

Monetizing Customer Education: Free, Fee, and Everything In Between

Some of the best customer education programs monetize customer training to help offset program costs, fuel new initiatives, and enable additional investment in your programs. In this webinar, Skilljar will discuss the free-to-fee continuum and share best practices for developing a pricing and packaging strategy for your education offers.

Stand Up and Tweet! 5 Cool Twitter Ideas for Social Learning

CommLab India

Did you know that it’s possible to use Twitter for social learning? Here are five ideas to enable Twitter as a channel for social learning. eLearning Design Social Learning

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Why you should invest in soft skills


Deloitte recently released a report, The path to prosperity: Why the future of work in human, which highlighted that by 2030 more than 80 per cent of the jobs created will be for knowledge workers, and of that 80 per cent, two-thirds will be strongly reliant on soft skills.

Self-Directed Learning: Train Gen Z How They Want to Learn


Today, employees consistently want to be engaged at their workplace while having the opportunity to develop their professional skills and keep up with fast-moving technological advances. In a LinkedIn Learning Survey with 2,000 Gen Z workers , it was reported that.

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Emerging Technology: The Internet of Things and L&D

Learning Solutions Magazine

Emerging Technology: The Internet of Things and L&D. bill-brandon. Wed, 07/03/2019 - 01:00

The Definitive Guide to Customer Education Metrics

As you build and scale your customer education program, the right data can help you identify patterns, make evidence-based decisions, and adapt strategy to meet business goals. In this eBook, Skilljar will share the data and metrics best practices that have helped their customers meet program goals and communicate business impact.

Using eLearning for Employee Evaluations

Gutenberg Technology

Yearly evaluations are a stressful time for everyone involved. Here’s what it might look like: Development eLearning online learning corporate training

Mobile Learning Trends for 2019

EI Design

As the Mobile Learning solution becomes a “must have” from a “good to have” solution, the focus shifts to what measures you should adopt to maximize its impact.

The Gamut And Size Of The eLearning Market

eLearning Industry

The eLearning market size is expected to grow beyond USD 300 billion, according to several research reports and market surveys. In the next decade, there will be an increasing demand from corporate and academic institutions for cost-effective training and learning techniques.

How Much Do You Know About Student Self Assessment


It’s not too hard to find a teacher cribbing about the time spent in preparing test papers, conducting tests and then grading them.

Top E-Learning Software - Recommendations and Pricing

Zero in on the best E-Learning software for your company. Get expert recommendations and pricing comparisons based on your specific needs.