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The Inclusion of Men in Gender Equity Efforts

TLNT: Training and L&D

Too many organizations continue to miss the mark when it comes to their gender equity initiatives by focusing these efforts solely on changing women — from the way they network to the way they lead.

Three Keys to Effective Offboarding


Engagement is one of the key elements of knowledge retention in online learning. When you’re engaging online learners, you keep them involved, motivated, and invested in the learning process. This cultivates a stronger connection between them and the learning goals.

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How to create learner-focused workplace learning

Learning Pool

Learning and development is demonstrably more effective when it puts learners at the center. Learner-centric learning delivers greater engagement, relevance and personalization.

What Does iSpring Space Offer for Rapid eLearning Authoring? [Slideshare]

CommLab India

Online authoring tools are making their mark in the world of rapid eLearning authoring. And the new iSpring Space from iSpring Suite Max is perfectly suited to solve all your eLearning authoring woes. Let’s see how iSpring Space does that. eLearning Development eLearning Authoring Tools

Paycor CFO Survey: The State of American Business in 2021

In Paycor’s latest survey, more than 2,000 Finance and HR leaders told us about their plans for 2021. Download the survey for actionable insights and tips.

Gain Powerful Analytics and Automation With a Learning Record Store

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The post Gain Powerful Analytics and Automation With a Learning Record Store appeared first on Learning Pool. Learn & Connect Webinars

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How To Get Over Your Fear And Press The Damn Button with Brian Fanzo

TechSmith Camtasia

Is fear holding you back from realizing your full potential? Video is one of the best ways to reach an audience, but it’s also one of the most intimidating content forms to create. If fear is holding you back, maybe you just need to “press the damn button.”.

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It’s time to update your evaluation strategy

CLO Magazine

As we prepare to weather a recession for the remainder of 2020 and next year, many projects and programs have been reduced or, worse, eliminated. Learning professionals must be able to show the value of programs, projects, and initiatives to prevent further cuts from disrupting our businesses.

Thoughts from CEdMA 2020 Attendees: What Does the Future of Customer Education and Virtual Training Look Like?


Like so many other events in 2020, this year’s Customer Education Management Association ( CEdMA ) conference went virtual for the first time.

Curating Content For A Virtual Classroom

eLearning Industry

Content is the most important element in a virtual classroom but the curation process can be quite demanding. It is vital to understand how and why this process is so important. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

9 Warning Signs Your Employees Need Language Training

Most global companies are diverse in perspectives, backgrounds, and yes, language. Language barriers can compound existing communication problems, often resulting in business losses. Learn the 9 warning signs your employees need language training today!

The What, Why and How of Advanced User Management [Product Update]


Elucidat’s latest feature hasn’t got the most exciting name, but we developed it for a very good reason. This powerful enhancement to the way our users manage their teams was developed using a combination of customer feedback, input and product research. .

How Does Digital Transformation Impact The eLearning Sector?

eLearning Industry

With the business landscape becoming more competitive by the hour, brands have made learning and skills development a constant in their processes. But the traditional L&D systems alone cannot take on the responsibility to make businesses efficient and ready for the surging competition.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Online CME Course Hosting Platform


Building your course with a new online course hosting platform is only the first step. You’ll need to take full advantage of all the features in order to design, implement, and follow up the best course possible.

How to Develop Leadership Competencies that Work


“The scarcest resource in the world today is leadership— leadership capable of continuously transforming organizations to win in tomorrow’s fast-changing and increasingly more competitive world,” A.G. Lafley, retired chairman, president, and CEO of Procter & Gamble.

The Ins and Outs of Connecting Technologies in a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Speaker: TJ Seabrooks, former CEO at Rustici Software

Have you ended up with a collection of content inputs and data outputs that might be hard to wrangle? If your organization uses multiple LMSs and has content coming from many different places, or you’re heading in this direction, this webinar is for you.

7 Cost-Effective JIT Support Tools For HR Leadership Training Programs

eLearning Industry

HR managers wear many hats, from employee advocates to hiring experts. But you can give them all the support they need with effective leadership training. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Managing the Risks of Social Media in the Workplace

Interactive Services

Social media is a powerful tool that can have a profound impact on how people see your business. In the right hands, social media provides numerous opportunities to promote your company’s culture and ethics, develop customer relationships, and build a positive reputation in your industry.

Using the ADKAR Model for Strategic Storytelling


Share on facebook. Facebook. Share on twitter. Twitter. Share on linkedin. LinkedIn. Share on email. Email. Artwork by Greg Kozera. The ADKAR ? model is a methodology commonly used for change management strategy in corporate settings.

Virtual Reality Training: Pros and Cons

Roundtable Learning

Predictions show that in 2020, 52.1 million to 82.1 million Americans will use VR and augmented reality (AR) respectively at least once per month. This accounts for up to 25% of the total U.S. population, which is a significant boost compared to 2019 usage statistics. .

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

How to create an effective test for your employee training strategy


Much is discussed about how employee training is a significant investment in time and money. But it’s also an investment in hope, of sorts. Because the future of your company can be different depending on how effective your training programs have been.

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Unity Teams With Playing for the Planet, Pledge 1%, and Rare Beauty

Learning Solutions Magazine

Unity Teams With Playing for the Planet, Pledge 1%, and Rare Beauty. news-editor. Wed, 10/21/2020 - 01:00

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Why Online Training is Essential for Logistics and Transportation


As with any industry, Logistics and Transportation faces a unique set of problems. Demand, communication, attracting younger talent and training are arguably four of the most pressing.

How to Find The Best Cloud Solutions Provider for Your Business

Hurix Digital

Most businesses today are gradually moving to the cloud to reduce costs, streamline workflows and eliminate the need for in-house IT hardware and personnel. Besides these benefits, cloud also facilitates collaboration between geographically dispersed employees and 24/7 access to information.

Use Chaos to Build a Stronger Organization

Speaker: Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer & Managing Partner at Sapient Insights Group

As we look to tomorrow, it is time to ask ourselves what lessons have we learned and how do we create flexible organizations that can survive what the future holds. Stacey Harris, Chief Research Officer for Sapient Insights Group, will share insights, data, and tools that are helping organizations adapt and even thrive in this difficult environment. She’ll discuss the emerging trends in the Learning technology market, and how these exciting new approaches to creating micro, adaptive, and personalized content is changing the face of workforce development while creating strong connections to business outcomes.

9 Must-Have Widgets for An Interactive eBook Reader Experience


From being written in ink on scrolls to being completely digital and supporting dynamic data and media, the transformation of how we read information has been phenomenal. The use of eBooks has dramatically increased in the field of education and publishing.

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7 Benefits of Using AR/VR Technology in Employee Training

Hurix Digital

Articles on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) used to start with mentions of science fiction movies until a few years back. However, both technologies have evolved significantly to become a part of our lives. Now you don’t look at VR/AR with surprise anymore, rather you expect it to make your lives easier. . The incorporation of VR and AR into learning has created an environment where learners can have a hands-on learning experience.

How your company can create more enhanced e-learning content


If you’ve made it this far, your company may be having some difficulties in training its professionals. We know that it’s not always easy to plan for training projects, let alone design, develop and distribute them without investing countless hours in the process.