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Are you a GREAT virtual classroom producer? Do you have experience supporting WebEx Training Center, Adobe Connect, or any other virtual classroom platform? InSync Training is interested in learning more about you! We are seeking qualified contractors to join our dynamic production team. Our producers ensure flawless virtual learning events by providing instructional and technical support to facilitators during live learning events, training sessions, and meetings

Podcast: Megan Murphy – Executive Director – National Coalition of Girls’ Schools


If you’re wondering if there is still a place for all-girls’ education today, listen to my interview with Executive Director Megan Murphy who has led the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools ( NCGS ).

MICROSOFT POWERPOINT: Adding Transparency to Photos

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ Walther, COTP. You have a plan. a plan to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation about, among other emotions, anger.   Naturally, you want to illustrate anger on one of the slides.

Managing Minds in the Workplace While Big Brother is Watching

The Peformance Improvement

I’m afraid some companies are regressing to the workplace Taylorism of the early 1900s, a time when efficiency became more important than humanity. In an attempt to increase productivity and lower costs, companies are installing technology that monitors and controls employee behavior.

[Webinar] How Zenefits Uses a Customer Enablement Tech Stack to Drive Adoption

The Education Services team at Zenefits was looking to provide easily accessible and immediately usable education offerings to drive customer adoption and engagement. The company addressed this challenge by connecting the technologies powering its training, support and customer advocacy programs into an ecosystem for customer enablement. This ecosystem has made it simpler for customers to onboard, and for the Zenefits team to maximize and measure the net impact of their initiatives. In this session, Melanie Gallo, Senior Director of Education Services at Zenefits, will team up with Skilljar to share learnings and best practices from their experience in creating this customer enablement ecosystem.

9 Tips to Get Online Training From Professional Dissertation Writers

Your Training Edge

Writing dissertation paper for your Ph. D or master’s is a huge undertaking which cannot be taken lightly. One can find a lot of difference and similarities in every paper. In certain ways composing a dissertation in master’s degree can make one feel like competing in a marathon.

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New survey reveals top 2018 corporate learning trends


Tech trends come and go, but L&D (learning and development) professionals have to know how to cut through the noise. Keeping a pulse on the next big thing is crucial for steering company time and resources in the right direction. Every year since 2014, Don H. Taylor, Chairman of the UK-based Learning Performance Institute, asks over 1000 L&D leaders worldwide one question: What will be hot in workplace L&D this year?

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MICROSOFT POWERPOINT: Adding Transparency to Photos

The Logical Blog by IconLogic

by AJ Walther, COTP. You have a plan. a plan to create an awesome PowerPoint presentation about, among other emotions, anger.   Naturally, you want to illustrate anger on one of the slides. Once you're done, it's possible that you'll take the presentation into Adobe Captivate or Articulate Storyline and create an epic eLearning course. But that's down the road. Let's get back to the plan at hand: anger.

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6 Tips for Choosing the Best eLearning Software


The most exceptional eLearning software increases company productivity, streamlines your budget, and ensures training efficiencies – while the wrong one can cost you untold time, money, and employee resources. LMS Software eLearning LMS

Leadership Development in the Collaborative Era

CLO Magazine

Although governments don’t seem to be acting collaboratively these days, businesses and agencies are — and increasingly so. Let’s face it: In the complex and unpredictable conditions facing managers in this era, we cannot rely on a single source of expertise.

State of the Front-Line Manager

It's no secret that front-line managers are essential to your organization's success. They form the base of your leadership development funnel and, most likely, account for over half of all your organization's leaders. Improving how front-line managers perform yields mouthwatering increases in how individual contributors perform.

Using Microlearning to Deliver Just-in-Time Training

dVinci Interactive

Using Microlearning to Deliver Just-in-Time Training UGI Utilities is a natural gas and electric utility company that delivers energy to over 700,000 customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland. In a relatively new position, Wendy Laverty wants to put learning at the fingertips of more than 1,500 employees in a variety of positions from office workers to field technicians. Tweet

General Electric Names New Head of Learning

CLO Magazine

Linda Boff is General Electric’s vice president of learning and culture and chief marketing officer. Photo courtesy of General Electric. General Electric named Linda Boff chief learning officer in January 2018.

How can managers create collective accountability in their teams?

Learning Wire

Creating a culture of accountability in a team is all about learning how to balance control & trust. Being too controlling can kill motivation. When people are constantly being checked on or asked when they’re going to get things done, they become defensive.

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4 Features of Adobe Captivate that Facilitate Effective Mobile Learning Development

CommLab India

Adobe Captivate offers a few neat features that facilitate responsive and mobile learning development. In this blog, let’s look at what these features are and how they contribute to the development of effective mobile learning courses. Learning Technology Adobe Captivate

[Webinar] Driving Customer Health Through Education

How actionable is your customer education data? And are you combining it with other business metrics to uncover the impact of your training program? Innovative Education Services teams are integrating their Customer Training Platform (CTP) and CRM systems to uncover valuable insights, and answer mission-critical business questions. Join Skilljar and Pat Durante, President of the Computer Education Management Association and Senior Director, Technical Enablement at Talend for a Q&A webinar exploring the intersection of customer health and education.

Generation Z is Here. Are You Ready?


The Homeland Generation. Founders. Plurals. Post-Millennials. iGeneration. Gen Z. Or, if New York Times ’ readers have a say, Deltas or Generation Scapegoat. Whatever we call the generation that comes after Millennials, born around 1995 or later, the oldest are graduating from college now.

The Amazing Benefits of Game-Based Learning For Employees and Organizations [Infographic]

CommLab India

Our infographic showcases the benefits of game-based learning for employees and organizations. eLearning Design game based learning

Custom Tech Trends in 2018


In 2017, we saw various learning technologies evolve, which have paved way for better, effective, and valuable L&D technology applications in 2018. While many technology trends of 2017 such as microlearning, social learning, personalized learning, video-based learning, etc.,

Learning Technologies: A Newbie’s ‘Personal’ Account

HT2 Labs

As a newcomer to the elearning industry, I had no real preconceptions or expectations coming into the Europe’s largest learning tech exhibition. The post Learning Technologies: A Newbie’s ‘Personal’ Account appeared first on HT2 Labs. Tech & Trends

The Secret to Getting Learning Results May Not Be What You Think

Do you struggle to achieve measurable results with your learning solutions? If so, you’re not alone. According to CEB, traditional training only creates 37% learning transfer. This guide explores the causes of poor transfer and concrete steps to achieving better outcomes.

The elearning attention span: How long should your project be?


We’ve looked at the cost of learning time , and now we are turning to the optimal length of a piece of elearning. Should it be short and sweet, or in-depth and involved? Of course it depends on the type of content, context and audience.

Your Olympic Training Dream Team: 5 Emerging Roles for L&D Pros


The 2018 Winter Games are underway! Today, Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium welcomed athletes from across the globe in its opening ceremony, all proudly waving their nation's flag and decked out in their official team uniforms.

3 Ways to Utilize Microlearning Effectively in Online Training

Thought Industries

Time is a precious resource in our black mirror world. For better or worse, our social and cultural development has shaped how we’re willing to spend it. The experiences we expect, how we consume new information, and the way we distribute content have all shifted. We want it all to suit our world on the go—a world where infinite information is available at the swipe of a finger, tap of a keyboard. Learning Business Microlearning

Is Bigger Always the Best Option for Associations? The Zips Dry Cleaners Example


Last year was a period of great movement with technology providers within our community. There was an increase in M & A activity as organizations sought to extend their presence and gain strategic advantages and market share. While some may tout that bigger is always better when it comes to technology, there is a flipside […]. Blog AMS association culture customer service e-learning

3 Reasons to Prioritize On-Demand Customer Training

How can you provide a great onboarding experience while keeping up with a growing customer base? By leveraging on-demand training. This guide describes three benefits of adding on-demand training to your onboarding process. Click here to download.

What Does SB 396 Mean For Employers?


Are you ready for SB 396? compliance elearning

This Week in Corporate Learning: Small Business Employee Training


Stay up-to-date on the latest corporate learning news with these trending articles. Corporate Learning Trends

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Off-the-Shelf or Custom eLearning?

Powerhouse Hub

Learn the differences between off-the-shelf and custom-built courses for eLearning