Tue.Apr 06, 2021

Technology Considerations When Building E-Learning Courses

Rapid eLearning

“Where do I put my e-learning courses?” ” The answer to this seems obvious to someone who’re been building courses for a while. However, there are many people new to the industry and it’s a question I get a lot.

Illume Proofing Format for Twine

Experiencing eLearning

The Illume proofing format for Twine addresses two challenges. First, it’s designed for collaboration, so others can review and provide feedback. Second, it can help you manage development if you need to migrate content from Twine to another development tool like Storyline.

Format 294

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Levels of LXD Design

Clark Quinn

I stumbled across the Elements of UX diagram again, and happened to wonder if it would map to LXD. Here’s my stab: And the text, as usual. In a justifiably well-known image (PDF), Jesse James Garrett (JJG) detailed the elements of (web) user experience.

Design 157

Advantages of Good Competency Management System Software


Gyrus is one of the best competency management software providers that help you manage the competencies of your employees and let them grow throughout their career. It has one of the safest training software that keeps your data safe no matter what

5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development

In 2021, many of your competitors will invest in talent development software. If you make the right decision, invest in the right software, and if your organization is willing to use it, you can realize five decisive competitive advantages. To see those advantages, download Paycor’s latest guide, 5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development.

Going Global: The Winning Formula for Virtual Training Across the Enterprise

InSync Training

Once the COVID pandemic shut down offices and quarantined us in our homes, virtual training exploded overnight.

Global 130

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3 Ways To Personalize Learning For Remote Workers

eLearning Brothers

After a year of remote work, I think we’re all missing that feeling of connection you get from being physically in the office, from simple things like water-cooler conversations and celebrating big wins with a team lunch to awkwardly singing happy birthday to someone in the break room.

7 Ways to Engage Your Learners After Course Completion


Your learners have completed your course. How do you retain their interest in your program? It’s a truism in the marketing industry that it’s harder and more expensive to find new customers than to retain the ones you have.

Course 187

Introducing: Enhanced Email Integrations, More Data, More Love… More Sales!


Great news for all our LearnWorlds SuperStars! You can engage with your audience more effectively than ever with our email marketing integrations’ enhanced capabilities!

Tool of the month: online brainstorm wall Padlet

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

Often when I blog about tools I put a new tool in the spotlight. However, online learning can be rendered more effective by smart use of 'old' tools. That's why this time the tool of the month is good old Padlet. You probably already know Padlet.

Tools 126

Deliver Effective Online Education and Events Your Members Will Love

This guide identifies the biggest challenges for associations moving their training online and provides practical solutions so that you can hit the ground running. Download now to keep your members engaged and growing even in times of COVID-19.

Your Guide to Building a WordPress Membership Site


One of the first things you’ll start to research when you start to plan your WordPress membership site is which plugin you’re going to use. This makes sense as it will be the engine powering your recurring revenue machine. However, the research doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there.

Site 85

Cybersecurity training lags, while hackers capitalize on COVID-19


They say crime doesn’t pay. But when we’re talking about cybercrime, the numbers tell a different story. Damages relating to cybercrime are expected to reach a value of $6 trillion in 2021 alone.

Quiz 71

Join Us for Litmos LIVE


[link]. We’re very excited to let you know that we’re hosting another Litmos LIVE virtual event on May 5, 2021. Some of you were with us for the first one, all the way back in 2019. Well, we are at it again!

Overcoming the Top 4 Challenges of Sales Content Strategy


When Janelle Fortelny started as director of global sales enablement at Logz.io , she had a clear-cut goal: provide her sales team with accessible, relevant, and timely content that would empower them to meet their goals.

Sales 91

Bridging the Gap Between HR and Safety

Members of HR are known for taking on different types of tasks. Safety training isn’t always one of them, but in reality, it makes sense that it should be. Learn how safety aligns with the goals of any HR team and how managing it can make your job easier.

10 Situations Where It Makes Sense to Use E-Learning


10 Situations Where It Makes Sense to Use E-Learning. There are several options available when deciding on a training delivery format for your next course. One of those options is e-learning. When is the right time to use e-learning, though?

How You Can Improve Customer Experience With A Customer Training Platform

Dan Keckan

Great customer experience is no small feat. Excellent CE equals better relationships with customers, which translates into repeat business and positive word of mouth advertising. So, how can you improve CX with the right customer training platform? This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

How to Attract Female Employees to Your Company – and Retain Them!


For decades, companies such as IBM, Genentech, and Salesforce have been held up as models for attracting, retaining, and developing female talent – and promoting gender equity in the workplace. . Why? . That’s a simple question with many answers. Why are special initiatives required?

IBM 56

Product Training: How To Empower Sales Teams With TalentLMS

Dan Keckan

With the right product training program in place, salespeople are well-equipped to understand and address customer pain points and increase customer loyalty. Learn which LMS features and eLearning best practices will help you deliver effective product training.

Sales 81

3 Guiding Principles to Support the Human Dimension in Learning

Speaker: Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting

Join Dr. Amy Titus, Managing Director in Human Capital at Deloitte Consulting, for her exclusive session where she will be discussing the 3 guiding principles for the future of learning, and how these can affect the design of work in organizations.

Getting ready to include adaptive learning in instructional design


There’s a joke going around about COVID-19 being the single most important factor driving digital transformation in organizations. You know what they say, “it’s funny because it’s true.”. For years, companies have said they are getting on board with the new technologies.

Curriculum Mapping And Training Design - Can You See The Big Picture?

Dan Keckan

Explore how the fictional company AshCom handles change management after a merger and kicks off their needs analysis strategy. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Training ROI eLearning Course Audience eLearning Design eLearning eBooks Mind Mapping Training Needs Analysis

A New Day, A New Blog…and ROI?


Chris LeBrun here. Director of Professional Services for Performitiv. I’m so excited to be here working with our customers, and helping to advance the industry as a whole around measurement, analytics, and management reporting.

ROI 52

BlueVolt Appreciates the Customer Advisory Board (BVCAB)


Thank You, BVCAB Members, for Your Participation. We wanted to express our gratitude to every partner currently participating in our BVCAB meetings, emails, and message boards.

5 Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.

Building A Successful Learning Platform Business Case—Good Versus Compelling

Dan Keckan

What separates a good business case from one that's compelling enough to get stakeholder buy in? It's time to steer clear of the typical buying and implementation process and use a Proof of Concept. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

LearnUpon Named in Software Advice’s 2021 Training Software FrontRunners Quadrant


LearnUpon is pleased to announce that our learning management system (LMS) has been named in Software Advice’s FrontRunners quadrant for training software , as voted for by our customers.

7 Mindsets Publishes New White Paper

Dan Keckan

New White Paper Shows the Importance of Investing in Educators’ Social Emotional Wellness. This post was first published on eLearning Industry

Networking with purpose

CLO Magazine

I was recently helping a colleague who was preparing for a job transition. As part of that discussion, we found ourselves brainstorming firms, roles and contacts relevant to their next steps.

The Ins and Outs of Connecting Technologies in a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Speaker: TJ Seabrooks, former CEO at Rustici Software

Have you ended up with a collection of content inputs and data outputs that might be hard to wrangle? If your organization uses multiple LMSs and has content coming from many different places, or you’re heading in this direction, this webinar is for you.