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4 Ideas to Help You Create Fresh Remote Training Content


Creating fresh, relevant remote training content is critical to the success of a corporate eLearning course or program. However, coming up with fresh content is easier said than done. It can be all too easy to stick with the status quo as opposed to improving your company’s training content.

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Traditional Training Obstacles That Collaborative Learning Activities Overcome

Dan Keckan

Traditional, top-down approaches to corporate learning are a major reason for our current crisis in learning. These approaches treat learning as something that is done to people, rather than something they can decide for themselves.


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4 Ways to Increase Engagement with Your LMS


When Harry Gordon Selfridge coined the phrase, "the customer is always right,” in 1909, he did so with the retail world in mind. More than 100 years later, his words transcend industries. Today, for any business to be successful, they have to take a customer-first approach to everything they do.

Instructional Design Research, Tools, & More: ID Links 8/10/21

Experiencing eLearning

As I read online, I bookmark resources I find interesting and useful. I share these links periodically here on my blog.

:SCALED - The Biggest Digital Adoption Event of 2021 is Here!

Speaker: Dr. Britt Andreatta, Julie Hiipakka, Amy Titus, Caroline Ford, Vasupradha Srinivasan, Anil Vijayan, Stephanie Roodhouse, Khadim Batti, Vara Kumar, and Vispi Daver

Join 5000+ attendees live at :SCALED, the Digital Adoption Event by Whatfix. The free virtual event from Oct 5-7 features 20+ L&D, HR, and Digital Adoption leaders, and actionable sessions on how to scale your organization for the Future of Work.

Speexx: Making the Language Learning Journey More Personal


Providing a solution that helps you build, grow, and maintain the language skills that matter in the new digital normal. This article dives deeper into the latest product updates from Speexx. The post Speexx: Making the Language Learning Journey More Personal appeared first on Speexx.

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Time pilot

E-Learning Provocateur

There was an aspect I omitted from my previous post, Space invaders , in which I covered the spacing effect as a means of maximising long-term retention. Zsolt Olah picked it: interleaving and – ironically! –

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Great Leadership – Inspire People to Achieve Success Together

Infopro Learning

“The greatest leader is not necessarily the one who does the greatest things. He is the one that gets the people to do the greatest things.”. Ronald Reagan. Business leaders have their own insights and experiences regarding the approach required for great leadership roles.

More Marketing Malarkey

Clark Quinn

As has become all too common, someone decided to point me to some posts for their organization. Apparently, interest was sparked by a previous post of mine where I’d complained about microlearning.

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Why Should You Outsource eLearning Content Development In The New Normal?

Dan Keckan

To successfully navigate the rapid pace of change, organizations must leverage outsourcing partnerships. In this article, I outline how outsourcing of eLearning content development can provide room to meet the changing needs of hybrid workforces. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

Learning By Doing With Digital Guidance

With learning becoming a critical piece to success, it is imperative for enterprises to adopt an integrated learning approach that is aligned with employee expectations. Download the White Paper now to get started!

What is Cognitive Load, and Why Does It Matter for Corporate Training and Development?

ej4 eLearning

Science has given a name to how “heavy” a presentation can be: Cognitive load.

Focusing on Outcomes with Managed Learning Services

Infopro Learning

Employees are a company’s most valuable asset, but not when performance is at status quo. But what happens when the employees’ performance is not the only issue?

How Gamification Helps Learners Achieve Flow


Flow exists in the “just right” space between boredom and anxiety. In 1975, a Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, identified a cognitive state of high focus and productivity which he named “flow.”

Learning & Development for Building Inclusive Leaders

Dashe & Thomson

Organizations everywhere are pushing to adapt to a more diverse workforce, markets, customers, ideas, and talent. One of the most important emerging traits is possessing inclusive leadership skills which is proving to be a critical component of successful, inclusive, and diverse organizations.

7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top 7 things you can do to out-maneuver your competition and win the war for talent in the coming months.

Streamlining Insurance Claims with Innovative Training

dVinci Interactive

Streamlining Insurance Claims with Innovative Training At The Cincinnati Insurance Company, they’re taking training to a new level by using just-in-time learning, Augmented Reality (AR), and Virtual Reality (VR) to help team members be more confident on the job and more efficient in their work.

InSync Training Announces Fall 2021 Programs

InSync Training

Registration is now open for InSync Training’s world-class certification programs and workshops in virtual classroom design, facilitation, and production. Virtual Classroom - Instructional Design Virtual Classroom - Facilitation Virtual Classroom - Production

Capterra Lists LearnDash among “Emerging Favorites”


We recently made a shortlist for top-reviewed training software, so we figure it’s time to round up our best reviews. Capterra, the popular review website for software programs, recently included LearnDash on its shortlist of “emerging favorites.”.

Ways to master Instructor-Led Training with LMS


An instructor-led LMS is specifying the training location. An LMS could have its training location in a conference room, or it could have a dedicated training room in the warehouse or an offsite hotel. Sometimes, an LMS is set up through a third-party training consultant.

Maximize the Power of Multiple Technology Ecosystems

Schools invested in Google education tools or considering these services can achieve strong benefits by blending the best of Google services on Apple hardware, opening the door to a wealth of educational possibilities for students, teachers, and parents.

Introducing Graded SCORMs: Track your students’ success and scale your school.


Tracking your student results just got easier with the new Graded SCORMs by LearnWorlds!

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PODCAST 173: Training Leaders Create Leaders with Keith Daw

Sales Hacker

In this episode of the Sales Hacker podcast, we have Keith Daw , VP of GSD and Trainer at McDonell Consulting Group , where he ‘Gets Stuff Done’ and teaches the Sandler Training methodology.

Elevate: More Than an LMS


You should choose your learning management system with care. After all, it will be the foundation of your association’s education strategy for years to come. Take this decision lightly, and you’ll pay the price.

E-Learning Programs Are Changing The Training Process I Gyrus E-Learning Programs


The top learning management systems are positively changing the e-learning industry by leaps and bounds. Check out this blog to know more

HR’s Role in Safety Culture: 4 Key Elements to Implement

What role does your HR department play in a culture of safety? This whitepaper explains how to create a culture of safety and how it can have positive, long-lasting effects. Download it today and learn about the 4 key elements of a successful safety culture!

Gamification as a Learning Strategy – A Foolproof Method for Creating Effective eLearning

Origin Learning

Gamification – An Overview “Gamification” as a term was introduced by British computer programmer and inventor Nick Pelling in 2003. The post Gamification as a Learning Strategy – A Foolproof Method for Creating Effective eLearning appeared first on Blog - Originlearning.

3 Strategies for Infusing Cultural Authenticity in Your eLearning Experience

eLearning Brothers

These days it’s not uncommon for companies to have global locations and a remote, multicultural workforce.

Distributor Training- A Vital Component that decides Business Growth


Distributor Training and Product Sales. There is an ever-growing competition among products to win over consumers in the market and prove to be the best in quality, use, and affordability.

How L&D Can Create a Human-Centered Workplace

Training Industry

How L&D Can Create a Human-Centered Workplace - Read more by Sarah Gallo on Training Industry. Uncategorized empathy gratitude human-centric work self-awarness soft skills

Ensuring Compliance with Student Data Privacy Regulations

This whitepaper talks about- 1. Countries with Highest Use of Tech in Classrooms 2. Complications with Digital Tools 3. What is Student Data? 4. Why Should Educational Institutions Care About Data Privacy? 5. Legal and Ethical Obligation and more

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Scenarios in E-Learning Courses


10 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Scenarios in E-Learning Courses. Scenarios are interactive content elements in e-learning courses that allow learners to practice and use their new skills and knowledge.

Why Organizations Are Moving Towards Peer-Based Learning

eLearning Brothers

What is peer-based or social learning? The social learning theory , developed by psychologist Albert Bandura, analyzes the effects of observing, modeling, and imitating the behaviors and attitudes of others.

The Learning Record Store Comes Of Age

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

The corporate learning industry becomes more massive every day.