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Before the Course

Clark Quinn

It appears that, too often, people are building courses when they don’t need to (or, more importantly, shouldn’t ).

eLearning Pet Peeves

Association eLearning

Once upon a time, we subjected you to “the worst eLearning course ever.” That monstrosity was an evil chimera of Digitec’s combined worst nightmares and most obnoxious memories. This time you’re in for something a little narrower. My personal eLearning pet peeves.

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Stories: Their Engagement Power

InSync Training

I bet someone read the same book to you over and over again at bedtime when you were young. You loved that story. You knew it by heart. You could see it in your head without the pictures. Sometimes, you put yourself in the place of the main character. You might even have learned something that continues to influence your life to this day. I bet you still remember that story, so many years later. It was that compelling and meaningful. You connected. Storytelling

4 Ways Innovative Training Grows Channel Distributor Mindshare

Bottom-Line Performance

Each year, a vast amount of training dollars are spent across every industry to make sure sales reps have the product knowledge, sales skills, and proper processes they need to succeed.

Content Planning Map: A Template for Training Teams

Are you delivering disjointed feature-based training? Rather than looking at small tasks, focus training content on goals that you want your students to achieve. Download the template to learn how!

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A Simple Way to Get the Most Out of Your E-Learning Tools

Rapid eLearning

Over the weekend, I was supposed to paint the house but was watching TV instead. My wife asked why I wasn’t painting and I told her I couldn’t because I lost the paint lid opener and couldn’t open the paint can. She handed me a screwdriver. “No dice,” I said.

Instructional Design 101: Six Rules for Writing

The E-Learning Curve

Following a series of posts on Knowledge Work and Knowledge Workers, I'm about to embark on a major series of articles on the topic of Instructional Design. Continue Reading → The post Instructional Design 101: Six Rules for Writing appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog.

Adaptive Learning – The Future of Workplace Training For Modern Learners


Today, a number of organizations are shifting towards Learning Management Software (LMS) that provides a better adaptive platform for efficient learning. The prime aim is to enable organizational workforce to learn at their own pace, as per their convenience of time and location.

When Consumers are Product Aware, Use Videos to Seal the Deal

Visual Lounge

Hooray! Your target consumer is product aware and browsing your product page and seemingly moments away from clicking “Buy Now”! However, it’s not time to celebrate… YET. Instead, you should be using videos to double down and provide validation that they’ve found the one.

Sales 28

Seven Simple Secrets to Off-the-Shelf Course Success

Off-the-shelf elearning is applicable for a wide audience, but it won’t address your organization’s unique situations or distinctive content. So are these courses all that helpful? For sure! Read on for 7 secrets to make off-the-self learning your own.

Adaptive Leadership

Your Training Edge

Adaptive leadership is a step up from other leadership skills. Typically the term is applied to leadership situations that involve neither technical nor operational issues.

A Modern Learner’s Toolkit

The E-Learning Curve

A Modern Professional Learner's Toolkit for 2018 based on the Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning 2017 list. Continue Reading → The post A Modern Learner’s Toolkit appeared first on E-Learning Curve Blog. E-learning Tools Workplace Learning

Sunny Forecast for Learning in 2018

CLO Magazine

As chief learning officers look to the year ahead, by and large it’s the bright side that they see.

Shake Up Your eLearning With Our New Storyline Style

eLearning Brothers

We just released our first set of Template Styles built specifically for Articulate Storyline 3. If you’ve been craving a quick, easy way to amp up your Storyline projects, then today is your lucky day!

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The Essential Template for Your Customer Training Strategy

Looking to build your customer training strategy? The process can be overwhelming, if you don’t have a set plan from the start. This template can help.

From training delivery to continuous learning

Jane Hart

Companies clearly have a responsibility to provide training and opportunities for their people, and many L&D departments have already made efforts in modernising their training efforts to make them more relevant for today’s workforce. Others have gone further and are now providing a wider range of learning opportunities and resources for on demand use. But … Social learning

How To Update Screenshots of User Interfaces Without Starting From Scratch

Visual Lounge

You know the sense of accomplishment when you finish something that was on your to-do list? I love that feeling. When I finish a task, I cross it off and move on to the next thing on my list with a renewed sense of pride and momentum. Conversely, there’s no greater buzzkill than returning to a completed task to redo something I just finished. Unfortunately, that’s a common occurrence when you’re working with screenshots of user interfaces for a product guide or help documentation.

Trademark Announcement Sparks Conversation About Microlearning

CLO Magazine

Education technology company Grovo has trademarked one of the industry’s hottest buzzwords. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has given Grovo a registered trademark on “microlearning.”.

Think Like a Game Designer: Incorporate Action Into Your Learning Design

ATD Learning Technologies

In games, players immediately take action, make meaningful decisions and volunteer to spend more and more time finding treasures, defeating villains, or getting game characters to work. Meanwhile, many corporate e-learning experiences are less than engaging.

Take training beyond your LMS: technical considerations for extended enterprise

You know the benefits of extended enterprise. But how do you execute the plan? Learn more about the technical considerations that can help you create a strategy to manage the delivery and tracking of product training across a variety of systems.

Top e-learning trends to keep an eye on in 2018


People have always had a fascination with the future.

Find, Build or Purchase Performance Consulting Skills Sooner Than Later

Living in Learning

We have no shortage of targets at which we can fire our L&D solution arrows. Too often just hitting the target with training is viewed as sufficient. I participated in that approach for many years before being exposed to the discipline of performance consulting. That new lens changed everything. The objective morphed from just hitting the target to hitting the right target…with the right arrow…at the right time…with the right amount of force…and for the right reasons.

Desperate Times Call for Ramping Up Skills Fast

CLO Magazine

Photo courtesy of Vale Training Solutions. In a mere three-week span late this past summer, the United States was bombarded by three hurricanes, resulting in catastrophic damage to properties and claims that needed to be handled quickly.

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To Improve Team Collaboration, Encourage Vulnerability-Based Trust

Learning Wire

To find out more about how teams can best collaborate together, take a look at our new collection with Patrick Lencioni , best-selling author and member of the CrossKnowledge Faculty. It might seem counter-intuitive, but to build a high-performing team, it’s important to foster vulnerability.

Trust 17

Aligning Customer Training With Certifications

Want to deliver a cohesive customer training certification program? From strategy to systems to job functions, it's time for us to reassess how learning and certifications are delivered together. Download the guide to see how!

Stopping the Pandemic


All the ideas you have about the future of management and learning are wrong. If you want to find out why, join us this Friday for a great webinar and some free valuable giveaways. Filed under: Managing Minds. Managing Minds

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Toolkit: How to Arrange an eLearning Review by Joe Ganci

Learning Solutions Magazine

Before you launch a new eLearning offering, you must have an eLearning review to make sure that everything works! Here’s a. tool to support that review. Design & Development Tools Development Strategies

IAM HCM Consulting Names New Head of Education

CLO Magazine

Alicia Gambrell will be responsible for expanding the iAM University curriculum and establishing the firm’s product innovation team. Alicia Gambrell joined iAM HCM Consulting as the first vice president of education and innovation on Nov.

Holiday “Cheer” in the Workplace


It’s that time of year again when companies are planning their holiday bashes and everyone seems to be looking forward to enjoying a break from the workday routine. But for some employees, the stress connected with holiday socializing can lead to a spike in alcohol or drug consumption.

2017 Customer Training Benchmarks Study

What are the baseline metrics for a successful customer training program? Find out in Skilljar's inaugural customer training benchmarks study, which includes an analysis of completion rates, course duration, and more. Click to download.

The 7 Secrets to Being a Rockstar Vendor

eLearning Brothers

Our very own Bill West, executive director of custom services at eLearning Brothers, teamed up with Frank Glover, senior learning strategist for Pacific Gas & Electric, for this insightful discussion on the eLearning Rockstars stage at DevLearn 2017. What’s it take to be a Rockstar Vendor?

Expert's Guide to Presenting Solo in a Virtual Classroom by Pamela S. Hogle

Learning Solutions Magazine

There’s no need to be nervous about presenting solo in a virtual classroom; with planning and preparation, your session can go off without a hitch. Design Strategies Virtual Classrooms

An Introduction to Big Data for Learning and Development

Riptide Software

We love big data - especially for the Learning function. You may have wondered what big data entails, and how it can aid you in your day-to-day job. Or maybe you’re already using it! Big Data Learning and Development xAPI