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5 Custom eLearning Development Benefits for Your Organization

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Organizations have been rushing to keep up with the latest skills and competence because of the increasingly competitive and demanding work environment. Learning and development (L&D) leaders need to conduct impactful training solutions to prepare their employees for the future.

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Creating Better Content with Lessons Learned from Brain Research


Creating Better Content with Lessons Learned. from Brain Research. The brain is arguably one of the most complex organs of the body, and one we still do not fully understand.

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All You Need to Know About eLearning Authoring Tools

CommLab India

Are you looking to leverage the power of eLearning in corporate training? Here’s a beginner’s guide to authoring tools that can help you design learner-centric eLearning courses. eLearning Development eLearning Authoring Tools

Outsourcing Custom E-Learning Development To Maximize ROI


To maintain excellence in customer service and a competitive edge in the current business environment, organizations need to continuously train their workforce. Every industry and department should provide optimum relevant training and development for employees.

The Future of eLearning in 2022: A Sensitive Eye for Authentic Translation and Localization

Speaker: Chris Paxton McMillin, President of D3 Training Solutions

To avoid awkward and sometimes disastrous learning content, instructional designers must use authentic translation in the right context to get optimal results. Join Chris Paxton, President of D3 Training Solutions, to walk through simple strategies step by step.

7 Ways To Integrate Social Polls In Your eLearning Course Design

Dan Keckan

Are you helping your learners compare and collaborate with their peers? Social polls inform learners and designers alike. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Design and Development eLearning Courses eLearning Design Social Media

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Accelerating Franchise Engagement with Christian Brothers Automotive


A workplace culture that facilitates burnout can also result in low employee retention and attendance and higher healthcare costs. Wisetail sat down with Hannah Austin, CEO of SheShatters, to discuss how beating burnout starts with workplace culture.

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3 Ways to Avoid Work Slowdowns during a Software Update


Software vendors update their products all the time. Whether it’s cloud-based software or on-premise, software updates are an important part of everyday business. Added security, a more intuitive interface and a streamlined user experience are just some of the benefits.

eBook Release: 5 Strategic Imperatives For High-Growth Learning Businesses

Dan Keckan

Download this eBook to discover what it takes to become a high-growth learning business and achieve success on your own terms. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. eLearning Best Practices Data In eLearning eLearning Content Development eLearning eBooks

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Selective Fidelity in Immersive Learning Systems - Part 1: The Foundations of Fidelity

Allen Interactions

On January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 lost all engine power shortly after takeoff. Unable to reach an airport for an emergency landing due to low altitude, pilots Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and Jeffrey Skiles successfully landed the aircraft in the Hudson River.

Are You Still Watching? How to Create Engaging Presentations for Virtual Learning

Speaker: Richard Goring, Director at BrightCarbon

Remote meetings are here to stay - and so is the Zoom fatigue that many experience. The importance of compelling content is more apparent than ever. In this webinar, learn how PowerPoint provides terrific tools to create the kind of dynamic visual content you need to capture your remote audience’s attention. Come along to this masterclass packed with live demonstrations of how to create compelling presentations for successful meetings in a virtual and hybrid environment. In this webinar, you will learn how to: Create dynamic visuals that support persuasive stories to engage your audience Develop professional-looking designs for presentations and other content Become a PowerPoint legend with techniques to make effective presentations quickly and easily June 30th, 2022 at 9:30 am PDT, 12:30 pm EDT, 5:30 pm GMT

Five competences to develop to facilitate hybrid sessions

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

I get quite a few invitations for workshops on facilitating hybrid sessions. Hybrid sessions are with a group in the room and a few (or many!) online.

Six Key L&D Differentiators for the Pharmaceutical Training Landscape

Infopro Learning

The work dynamics have gone through drastic changes in the past few years. Organizations that welcome these changes with open arms and can innovate and adapt their core operational model to an ever-changing world will likely survive.

How Needs Assessment Can Make or Break a Learning Strategy


As learning and development (L&D) professionals, we are often asked about return on investment (ROI) for training initiatives and eLearning services and solutions. Designing an eLearning solution, implementing the L & D plan, and evaluating the learning activity are important.

What’s In It For Them?

Clark Quinn

One of the things I talk about in my most recent book , Make It Meaningful , is the importance of communicating the WIIFM (What’s In It For Me). I do think it’s important, but in recent work I’ve found an interesting alternative. I’m not sure I completely have my mind around how to address it, so as I’m wont to do, here’s some ‘thinking out loud’ about What’s In It For Them (WIIFT).

Who C.A.R.E.S.!? How Learning Got Its Bad Rap & What We Can Do About It

Speaker: Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer at ELB Learning

Since when has learning and development become such a negative experience with learners? Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer for ELB Learning, will introduce a new learning framework called the C.A.R.E.S Learning Effectiveness Model.

Supercharge your digital training

E-Learning Provocateur

We’ve all been there. The organisation invests an obscene amount of money in a course library, and after much fanfare and an initial spike of excitement, activity steadily dwindles until the platform resembles a ghost town vacated by all but the most enthusiastic of fans.

5 Tips for Custom eLearning Content Development Companies

Infopro Learning

The pandemic of 2019 and massive digital disruption made employees continuously update their knowledge and skills. Constant market expansion, the emergence of new technologies, and new skill demands are some other catalysts.

How Mobile Learning Solutions are Revolutionizing Professional Training in Healthcare


The healthcare industry is notorious for being one of the most demanding industries in the world.

Protected: Achieving Easily Accessible Content with Christian Brothers Automotive


There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Achieving Easily Accessible Content with Christian Brothers Automotive appeared first on Wisetail LMS & LXP.

The Key to Getting the Best Out of Video-Based Practice & Coaching

Speaker: Micah Eppler, Account Executive for Rehearsal of eLearning Brothers

Join Micah Eppler from eLearning Brothers to see hands-on examples of how organizations are transforming outcomes with video-based training strategies.

[Podcast] Our Experts Tackle L&D Myths

InSync Training

The Doctor's Are In! A Research-Based Rant.

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How to Give a Better Design Briefing to Your E-learning Vendor


From our side of the table, there are definitely some briefings that are far better than others. They are richer, they simply get more from us by giving us better caliber information to work with. And then there are briefings when we end the discussion looking at each other in silent dissatisfaction.

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L&D Go Beyond Podcast: Secrets to Being Smarter, Faster, with Arun Pradhan

Upside Learning

In this episode of L&D Go Beyond podcast, Amit Garg speaks with Arun Pradhan, Co-Founder, ModelThinkers on ‘The Secrets to Being Smarter, Faster’. ModelThinkers is a buy-in from Charlie Munger’s thought of making a bigger impact by developing a latticework of mental models.

What Do Businesses Think of the Creator Economy (and how you can position yourself to earn from it)


As a content creator, there are numerous ways to make money: through sales of goods and services, through sales of courses, and through sponsored content. Many content creators build on their passions: through blogging, course creation, and designing merchandise to go with their brand.

Immersing the Curious Mind in VR: Why You’re Missing Out on Proven ROI!

Speaker: John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO, CenarioVR® Creator

Join John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO and creator of the award-winning VR course builder CenarioVR®, to find out why organizations choose immersive learning and how they've used innovative approaches.

All throughout June - Free Events and Resources on Hybrid and Blended Learning

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Webinars Modern Learning on the Air Virtual Teams & Modern Workplace

The bigger picture behind The Great Resignation

TLNT: The Business of HR

We all know employees are quitting their jobs in record numbers. But what’s the story behind this story?

3 Benefits of Social Learning for Enterprises


Social learning is simple but powerful. It can be as straightforward as learning via conversation with a peer and doesn’t necessarily require a formal training course, although many online training courses include elements of social learning.

Why Do The Benefits Of Lms Outweigh Its Costs?


The learning management systems offer many benefits that surely outweigh costs. Investing in this learning tool proves to be the best decision for competent learners. Get all the relevant insights

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Personalize Your Employee Training with Adaptive Learning

While you may not be familiar with the term “adaptive learning,” it is likely you’ve encountered this type of learning before. But now is finally the time to learn how adaptive learning helps with knowledge retention, and how it can be used to improve your program.