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3 Training Scenarios Where Microlearning Fits Best With Examples

Tesseract Learning

Summary: Microlearning can be implemented as a pre-training solution to get familiar with the subject or as a post-training refresher. In this article, I will share 3 scenarios where microlearning fits best. Microlearning Training Scenarios With Examples.

Creating A Culture Of Learning: Sustainable Leadership Development Training

Dan Keckan

Leadership development training is most effective and sustainable when it’s supported by a culture of learning. Training becomes part of working and a continuous process. So, which leadership development topics are most relevant in today’s world and how do they enable a learning culture?


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LMS Pricing Plans: What’s Best for Your Online Course?


How can you compare the cost of your Learning Management System if each service uses a different pricing model? Here’s the breakdown. Educators new to online education often find themselves faced with a bewildering array of options for their learning management system.

What are Authoring Tools and How to Choose ‘The One’ for Your Organization?

CommLab India

What are authoring tools? How do I choose the right one and develop engaging eLearning courses for my learners? Wish there was a step-by-step guide to help me choose the right rapid authoring tool. If these thoughts cross your mind often, then read on. eLearning Development eLearning Authoring Tool

5 Reasons People Quit, 10 Ways to Make Them Stay

Learn how to protect your company from The Great Resignation’s turnover epidemic.

Quip: Systematic Creativity

Clark Quinn

I’ve previously documented quips in the past, but apparently not this one yet. Prompted by a nice article by Connie Malamed on creativity , I’m reminded of a saying, and the underlying thinking. Here’s both the quip and some more on systematic creativity.

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LearnDash Version 3.6 is here ??


Over the last several months we’ve been talking internally about this release as one of the most exciting ones ever. You may recall that in September, the ownership of LearnDash changed hands. That’s normally when you see things slow down. But for us, that was the opposite.

Why Enterprises Are Choosing Outsourced Training Providers

Infopro Learning

No company has all the knowledge it needs internally to be successful. Sometimes, you need a specialized set of skills. A managed-services expert can bring in the right consultants to deliver – or teach employees how to offer – a new training course when niche experience is required.

3 Trends in the Workforce That Will Impact How to Train Your Employees


There’s no denying that trends in the workforce affect how companies train their staff. That’s why it can be helpful for L&D professionals to update employee training on a regular basis. After all, trends in the workforce and in various industries change often.

Trends 191

Here’s How Interactive eBooks Elevate The eLearning Experience And Its Effectiveness

Dan Keckan

eLearning is becoming the primary method of imparting education due to its many benefits. Interactive eBooks add to that growth by making content more engaging and effective. Teams with multiple eLearning stakeholders are involved in their development to create the best possible outcome each time.

Employee Safety During COVID-19: Compliance Toolkit

Stay compliant with Paycor’s COVID-19 Action Plan FAQs and templates toolkit.

Protect Your Course Content with the LearnDash Integrity Add-on


After you’ve spent time developing your course, the idea of someone stealing your course content, presenting it as their own, and even profiting from it can be terrifying. Content theft is a fear that every course creator has faced or will face at some point or another.



JOHN HINCHLIFFE - CRYSTAL BALLING WITH LEARNNOVATORS. ABOUT JOHN HINCHLIFFE: John Hinchliffe is an internationally recognized award-winning digital learning expert with over 13 years in the field.

How Dollar General is unlocking the benefits of BYOD on the frontlines


Bring your own device (BYOD) policies are relatively common in corporate settings these days. But when it comes to letting frontline employees use their personal devices on the floor, some companies just aren’t sure where to start.

How the latest video and animation technology can make your training content do more for less


People have known for a long time now that showing is almost always a more effective way to train than telling. So it’s no surprise that videos and animations that show how products and policies work have been extremely common in professional, academic, and customer training.

Mandatory COVID Vaccination Policy Template

The federal government is developing a rule requiring employers with more than 100 employees ensure their workers are vaccinated or produce a negative COVID test weekly before entering the workplace. So, what can your organization do to prepare? Get Paycor’s COVID Vaccination Policy Template to help communicate important details to your employees.

Improve Your Course Experience with LearnDash Email Notifications


Whether you’re an online creator or an employer providing eLearning to your employees, sending out user registration emails is critical to your learner’s future success. The post-registration experience is just as crucial as getting your learners to register in the first place.

Course 215

How to Optimally Price Your Online Course

Lambda Solutions

eCommerce Online Course Platform

Course 130

Point-of-Work:  Effectively Connecting Our Workforce to Their Workflows

Living in Learning

Given the “sky-is-falling” lament due to the Great Resignation it makes one wonder how epic is our collective failure. Are we failing or is this a long overdue cross-industry correction? Are we embracing this self-inflicted down-sizing? Are we hearing the urgent message to do more with less?

4 Proven Strategies to Make Your Training Videos and Animations Stand Out


How the latest developments in video and animation technology can make your training videos cheaper and easier to make at even higher quality. People have known for a long time now that showing is almost always a more effective way to train than telling.

7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top 7 things you can do to out-maneuver your competition and win the war for talent in the coming months.

Navigating Learning Journeys with Online Corporate Training Programs

Infopro Learning

Amid these unprecedented times, organizations have largely shifted toward a remote-first approach. L&D teams have been combating obstacle after obstacle to ensure their employees remain engaged and motivated to fulfill the desired business goals and expectations.

Gamification: From Certification To Application

eLearning Brothers

Would you like to introduce gaming into your corporate training programs? Are you curious about how to leverage points, levels, challenges, rewards, and easter eggs to drive participation, engagement, retention, and to achieve a measurable ROI? gamification Webinars The Training Arcade

Want To Keep Your Workforce Productive And Engaged? Opt For Online LMS Platform Now!


Every organization aims to improve the performance of its workforce for the successful execution of work operations. Employee skill management system makes sure they are equipped productively

Post-Pandemic, Business Continuance in Airline Sector means Upskilling with Corporate eLearning Solutions


I run the risk of stating the obvious when I say, along with tourism, aviation industry is one of the most severely impacted industries in 2020.

The Top 7 Compliance Risks and How to Avoid Them

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top seven compliance risks of 2021 and offers best practices on how to mitigate your risk. Download Paycor's guide today.

Microlearning: The New Age Learning for Accelerating Learners’ Performance


Most of the time, learning becomes a challenge when it is intensive, elaborated, and vast. Learners find it tricky, complex, and inefficient to grasp such large chunks of knowledge.

Addressing Skill Gaps in Workplace Learning with Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programs in the “New Normal”

Origin Learning

The last few blog posts that we published focused on how L&D teams could use microlearning as an effective tool. The post Addressing Skill Gaps in Workplace Learning with Virtual Instructor-Led Training Programs in the “New Normal” appeared first on Blog - Originlearning.

Working Remotely

eLearning Cyclops

I have been working from home for over a year and a half now, as have many of us. In the past I have been a telecommuter on and off, usually at the discretion of the current organization or department leadership.

Seven Things You Need to Consider While Buying an LMS


Before picking an LMS for your organization, you need to take a step back and consider some things that will help you make a better choice

Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding

Quotas need to be hit. Revenue goals need to be met. This reality makes shortening sales onboarding time a top priority. This exclusive eBook, Increase Revenue with Faster Sales Onboarding, provides details on how to: • Achieve your sales organization's goals • Increase revenue • Avoid turnover • Give reps a path to success Download the eBook today!

Microlearning: The New Age Learning for Accelerating Learners’ Performance


Most of the time, learning becomes a challenge when it is intensive, elaborated, and vast. Learners find it tricky, complex, and inefficient to grasp such large chunks of knowledge.

2021 Turkey Awards

eLearning 24-7

What is a turkey? Well, besides a bird, I think most of us think of a bad product or service or in our case, system or solution. And yes, you are totally correct. For me, I toss in some terms that need to go or be stopped in their tracks before confusion does more to hurt than help.

Student Grievance Management Using Technology


An educational institution includes multitudes of tasks associated with different stakeholders like faculty, staff, admin, parents, and students.