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12 Digital Marketing Channels for Your Association’s Education Programs

WBT Systems

12 Digital Marketing Channels for Your Association’s Education Programs. Read more about 12 Digital Marketing Channels for Your Association’s Education Programs

Benefits of Scenario-Based Learning

Experiencing eLearning

What are the benefits of scenario-based learning? Accelerated expertise, increased motivation, realistic decision-making and more. Here’s a selection of quotes on why scenarios are effective. Accelerated expertise.


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Microlearning Shines Amid 2020’s Challenges | OttoLearn


Bridging distance, technology gaps, and more, microlearning showed its strengths by meeting the tough challenges 2020 posed

6 Elements Every Online Course Needs to Have


Every educator wants to create a course that will keep learners riveted. Here’s how to get there. Many online educators begin creating courses with a good idea, but get lost somewhere along the way.

Course 220

CFO’s Guide to Building an HR Team with Limited Time, Budget and Resources

Building the ideal HR team doesn’t happen overnight—especially when CFOs have limited time, budget and resources. But our new guide can give you advice on where to start and key focus areas you need to know. Download our guide today!

Why Performance Consulting is Crucial to Meet Business Learning Requirements

Infopro Learning

Employee performance directly impacts the success of your business. Low performance can be losing your company a considerable amount of revenue. In fact, businesses with disengaged low performing employees lose more than $450 billion of revenue a year (1).

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A new generation of tools for meeting and networking online

Joitske Hulsebosch eLearning

There is a new generation of tools that enriches the toolset of online facilitators. In this blog I will list a number of them and hope to make you enthusiastic to start experimenting. The first one I discovered was Wonder Me.

6 Problems to Avoid with Your Onboarding Training Program


Whether you’re creating onboarding for employees or volunteers, you need to avoid these common mistakes. Organizations of all sizes and missions have a frequent challenge to face when bringing on new recruits.

Key Corporate Training Insights: The 2021 Learning Landscape

Infopro Learning

Much like the rest of the world the corporate training landscape is rapidly shifting. The impact of Covid19 drastically changed the way we work, communicate, and learn.

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Docebo goes two-for-two at BHG Excellence in Technology Awards


Docebo has struck GOLD (again)! Continuing its awards hot streak, Docebo has gone two-for-two at this year’s Brandon Hall Group (BHG) Excellence in Technology Awards for advances in mobile and social learning. .

Docebo 157

The Role of Human Resources in Workplace Safety

While it may seem obvious to say that safety is important for any company to embrace, making it a priority as an HR representative will not only be beneficial to your employees but to your bottom line too. Download this whitepaper to learn more!

Enhance Your Learning with Modern Technology in the Workforce

Dashe & Thomson

Getting and keeping your workforce engaged in learning got a whole lot harder this year. If in the past you felt challenged to keep learners engaged in a face-to-face setting, now you may find yourself working even harder to hold their attention in the two-dimensional classroom.

Employee Training: Fast, Good, or Cheap?

ej4 eLearning

I once saw a sign hung in a dry cleaner that read: “We can do it fast. We can do it well. We can do it cheap. Pick any two, but you can never get all three.“. Other

What Change Does Diversity Training Bring to Business?

Infopro Learning

The modern workplace is rapidly changing. Due to advances in technology and current events the global workplace is expanding. More employees are working from home than ever than before. These recent changes are only expected to continue and along with these changes comes new challenges.

Change 241

4 Essential Features for Your Next Remote Training Platform


Choosing the best possible remote training platform for your company can be a challenge because there is such a large variety of options on the market.

Five Reasons Leaders Invest in Language Training

Communication is the lifeforce of any company. Without it, productivity, employee happiness, and ultimately your business suffers. Investing in language learning better positions global business leaders to see gains in organizational effectiveness as a result.

Staff Augmentation: Extending Your Team with a Flexible Strategy

Dashe & Thomson

Now more than ever, employees and teams are overworked and understaffed. Many companies have been forced to cut salary budgets, slim down their workforce, and make layoff decisions that impact business processes and resources.

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xAPICohort – A Review on developing GeoLocation in xAPI

Adult Learning with Technology

The Fall 2020 xAPICohort has now come to an end and I wanted to share my experience, what I learnt and how the xAPICohort can help you gain a better. The post xAPICohort - A Review on developing GeoLocation in xAPI first appeared on Digital Learning Solutions.

xapi 130

Trick Out Your Tech and Your Training for National Technology Day

ej4 eLearning

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that technology has fundamentally changed our daily lives. When a deadly pandemic swept the globe, companies were able to pivot from in-person to remote work. Many companies even saw an increase in productivity from their newly remote workforce.

How to Create Culturally Responsive eLearning Courses Using an LMS


Workplaces that make it a priority to nurture cultural diversity reap benefits such as better productivity and employee performance, as well as incredible opportunities for professional and personal development.

From Surviving to Thriving: Returning to what science says about how we think, work, and learn

Speaker: Clark Quinn, Ph.D., Author and Executive Director of Quinnovation

The pandemic and associated upheavals of 2020 have led to both the need and opportunity to rethink how we think, work, and learn. In this session, Dr. Quinn will go over the implications for learning and working effectively both in general and in this new era. Come see what L&D can, and should, do to help transform organizations to work smarter (and wiser)!

Staff Augmentation: Extending Your Team with a Flexible Strategy

Dashe & Thomson

Now more than ever, employees and teams are overworked and understaffed. Many companies have been forced to cut salary budgets, slim down their workforce, and make layoff decisions that impact business processes and resources.

Teams 130

5 books for all learning professionals

Matthew Guyan

A few years ago, I wrote a blog post where I shared 5 books every eLearning professional should read. I still stand by those suggestions but I’m adding this new selection for all learning professionals.

Best Practices for Custom Elearning Content Development

Origin Learning

Why Choose Custom Elearning Content Development? In our previous blog post, we discussed 7 Great Reasons Why Custom eLearning Development. The post Best Practices for Custom Elearning Content Development appeared first on Blog - Originlearning.

The 4 Elements of Employee Engagement You Should Not Overlook

TLNT: Training and L&D

Employee engagement has been top of mind for HR professionals and strategic-minded leaders for more than a decade, and research keeps confirming its importance.

The Ins and Outs of Connecting Technologies in a Modern Learning Ecosystem

Speaker: TJ Seabrooks, former CEO at Rustici Software

Have you ended up with a collection of content inputs and data outputs that might be hard to wrangle? If your organization uses multiple LMSs and has content coming from many different places, or you’re heading in this direction, this webinar is for you.

How gamification in LMS gives better results?


Humans by nature are competitive. Menial tasks where one just has to ‘get the job done’ often tend to feel uninteresting. However, when there is an element of competition involved, people naturally tend to outdo each other. Read why gamification in LMS gives better learning outcomes

Friday Finds: The Best of Learning, Design & Technology | December 18, 2020

Mike Taylor

“You must learn a new way to think before you can learn a new way to be.” ” Marianne Williamson. Whatever holiday you celebrate, wherever you are in the world I hope this finds you safe and sound with people you care about. Merry everything and happy forever! Thanks for reading!

Home Alone with Axonify


Many holiday traditions are being skipped this year—but not this one. We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put a smile on the faces of our customers, partners, employees and community. So, the time-honoured tradition of the Axonify holiday video lives on.

One Montana receives Wisetail Works Grant


This year Wisetail Works has chosen One Montana as the recipient of its annual grant of a learning management system (LMS). The post One Montana receives Wisetail Works Grant appeared first on Wisetail LMS. All FAQ L&D Best Practices LMS Best Practices

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

Top 6 Docebo Alternatives and Docebo Competitors in 2020!


Docebo is a leading e-learning solution for providing training management. It is a mobile-ready, off-the-shelf, fully integrated system that is easily scalable.

Build on the 4 Pillars of Onboarding – 2. Career

eLearning Brothers

According to research done by IBM, new hires are 30 times more likely to consider leaving a company if they don’t believe they can achieve their goals at that organization. Learning Management System Resources lms Training Resources ebook free download onboarding

IBM 91

8 Easy Ideas for Your (not Boring) Virtual Holiday Event

TLC Media Design

2020 has been a whirlwind for many of us, all over the world. And now, it’s the holiday season and you are faced with determining the best way to get your team together, promote moral, and recognizing the people who grow your business and keep things running smoothly.