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4 Essential L&D Tools for 2023


Brilliant thinker Albert Einstein once said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.” While the sentiment is intense, it does ring true, especially in competitive workplaces where building critical skills and competencies is a top priority.

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Learning Science Bandwagon?

Clark Quinn

I’m not alone in carrying the banner for learning science. Others are talking about evidence-based practices, making it stick, and more. This, I maintain, is a good thing. Is there too much of good thing? Is there a problem with a learning science bandwagon? First, let’s be clear.


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Prototyping in the [Learning] Renaissance

Allen Interactions

Prototyping in the Renaissance. On The Road with Ethan

Prepare Your L&D Department for a Recession: How to Address Staffing Gaps

eLearning Brothers

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) states that we are facing the possibility of a severe downturn that rivals the economic recession of 1970. Did you know that Walmart (the largest employer in the US) has dropped its hiring total by a whopping 73% from last year?

How Do You Measure the Success of Enterprise Learning?

Every organization measures ROI differently. With Thought Industries’ three pillars of learning in this white paper, you can identify what matters to your business, define KPIs and metrics, and see how other organizations measure success and impact.

6 Common Employee Training Challenges & Ways to Resolve Them

Infopro Learning

Employees are the organization’s most valuable asset. Therefore, they must invest rigorously in their employees’ development and retention. They will need to upgrade their training programs to provide the best potential outcomes for their learners.

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Creating Connection in a Virtual Working World


It can be a challenge to keep virtual employees connected to one another and your business goals. What can you do to revamp employee engagement? The post Creating Connection in a Virtual Working World appeared first on Wisetail LMS.

Meet the 4 Rs of Rapid eLearning and Why They Are So Crucial

CommLab India

Corporate training today needs to be extremely engaging, flexible, and personalized. This blog helps you to find out how rapid eLearning boosts the pace of corporate training by leveraging the power of its 4 Rs. eLearning Design Rapid eLearning

10 Rules for Generating Value and Growth for Your Education Programs

WBT Systems

The only way forward for association education programs is to improve them and grow them. This is not a time to stand in place. There is no good reason to stand in place. Every membership survey report says

Nevermind the buzzwords: What quiet quitting really means


If your ears are ringing with the phrase “quiet quitting”, you’re not alone. Wherever you look online, from LinkedIn to TikTok, Forbes to BuzzFeed, it’s there, shouting out at you. Loudly. For a concept that advocates the power of silent protest, it’s making a LOT OF NOISE.

The Ultimate Crash Course in eLearning Visual Design

Speaker: Connie Malamed, Founder of Mastering Instructional Design and Publisher of The eLearning Coach

Well-designed materials can motivate learners, improve comprehension, and assist optimal retention. If you need rapid, easily actionable ways to improve your eLearning and slides, join this session to learn the power principles that will have the biggest impact on your designs.

7 Must-Have Features Of eLearning Apps

eLearning Industry

This article is a comprehensive guide to the seven features that an education app should have. It's a great time to be an education app developer. eLearning apps are on the upsurge in the market. This post was first published on eLearning Industry. Learning Apps

5 Tips to Create a Customer-Centric Consulting Organization

Infopro Learning

The most successful businesses prioritize their customer’s needs before, during, and after the sale by offering exceptional service. Building a customer-centric culture within an organization requires an added effort to provide more than just good customer service.

Gamified Microlearning For Training: A Combined Method That Works

Dashe & Thomson

What Is Microlearning Gamification? To begin, we need to understand what gamification and microlearning are on their own. After we understand what each of these are we can begin to understand what they mean once they are combined.

What Can Classic Cars Teach Us About Instructional Design?

Allen Interactions

On a recent visit to the National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, MO, I had the opportunity to reflect on the impact of Design Thinking.

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6 Tips to Transform Performance & Boost ROI with Video

Speaker: Don Schmidt - WW Sales Enablement Director, Inside Sales MongoDB

The power of video is working for a growing roster of organizations, whether working with a live mentor or scaling programs with artificial intelligence. Take advantage of this exclusive webinar to learn how to use video coaching to your advantage!

Using Animations and Transitions in Articulate Storyline

B Online Learning

Animations and transitions are great ways to make your learning come alive. Click and reveal interactions are a staple of eLearning design. They encourage the learner to take an action […]. The post Using Animations and Transitions in Articulate Storyline appeared first on B Online Learning.

6 Steps To Align Corporate Learning Strategy With The Business Strategy

Infopro Learning

A corporate learning strategy is a plan outlined with a series of actions or tasks to be performed. It helps keep learning leaders on track with their corporate learning and development (L&D) programs.

What to Look for in a Course Builder Platform?


If you’re looking to build a course online, how do you decide which is the best online course builder to use? You’re probably looking for a platform that’s designed to help you easily and quickly build stellar courses without needing years of coding experience.

Corporate learning academies – the answer to closing skills gaps


If your company is facing a skills crisis, then one crumb of solace is that you are not alone.

Using New Trends to Revive Your eLearning Strategy

Speaker: Stephen Baer - Chief Creative Officer, ELB Learning

In this fireside chat, leading L&D expert Stephen Baer will discuss the exciting technological advancements in eLearning and how you can choose and implement the right technology for your company.

Using Animations and Transitions in Articulate Storyline

B Online Learning

Animations and transitions are great ways to make your learning come alive. Click and reveal interactions are a staple of eLearning design. They encourage the learner to take an action […]. The post Using Animations and Transitions in Articulate Storyline appeared first on B Online Learning.

5 Strategies to Build Effective Microlearning Solutions for Remote Employees in 2023

Infopro Learning

Organizations are racing to adopt a comprehensive learning and development strategy to optimize remote employee training efforts. Microlearning is the most proficient way of consuming the learning content daily and training on specific skills.

Featured Customer: Carey Nieuwhof


This month’s LearnDash customer spotlight is Carey Nieuwhof : an author, entrepreneur, leader, and coach. Carey uses LearnDash to deliver online courses to train better community leaders, church leaders, and entrepreneurs.

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The Science of Learning Interview with Bryan Jones


The Science Of Learning Interview With Bryan Jones. by Margie Meacham. It was an honor to be interviewed by Bryan Jones, founder of eLearning Art, to talk about the science of learning.

Create Engaging Scenario-Based Training on ANY Budget

Speaker: Tim Buteyn - President of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions, Inc.

In this webinar, Tim Buteyn of ThinkingKap Learning Solutions will explore how to optimize learner engagement with scenario-based training. You'll learn what makes up scenarios, how they benefit the learner, and why this is important to your organization. You'll also dive into real-world examples across a wide range of budgets and look at how typical training content can be completely transformed.

How to Create a Mutant Learning Lab - Step 3

eLearning Brothers

In our last blog , we covered the second step in creating a mutant learning lab: organizing the chaos! Now, it’s time to talk about your schedule. learning strategy Professional Development

Employee Engagement and Productivity: Strategies and Benefits

Infopro Learning

What factors contribute to a great workplace? Is it cutting-edge technology, the prime location, or the luxurious facilities? Without a doubt, everything stated is essential, but it is the organization’s investment in human capital that is most significant.

How Gamification Offers a Combo of Fun and Learning for Effective Corporate Training

CommLab India

If your employees constantly put off the training modules or complete them half-heartedly, gamification is totally worth considering. Read on to learn what gamification is, its elements, and its indisputable benefits for corporate training. eLearning Design Instructional Design Strategies

5 tips for more accessible presentations


More accessible presentation slides can be the difference between your audience fully engaging with your content and your audience tuning out and missing out. And, if your audience miss out you miss out! Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to increase the accessibility of your slides.

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The L&D Strategy Roundtable

Speaker: Cara North - Learning & Development Consultant, Speaker, & Researcher | Maggie Quigley - Senior Account Executive for US Market Userlane

In this webinar, L&D professionals Cara North and Maggie Quigley will discuss the various factors that affect training and how you can stretch your budget to create an effective L&D program.

How to Effectively Onboard Seasonal Employees


Tis the season. Many organizations are in the midst of hiring and training the employees that will help to scale up their workforce for the holidays. This year, we’re seeing more modest. Read More. The post How to Effectively Onboard Seasonal Employees appeared first on AllenComm.

Managing Remote Team Training: Challenges and Best Practices

Infopro Learning

There is no shred of doubt that the landscape of work is constantly evolving. The reconfiguration of workplace imperatives and the advent of remote work as the new norm necessitate employees to adapt rapidly.

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How to Best Manage an L&D Project

Clarity Consultants

When you’re overseeing a learning and development (L&D) project, ensuring it heads in the right direction every step of the way is essential.