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5 Must-Know L&D Trends for 2022


Keeping up with trends in your industry is important. According to Award Staffing, a top employment agency, following industry trends can transform your business. LMS LMS Trends Corporate online learning trends 2022 LMS trends

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How Does Microlearning Improve Employee Engagement and Performance?[Video]

CommLab India

Are you wondering why microlearning is the latest buzzword in the corporate training world? Read on to explore the many benefits and popular formats of microlearning, as well as key design characteristics of microlearning modules. eLearning Design Microlearning


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Their Success is Our Success: Transitioning from Training to Enablement


Learning & development activities and training delivery are critical for the success of new employees. A focus on the learner experience and employee enablement can turn training from a cookie-cutter onboarding process into a personalized, empowering experience.

Learning Solutions 2022 Recap

Experiencing eLearning

When I attend conferences, I take a lot of notes (old school, handwritten in a notebook notes). Over the years, I’ve found that it’s helpful to review those notes after the conference to pull out one or two key takeaways from each session I attend.

Transform Your Classroom with Apple

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

Apple empowers educators and students by design. In our webinar, we’ll explain how to make the best use of Apple devices in your classroom, and the tools and resources you need for success.

Three Storytelling Tips To Jumpstart Your eLearning Modules

Dan Keckan

Having trained 47 TEDx speakers to deliver winning TED talks, Dr. Marina Theodotou shares three storytelling tips to jumpstart your eLearning modules. This post was first published on eLearning Industry.

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Superstitions for New Practitioners

Clark Quinn

It’s become obvious (even to me) that there are a host of teachers moving to L&D. There are also a number of initiatives to support them. Naturally, I wondered what I could do to assist.

How to streamline new software rollouts


Mac and Dick McDonald sit across the table from Ray Krock (aka “The Founder”) and explain how they perfected their kitchen operations on a tennis court one day. They went back to the drawing board many times but finished with a “symphony of efficiency.”.

Why Is HTML5 The New Flash For The Online Learning Solutions Providers?

Dan Keckan

Adobe Flash was the dominant program used by online learning platforms for a significant amount of time. However, with rising security concerns and the need for a multi-device User Experience, HTML5 replaced Flash. Find out how using Flash today is hindering your brand growth.

508(c) Compliance Guide For Instructional Designers: Part 2

Allen Interactions

Now that we understand the need for 508(c) compliant e-learning, you might be wondering, “How do I transform my existing learning or create new training that’s compliant without boring my learners?”. I’m glad you asked because it’s something that I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to.

Who C.A.R.E.S.!? How Learning Got Its Bad Rap & What We Can Do About It

Speaker: Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer at ELB Learning

Since when has learning and development become such a negative experience with learners? Treion Muller, Chief Strategy Officer for ELB Learning, will introduce a new learning framework called the C.A.R.E.S Learning Effectiveness Model.

Fundamentals of An Effective Leadership Development Strategy

Infopro Learning

The best leaders invest their heart and soul into bringing a company to its full potential. But it’s not only their leadership skills and capabilities that help them and their teams achieve the desired goals; their success is largely dependent on effective leadership development strategies.

Why is Selling Online Courses with Certification Crucial to your Business

Lambda Solutions

If your course selling venture is looking into adopting the hottest trends in 2022, think seriously about adding in courses that provide certification. LMS Trends eCommerce

The 3 Video Learning Tricks Top Companies Use to Maximize The Business Impact of Their eLearning


Video learning has seen a tremendous amount of growth recently. As more and more companies are seeing the massive business impact of eLearning, and videos and animations in particular, a lot of eyes are being turned to business leaders to see how they are leading the charge.

InSync Training Debuts Preeminent Virtual Training Course Certifications and Summer Immersion Schedule

InSync Training

InSync Training today released its Summer Session Virtual Learning Expert Immersion Accelerated Course schedule, along with two new courses and registered designations, designed specifically for learning and development professionals who prefer the convenience of obtaining certification in virtual and blended training by the end of the summer.

Keeping Students Safe and Productive on Devices

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, we’ll explore the full range of Jamf education products to protect students, including quick and easy tools for IT admins, powerful apps for teachers to ensure student safety anywhere, and parental engagement tools.

L&D Go Beyond Podcast: Instructional Story Design, with Rance Greene

Upside Learning

In this episode of L&D Go Beyond podcast, Amit Garg speaks with Rance Greene. Rance is an acclaimed story designer, author, and speaker. His book – Instructional Story Design , which we discuss extensively in the podcast, is a practical guide for developing stories that can train.

Set Right Experience for Your Learners with Course Status Feature

Lambda Solutions

Are you struggling with the course drop-off, slow progress, or low completion rates? These are a few common issues faced by course selling companies. Is there a way to resolve such issues? The answer is yes! Learner Engagement LMS Trends

Learning Solutions 2022 - Conference Summary #LSCon

Learning Visions

It's been a long time, and, man, it was really good to be back in person with my L+D peeps at the Learning Guild's Learning Solutions 2022 (#LSCon).

3 steps for conducting effective ‘stay interviews’

TLNT: The Business of HR

Are you really listening to your employees? If not, your organization may be missing out on valuable workplace insights that move the needle on employee engagement and retention.

The Key to Getting the Best Out of Video-Based Practice & Coaching

Speaker: Micah Eppler, Account Executive for Rehearsal of eLearning Brothers

Join Micah Eppler from eLearning Brothers to see hands-on examples of how organizations are transforming outcomes with video-based training strategies.



I know it’s not just me, we’re all increasingly getting drawn into (or witnessing) heated intellectual clashes the last few years, online and offline. These clashes may be political, social, cultural – the subjects vary, but the vehemence and acrimony are constants.

Capture Crucial Data with the Survey Program

Lambda Solutions

Every business that aims to create a rich customer and user experience relies on customer data insights captured through well-designed surveys. Learner Engagement LMS Trends

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How an Extended Enterprise LMS Benefits in Training External Teams?


The organizations have external teams that include distribution partners, supply networks, strategic partners, or franchises associated. As organizations grow with time, there arises the need to train external teams to realize their potential and stay ahead of the competitors.

Best Practices for Converting Instructor-Led Training to CPE-worthy eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Continuing Professional Education… Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The Best Ways to Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School

Speaker: Aaron Webb, Jamf

In our webinar, How to Best Use Managed Apple IDs at Your School, hear the real-world experience of Steven Palomo, IT Director at Beverly Public Schools, regarding how he successfully managed his entire tech stack.

Why Is LMS Becoming Increasingly Popular In Training And Development Platforms?


The constant upskilling and development is the need of every learner. It enables them to sustain themselves in the ever-competitive professional space. LMS fulfills upskilling needs proactively

Increase Your Bulk Sale with Contract Code

Lambda Solutions

LMS Trends Online Course Platform

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Free learning & development webinars for May 2022

Limestone Learning

“ Meadow, dandelion, garden ” by Dirk Schumacher is licensed by Pixabay. If you’ve just emerged from tax time, you know what it’s like to reassess your resources and how you’re deploying them.

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Best Practices for Converting Instructor-Led Training to CPE-worthy eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Continuing Professional Education… Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Immersing the Curious Mind in VR: Why You’re Missing Out on Proven ROI!

Speaker: John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO, CenarioVR® Creator

Join John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO and creator of the award-winning VR course builder CenarioVR®, to find out why organizations choose immersive learning and how they've used innovative approaches.

What is Metaverse? Why it can be a revolution in online training?


Metaverse is a platform that connects multiple technologies, similar to the internet, where different websites can be accessed through one web browser

Power-up Selling with Student and Buyer Insights

Lambda Solutions

Learner Engagement LMS Trends

The What and Why of Microlearning Videos for Effective Employee Training

CommLab India

Are you looking to enhance your employees’ learning experiences? Discover how you can leverage the power of microlearning videos for all your corporate training needs. eLearning Design Microlearning