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How Can Enterprises Get Better Training ROI with Blended Learning Solutions?

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Blended learning, as the name suggests, is a blend of traditional face-to-face learning and online learning. It is also sometimes called hybrid learning since it uses a mix of different learning and development strategies to achieve results.

How to Easily Implement (and Automate) the Kirkpatrick Model Using an LMS

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INSTANT DOWNLOAD: Four Levels of Evaluation Implementation Planner. This worksheet… Read more The post How to Easily Implement (and Automate) the Kirkpatrick Model Using an LMS appeared first on eLogic Learning: Learning Management System (LMS) | Enterprise LMS. Blog Training Strategy

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4 Easy Ways to Train a Diverse Workforce with eLearning


A diverse workforce provides a multitude of benefits to any organization. Better decision-making abilities among staff, increased innovation, heightened employee performance, and increased profits are just a few benefits.

Utilizing Corporate Training to Train and Engage a Remote Workforce

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As evolving technology continues to disrupt workplaces around the globe, its now more important than ever before to implement effective corporate training programs to ensure that your employees have the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful.

6 Tips to Help You Plan a Successful Online Course


Success in online education begins with thorough and thoughtful planning. The fastest way online courses run into trouble is when they’re launched with insufficient planning.

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Top 4 Use Cases Of LMS For Training Retail Workforce


Understanding the major Use Cases of an LMS for Retail training is important for retail outlets that wish to boost the productivity of their retail workforce

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Smarter ways to improve the quality of Employee-generated Learning

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Many thousands of subject matter experts (SMEs) capture and share their knowledge in the form of a course or assessment using Easygenerator. As we are working closely with our customers, we gained new insights about how to manage and improve the quality of the content in a smarter way.

6 Tips to Upsell Your Newest Online Course


How can educators retain learners after their course finishes? Many of our users devote a lot of time and energy into putting together their courses and finding students who would benefit from them. Attracting new students takes a lot of resources for most educators.

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How to be a world-class educational technologist

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On LinkedIn, I was asked: “I would like to ask sir, how can I be a world-class educational technologist?” ” And I thought that was a very interesting question. (Of Of course, my immediate response should be “how should I know? ;) But I thought I’d do a bit better.

Tips to Promote Diversity in Leadership Development Programs

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For the 21st century workplace, if you are still wondering why promoting diversity should be a priority within your leadership and development programs , the answer is quite simple and clearly evident through validated research.

Advanced Virtual Facilitation Techniques to Create Learner Engagement

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Virtually There Session Recap. Think back to the first time you ever facilitated a webinar, virtual training session, or a meeting. How did you feel about it? Most people, including members of our experienced team, found the process stressful.

H5P: Interactive Video For Blockbusting eLearning Engagement

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- 2 MIN READ -. If you are looking for ways to increase engagement in your courses, H5P may be your answer. H5P is a third-party plugin available for Moodle that allows you to build over 40 different types of resources and games.

Modern Training Online Workshop

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Next public workshop runs 2 March – 10 April 2020 This 6-week will look at how to design, deliver and manage a number of modern training content, events and experiences for the workplace, and consider how and when they might best be employed. Modern Workplace Learning

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ISPRING SUITE 9: Video Demos with Annotations Equals Awesomeness!

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If you have content in Microsoft PowerPoint and need to use it for eLearning, you'll be happy to know that the top eLearning tools (Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and TechSmith Camtasia) allow you to import PowerPoint content and then output HTML5 or videos.

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Blended Learning Solutions Provide the Most Bang For Your Training Buck

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For years one of our clients delivered a one-and-done instructor-led classroom training seminar that prepared learners to pass an exam and achieve a professional certification.

How Nonprofit Training Delivered via LXP Drives Employee Engagement


There are many benefits to providing various types of training to nonprofit employees. Nonprofit training topics can include leadership, customer service, and fundraising. James W. Shephard, Jr.,

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Lambda Suite: How To Sell Individual Activities

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- 2 MIN READ -. If you are selling your courses online, then you’ve probably put some thought into pricing. As online education sales soar, eLearning businesses are becoming more and more creative in their pricing models.

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Tips to Improve the RFP Process for Employee Training Partners

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We frequently receive invitations to participate in the RFP process for employee training partners and eLearning services. It’s good to provide some structure around the search process so you can compare potential vendors.

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What Challenges Do Your Characters Face?

Experiencing eLearning

Once upon a time, there was an instructional designer who created a branching scenario for training. Her client was excited about the approach, her SME was always available and helpful, and her technology worked perfectly the first time, every time.

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Cornerstone Acquires Saba: A Market Leader Acquires A Pioneer

Josh Bersin on Enterprise Learning

Today CornerstoneOnDemand announced plans to acquire Saba , cementing the consolidation of the enterprise learning management systems market. Together, the combined company will have total recurring revenue of around $818 Million, making the company a near billion-dollar recurring revenue company.

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How (And Why!) To Measure Time Spent Learning

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- 3 MIN READ -. A couple of weeks ago I was speaking with an international partner who asked why we would want to measure time spent learning. We spoke a bit about the origin of time spent learning coming from the credit system, but they couldn’t see a current use for their clients.

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Learning Analytics: Big Demand, But Bigger Challenges?

Talented Learning

When I stepped into the extended enterprise learning world 25 years ago, the concept of data-based decision-making was vastly different. The analytics process was usually ad-hoc and reactive. And all too often, data was inaccurate, incomplete or lagged behind real-time by 24-hours or more.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: The Differences Between HCM, LMS, and LXP


Digital transformation has become an unavoidable reality for businesses over the last decade. In fact, the enterprise software market has correspondingly grown in size and complexity — and the learning technology market is no exception.

Career Advice for Learning and Development Professionals

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Career Advice for Learning and Development Professionals Learning and development professionals love impacting the lives and careers of those they teach. They’re passionate about providing learning experiences that impact individual and organizational performance.

LMS Integration: The Key To Increasing Your eLearning ROI

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- 4 MIN READ -. LMS Analytics eCommerce Measuring ROI Totara Learn Moodle

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How to Retain Your Employees With Training: Attraction Stage

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As of January 2020, the United States unemployment rate was 3.6%, which is great for workers, but makes it more challenging for companies to retain their employees. With such a low unemployment rate, it means workers have more options.

What Makes Microlearning an Attractive Learning Strategy for Gen Z Learners?

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Will microlearning work for Gen Z? Find out how microlearning boosts learner engagement in Gen Z and helps them learn in the flow of work. eLearning Design Microlearning

Paradiso Solutions presents its Top 10 eLearning development companies for 2020


If you’re looking for content development you must wonder which are the best eLearning development companies in the market. This is the main reason why we did deep research to help you make the right choice.

Sell Online Courses from your Own Website with Moodle

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- 3 MIN READ -. eCommerce Moodle

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Stunning Presentation Design Using PowerPoint Morph


Welcome to the playground of my imagination! In this post we look at the mind-bending world of Morph and how to use it create stunning design effects in PowerPoint. Morph is a bit of a superhero really. Saving you from all sorts of time-consuming activities and other perils. But what is morph?

3 Ways an LMS Helps You Deliver Better Customer Experience


For better or worse, customer experience makes or breaks retail success. Your LMS can impact how shoppers engage with your store. Here are three examples of what we mean. The post 3 Ways an LMS Helps You Deliver Better Customer Experience appeared first on Wisetail LMS. All LMS Best Practices

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