Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment

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One of the papers I will be presenting in September is entitled: "Learning Space Mash-up: Toward a Collaborative Personal Learning Environment". These include Monkey Business , Changing the Architecture (about the future of Web 2.0 and Web 3.0

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

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This is a continuation from yesterday''s blog post on changing times and the survival of higher education. Below are four reasons why the Social Web and associated media are changing higher education. British Journal of Educational Technology , 39(6), 987-995.

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The changing Web

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This is number 4 in the series of blog posts entitled 'Shaping Education for the Future.' The web is constantly changing. One of the greatest changes (and challenges) for education over the last few years has been the proliferation of user generated content. Essentially, Web 2.0

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Remix culture and education

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Since then, several have asked me what I mean by remix culture, and how it applies to education. Sometimes several works are combined or 'mashed up' to create new versions. However, in formal education settings, remixing is sometimes seen as undesirable.

The Business Web

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This is something I've pointed to before: Promise of Web 2.0 They applications range from sales, service and support, utilities, and tools to health care, education, real estate, and manufacturing. The Business Web. And The Business Web- with all of its innovation, creativity, and most important, customer success—won't wait for Microsoft. We have seen the consumer Web dominated by companies like eBay and Amazon.

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Learning Content Curation for Association Member Education

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Have you tried curating content for your education programs? Rather than creating all your course content from scratch, learning content curation can help you to update and extend your member education programs with new material.

iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning


Home > Single Source , Standards > iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning iPad & eBooks: A Game Changer for Blended Learning March 25th, 2010 Goto comments Leave a comment I was on Nigel Paine’s blog on Friday when I saw and commented on his post The Mash-up Begins.

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Nothing new under the sun

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They represent what is happening right here, right now, on the web. just about everything you encounter online has either been done before, or it's a synthesis (the social media term is 'mashup') of previously available content. And what are the implications for education?

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Tools to make you drool – video training toys for IDs

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While it allows you to integrate video into the e-learning module, you can set up an interface that pulls out bullet points and diagrams (from a Powerpoint deck or other document) in a sidebar to support the video and provide additional information.

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Digital literacy 9: Broadcasting yourself

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The social web has shifted the balance of power away from commercial production companies toward the individual. This is a characteristic of the Web 2.0 There are a huge array of social web tools to choose from and many of them are free at the point of delivery.

E-Learning Authoring Tools Characterized

The E-Learning Curve

Since the term 'authoring tool' is somewhat non-specific, many programs can be considered authoring tools, including web editors like Dreamweaver, Flash, PowerPoint and even content platforms like Adobe Connect provide the facility to create learning content. Web 2.0

World Health 2.0

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It's one of a suite of papers Maged Boulos and I have been working on with colleagues around the world over the last 3 years, and this one is particularly exciting because it shows how to harness Web 2.0 tools, mashups and aggregators to predict localised social trends such as flu epidemics.

Shocks to the system

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When the social web emerged sometime at the turn of the century, a new array of opportunities appeared for the creation of dynamic, collaborative and sociable learning environments - we now know it as social media.

Learning with 'e's: Mashing it up

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Earlier today I was invited by my good friend Maged Kamel Boulos to write a paper on educational mashups for inclusion in a special issue of Future Internet - an online open access journal, which he is guest editing. Wiki Blog Space Mashups: Combining Web 2.0 mashup

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Top 11 Disruptive E-Learning Technologies For 2013


These disruptive technologies are re-shaping the learning and education landscape. Along with the social changes happening around the world in the learning and education domain, these technological changes are going to revolutionize the e-learning domain.

Semantic technologies and learning

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This is nicely facilitated by Social Web technologies (e.g. Traditionally, the Semantic Web is associated with semantic technologies (Gaevi, Jovanovi, & Devedi, 2007 ). Due to the intensive use of Web 2.0 Despite the initial perception that Web 2.0

Keeping your head above water

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June is going to be an exceptionally busy month for me, and what a contrast it will be to last year, when I was forced to put my feet up after abominable (sorry, abdominal) surgery. This June, instead of putting my feet up, I'm going to be trying to keep my head above water.

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Good morning Barcelona!! Jim Groom at #EDEN15

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He is nicknamed the 'Reverend' (oh the irony), and is a purveyor of American pop culture, experimental educational technology and out-of-left-field philosophy. Education is about the exchange of ideas, and is not about technology, it is about people, he declared.

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Don't miss the train!

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I'm just about to hop on a train and make my way up to Milton Keynes for the first time, where tomorrow I'm an external examiner for one of the Open University 's PhD candidates. tools in tertiary education. Understanding Web 2.0 becomes Web 3.0.

Digital Participation

Your Training Edge

Educators might be concerned to think how well the digital environment boosts students’ participation. The types of new media recognized and applied in the accounts of learning by digital natives are products of commercial scenario, generally designed for purposes other than education.

Up Pompey

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I will be hooking up with old pals Emma Duke-Williams (world famous in Portsmouth for her portrait of me as 'multi-me') and Manish Malik (with whom I have just written a paper on Cloud Learning Environments). Web 2.0 Tags: Manish Malik Folksonomy blog Web 2.0

Top 10 eLearning Resources You May Not Have Thought Of

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An increased number of educators, organizations, institutions, and individuals of various industries are creating online courses that enable them to grow as professionals and gain more knowledge. The tool comes with comprehensive SCORM-compliant assets for PDF and Web.

Workforce learning in 2019: Finding patterns in a Clouded Crystall Ball

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Education. The situation in the education world would however be different. GenY have grown up with rich-media and have a significant difference in attitude from the Gen X. People will want to create and communicate and do this quickly and without “due process” Authoring tools will need to support mashups, but I suspect that tools themselves need to be created as a mash-up of tools. Expect the price to fall below $100 soon as demand picks up.

On the Horizon

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Process: October: open up to the advisory board. Trends and Challenges facing education. Useful for education b/c applications that are comparable to installed software (like Google Docs). Semantic web would know which one you want. Sign up for the 2010 Advisory Board.

Reaction to IMS Learning Impact 2012 Conference


While it was a small gathering, the caliber of people and level of engagement of the participants was impressive. ( [link] ) There was a high concentration of executives of major educational content publishers, the largest learning technology providers, and leaders in K12 and higher-ed all gathered to coalesce around a set of standards that can meet the challenges of transforming teaching and learning in higher-ed and K12. The IMS is at the cutting edge of web 2.0

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Social Network Analysis - Twitter - Social Media - Best Stuff from Last Week

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WISE Pedagogy , April 29, 2009 eLearning mash-up follow-up: Articulate presenter and Flash 10 compatibility - Ignatia Webs , April 28, 2009 Twitter Chat - Adventures in Corporate Education , April 24, 2009 Steps for Designing a Virtual Learning World Experience - Kapp Notes , April 24, 2009 Top Other Items The following are the top other items based on social signals. Here is the best stuff from last week via eLearning Learning.

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/25/2006

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Web 2.0 happened while we were waiting for the Semantic Web - ZDNet. Web 3.0 is another name for the Semantic Web, which has been anticipated for some time now. Of the things that did matter: household income, parent education, among other community variables. Interested in learning how to develop mashups? There are a lot of different definitions of what a software mashup is (there are also other types of mashups, like music).

Knowledge and Learning In The News - 11/26/2005

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Mash Up The News - Business Week. Tag: Mash Up. Opening keynote at the Saskatchewan Association for Computers in Education conference in Regina. Fascinating, weird and wacky stories on the Web this week If you've got a little technical flair, you can use the Post's RSS feeds to create new, noncommercial applications that let you remix the news. Nobody Really Cares About the Creative Class - Dave Pollard. Nobody really cares about the creative class.

Top 15 Learning Management Systems mid-year 2014

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If you are seeking a system that is a mash-up of useful business tools with a strong LMS, than this is a system to examine. Their ideal market honestly is education, but they as many other VLPs have realized that corporate is a delicacy that cannot be passed up. 13 Blackboard - What is their to say about the most well known synchronous based platform best suited for education and has a strong core of users in the education market? I love to travel.

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knowledge and Learning In The News - 6/13/2006

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Some Educators Fear Pull Results in 'a La Carte' Learning - Red Orbit. Collaboration, Self-Publishing And Tools Mash-up New Driving Forces - Robin Good. The internet is evolving from a channel for content distribution to a platform for collaboration, sharing and innovation - the so-called Web 2.0. Gates: 'Information overload' is overblown - ZD Net.

First Time Visitor Guide

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I do generally focus from a corporate standpoint (not as much in the education realm). Once we've interacted to some level, you might consider linking up with my via LinkedIn - I found this to be a good way to stay connected with people. Presentation - ISPI Los Angeles Introduction to Wikis, Blogs, Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and RSS Practical Suggestions: Web 2.0 Start-Up Guides Personal and Group Learning Using Web 2.0

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Standard Options Apply


My perspective is this, and I can’t say it strongly enough: there’s no way we can make real change in learning, education and training without it being financially viable. Consider Breaking Up the Spec Into Separate Standards Efforts. What this would then allow is the means by which any database or web application could let in or keep out statements that are junk, to use xAPI statements as a system might use any other data source.

Top 5 Talking Points from 2013 #LSCon

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Security is a big issue in the corporate world and I picked up some useful pointers, although no definitive answers. As XAPI is taken up and evolves, so more verbs will be added. It is central to the #LScon event that it gives delegates the opportunity to catch up with the latest in eLearning tools, compare the alternatives, and preview what’s coming next. HTML5, CSS3 and jquery are at the heart of the web. What does the future hold for learning?

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Cammy Beans Learning Visions: Emerging Technologies in e-Learning

Learning Visions

Emerging" = kinds of e-learning that are just starting to show up -- in labs, new company offerings. In the 90s there were one or two ways to do e-Learning: CDRoms and then the web. Then the world wide web. Now were into web 2.0 -- new technologies that werent there 10 years ago. Self Serve Can also pick up packaged food -- self-service from a vending machine, etc. Self-direct learning experience == a standard course prepared and available on a web site.

Five Myths of Social Learning


According to a McKinsey executive survey , a whopping 71% of enterprises are using Web 2.0 The Web 2.0 Given the need for enterprise adoption, Forrester reports two key criteria that organizations need to look for in their community platform vendors: Full solution services: In addition to the technology, they must bring experience branding in this new medium and deploying communities, strategy & education services, and community management services.