People, politics and pedagogy

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The branches were removed, the satellite dish installed, and the local community could enjoy and learn from the educational programmes we broadcast via the satellite. Working on that project, I think I learnt far more about people and politics than I ever learnt about technology or pedagogy.

True pedagogy

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Pedagogy is not about directing children. In its absolute form, pedagogy is not just about teaching. It does not simply concern itself with the 'delivery' of education or content. In the truest sense, teaching is just one element of pedagogy and not the entire story.

New pedagogies?

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Most new technologies, particularly handheld devices, lend themselves more to student led learning than they do to teacher led education. Photo by Alan Levine on Flickr New pedagogies? EDEN education knowledge learning pedagogies schools Technology

Dodgeball pedagogy

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Here's a thought provoking article from our subject leader in Physical Education here at the Plymouth Institute of Education. This is innovation in pedagogy - using existing and familiar contexts, to revise and modify as great learning experiences.

Networked pedagogy

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The impact of traditional education on contemporary pedagogical practices. Chaos and uncertainty versus knowing and order, and the educational impact of rhizomatic approaches to learning. The future of education and the potential impact of new and emerging technologies.

A solid education platform

Clark Quinn

In the past couple of days, I’ve come across two different initiatives to improve education. And certainly our education system can stand improvement. However, nowhere was there the option of ‘a deeper pedagogy’ And that’s a problem.

Narrative pedagogy 3: Problem solving

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In this short series (on what I will call 'narrative pedagogy'*) I'm exploring some of the storytelling techniques that can be adapted for use in education. My use signifies how storytelling devices can be applied to everyday pedagogy.

Narrative pedagogy 1: Focusing their attention

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In this short series on what I will call 'narrative pedagogy' I want to explore some of the storytelling techniques that can be adapted for use in education. education interrupting routine learning narrative pedagogy story telling teaching

Passion for education

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We all need inspiration, and many would argue that we perform better as educators when we have passion. We need to see education for what it is - the means to draw out the best from children and give them the best preparation to thrive in the world.

Alternate Pedagogies and Experiences

Clark Quinn

In writing about mobile for higher education, other than meeting learner administrative and information needs, I obviously focused more on the formal learning roles mobile devices could facilitate. And one of the things that has been of interest to me is looking differently at pedagogies.

Narrative pedagogy 4: Connecting the dots

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In this short series I'm exploring some of the storytelling techniques that can be adapted for use in education. How might we use the principle of Chekhov's Gun in education? Chekhov's gun education Harry Potter learning narrative device pedagogy storytelling Walking Dead

Narrative pedagogy 2: Maintaining the suspense

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this short series on what I will call 'narrative pedagogy'* I want to explore some of the storytelling techniques that can be adapted for use in education. Photo by Daniel Hollister on Flickr *Yes, I know that the term 'narrative pedagogy' has been used before, but in other contexts.

Narrative pedagogy 4: Connecting the dots

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In this short series I'm exploring some of the storytelling techniques that can be adapted for use in education. How might we use the principle of Chekhov's Gun in education? Chekhov's gun education Harry Potter learning narrative device pedagogy storytelling Walking Dead

2014’s Top three Innovations in eLearning Pedagogy

Lambda Solutions

The Open University recently released a report on the new innovations in teaching, learning and assessments which are changing higher education at large.

Pedagogy in Game-Based Learning – Tips to align ID strategies in Learning Games


Learning games are fast gaining popularity – in educational as well as corporate circles. Many popular video games are being re-furbished for educational purpose and many original games are also being designed to facilitate training.

Presence Pedagogy: Needs Some More Dimensions

Kapp Notes

The other day, I discovered an interesting article, Presence Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning in a 3D Virtual Immersive World , which describes an educational approach for conducting a learning event in a virtual immersive environment.

Are Online Courses as Effective as In-Person Education?


On one hand, the rapid growth of Internet technologies has seen a corresponding growth in online education. This was the 13th consecutive year to record continual growth in students embracing online education. Which Education Format Works Better?

Surfing the Future Pedagogies: Augmented Learning


A super-glorified way to present educational technology? Watch this video to learn more: By linking educational content to real places, environment and object, learning becomes meaningful and processed better. What’s so great about augmented learning anyway?



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m-Learning e-Book "New Technologies, New Pedagogies: Mobile Learning in Higher Education"

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A free e-book, New Technologies, New Pedagogies: Mobile Learning in Higher Education , is available for free download through the University of Wollongong's Research Online.

Bear pit pedagogy

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I would be interested to hear from other teacher educators about what approaches you use and whether you see any value in what we are doing with our bear pits. Image source Bear pit pedagogy by Steve Wheeler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0

The Art of Reflection: How to Become a More Thoughtful Educator

Your Training Edge

A useful tool for self-assessment for educators, introspection bears plenty of fruits for those who put their minds to it. Putting your pedagogy under careful scrutiny using reflective teaching tools, you will need to understand what your core strength areas are.

New spaces, new pedagogies

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Here's the abstract for my keynote: New Spaces, New Pedagogies: Harnessing the Power of Social Media in Education A rapid emergence of social media – the so called ‘Web 2.0’ – has opened up new opportunities for participatory learning in all sectors of education.

#40years of educational technology: Computers

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These are some of the most important things I have learnt from my 40 years working in educational technology: Technology doesn't improve teaching. You can't simply drop technology into education. I needed to know more about using computers for education.

Educator as a Design Thinker

Coffee and Design

DaveHallmon : Always enjoying Jackie’s doodles and reminders that we must think again about our current systems and pedagogy. Originally posted on User Generated Education : Resources for Educator as a Design Thinker. Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit – [link].

Imagined futures 2: Education

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It has featured regularly in keynote speeches, articles and texts about the future of education. This is analagous of a problem that exists to this day in our education systems. education future learning networked learning retrofuturism schools Technology

The battle for education

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Education is underpinned by several philosophies, some of which are incompatible. As a result, there are many educational approaches, a myriad of theories and a bewildering number of perspectives.

Disrupting Education

Clark Quinn

The following was prompted by a discussion on how education has the potential to be disrupted. Some thoughts I lobbed in another forum (lightly edited): Mark Warschauer, in his great book Learning in the Cloud (which has nothing to do with ‘the cloud’), pointed out that there are only 3 things wrong with public education: the curricula, the pedagogy, and the way they use tech; other than that they’re fine.

Selected Educational Games

Kapp Notes

Doing a presentation for an online conference called GAME ON: Exploring innovative pedagogies: Using game design to enhance online learning being conducted by Charles Darwin University in Australia.

Educators and Marketers are Both Facing a Huge Problem


But to a learning professional (who likely entered the field to provide quality content to learners and focused their own education on understanding how to build the “right” questions and which pedagogy is best used to achieve a specific outcome) it is daunting.

X-based learning: sorting out pedagogies and design

Clark Quinn

I’ve been a fan of the Center for Civic Education’s Project Citizen as an example of this, having students try to pass legislation to improve things in their area, and consequently learning about law-making. I frankly want an activity-based pedagogy and curriculum to support all of these models. The point is to find an umbrella that holds a suite of appropriate pedagogies and makes it difficult to do inappropriate ones.

Andragogy vs. Pedagogy

Big Dog, Little Dog

Pedagogy is derived from the Greek words paid meaning “child&# and agogus meaning “leader of.&# In this pedagogy classroom, the teachers are responsible for all decisions about learning in that they decided what is to be learned, how it is to be learned, when it should be learned, and if it has been learned. When adult education was later established, this was the only model at the time, so our profession was also based on it.

Communities, spaces and pedagogies for the digital age

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Communities, spaces and pedagogies for the digital age View more presentations from Steve Wheeler. I enjoyed a very interesting and stimulating day at Colchester Institute yesterday, where I gave two workshops for staff entitled: Communities, spaces and pedagogies for the digital age.

Education Industry Experts build interactivity into eLearning - Their Experience


Recently, four leading experts from education industry came together to share their experience of working with Raptivity for creating learning interactions. Mary Lasater uses Raptivity for creating PPR (Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities) Exam for vocabulary having 13 competencies.

Learning Analytics & Adaptive Learning to Shape Higher Education in the Future

Lambda Solutions

The New Media Consortium recently published a report on the technology trends and developments they foresee in the next five years, in higher education institutions. Analytic data empowers educators with information that allows them to shape better learning pedagogies.".

eLearning Glossary: Definitions for the Most Commonly Used Terms

Association eLearning

eLearning -Also referred to as internet-based learning, web-based learning, and online learning is any training or education delivered via computer. For many, their first experience with eLearning was educational computer games delivered via CD Rom.

Discursive or recursive? The fractal nature of education


" What would it take for us to leave the safe and mundane world of product based, recursive education behind and adopt new pedagogies that promote self discovery, digression from prescribed pathways and learning by a process of serendipity?".