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You will notice the “grey boxes” – this is where folks – like you – could have made your own selections and submit them to me, sort of “fantasy Customer Education System thing” Anyway, each time a system moved (i.e. customer education, B2B/B2C).



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Bob Little – Crystal Balling with Learnnovators


Examples include helping the US-based LMS provider, Pathlore, to be acquired by SumTotal Systems and helping the UK-based learning content producer, Skillchange Systems, to be acquired by Vega (which, itself, was later acquired by an Italian company). Its research is used by Governments to inform economic policy; by universities and education establishments; by journalists; by investors evaluating new opportunities and by other research organisations.

Docebo: The hottest learning tech company in years


When I worked at IBM in the 1980s we called that “clothing the sale” in services and education; today, companies that sell education as a product generate high-margin revenue streams. The Learning Technology market is big.

Docebo 130

Learning Management Platform for Your Training Need


LMS Platforms for Enterprise, Startups, and Education Sector. The selection of learning management system platform depends on the varied training needs of enterprises, startups, and educational institutions. The education sector mainly uses an elearning platform to increase collaboration, retention, and drive student performance levels. Using Modern LMS for Enterprises, Startups, and Academic Institutions.

2020 LMS Trends: An Analyst’s Extended Enterprise Learning Predictions

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Bridgepoint Education Acquires Coding Bootcamp Fullstack Academy. Surgent Expands into Healthcare Professional Education Market Through Acquisition of PharmCon. You know the names – Cornerstone , Oracle , Saba Software , SAP SuccessFactors , SumTotal Systems and Workday.

Covid-19 Aid: Free Tools and Resources for Virtual Learning and Remote Work

Talented Learning

7) Health Education Content. This platform vendor is offering educators free access to its Course Learning Center LMS through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Free Language Education. via SumTotal and Skillsoft. 7) HEALTH EDUCATION CONTENT.

Get Ready for a Season of Learning Tech Success! Fall Webinar Series

Talented Learning

We’ll look at how today’s learning tech can help you tackle some of today’s toughest learning challenges, including: What it takes for associations to succeed at continuing education , How to get more from a traditional LMS — not with workarounds or replacement, but by augmenting your system , How to boost extended enterprise learning engagement , and. The Power of Professional Development: How to Succeed With Continuing Education.

Learning System TrailBlazers – Who’s Next?

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Strategic blunder of major proportions in the acquisition of SumTotal has continued to hurt them (i.e., Fun fact – The new SumTotal front-end was from Percipio (Skillsoft’s LXP platform). They are customer education leaders for a reason.

Latest in the Learning System Market

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Why, would a system that pushes heavily around the customer education/partner training segment, acquire a vendor who does the complete opposite? There isn’t anything stopping a TXP from offering or going after the customer education segment, and there are two that already do.

Learning System Award Winners 2019

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eLogic, Growth Engineering, Litmos by SAP, CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, MATRIX, Kokm, Roundtable Learning, SumTotal Learning Management, Cornerstone Learn, GyrusAim Learning Cloud, Tessello, Agylia. eLogic, Litmos by SAP, Growth Engineering, SumTotal Learning Management, Coorpacademy, Unicorn LMS, Docebo, CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, Fuse and Learn Amp and Brainier LMS. ” “And the winner is… ” K-6 (Education) – Frog Learn .

Analysis of ASTD International Conference and Expo 2013

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SumTotal is coming out with a new UI for their learning module in August. I also learned that the “portal” example they show in their demo is with two or more modules, that most people do not buy all the modules, and that you can see the product – as much as you want – without being qualified (this is in reference to an internal salesperson via a phone conversation at SumTotal who told me that in order to see the product you have to be qualified). EXTRA!


Should You Use an Employee LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning in 2019?

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Early in 2014, I set-out to answer a question I constantly hear as a learning systems selection consultant : “Should we use our employee LMS to educate external audiences?” Primarily because employee educational goals, interests and motivations don’t apply to extended enterprise learners. Examples in this group including Adobe Captivate Prime , BizLibrary , CrossKnowledge , Degreed , Gyrus , Bridge by Instructure , Lessonly , SuccessFactors and SumTotal.

LMS Integration:  The Learning Ecosystem

Talented Learning

Many talent management systems such as Cornerstone , SuccessFactors , Oracle , SumTotal and Saba have their own proprietary integrated LMS solutions. Association Learning Buying LMS Channel Learning Continuing Education Customer Learning LMS Integration Learning Management System LMS LMS APIs LMS CRM LMS ecosystem LMS integrationIn 2016, it makes more sense to think of a LMS as part of a digital business ecosystem, rather than a standalone island destination.

2016 LMS Market Trends, Observations and Predictions

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Now individuals and not organizations are responsible for lifelong learning and continuing education. We discovered the current 2016 market is made up of 4 broad types of LMS including corporate, academic, continuing education and association LMSs. 5 – The LMS Fight for Professional Continuing Education. We will leave it as number one again this year because it is rampant in corporate, academic, association and continuing education sectors of the LMS market.

Is Your Organization Worried about the Falling Unemployment Rate?

SumTotal L&D

It’s a topic that is very close to my heart and one I encounter on an almost daily basis as I travel around the globe in my capacity as Senior Director of Business Strategy and Transformation at SumTotal. This emphasis on education is not a new solution; many companies have a tradition of investing in their people. appeared first on SumTotal. The current US unemployment rate is at a historic low.

The LMS Meets 2017: Top 15 Learning Tech Predictions

Talented Learning

Rather, they are educated guesses about learning technology trends, based on our continuous market research, our consulting interactions with countless LMS buyers and sellers and more than 20 years of experience we’ve accumulated in the learning industry. Trying to proactively dislodge Cornerstone, SumTotal, Saba, SuccessFactors or Oracle as a business model is a fool’s errand. Hands down, our learning technology “predictions” list is our favorite post to develop each year.

Can you recommend an LMS?

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I know SumTotal Learning Management gets tagged regularly when it comes to support. And I know folks who leave them are usually unhappy for various reasons, but I can tell you that I have had two in-depth meetings with SumTotal including one with the VP of Customer Service/Support and have seen the metrics. They have by far the best mobile app for Support, i.e. a support mobile app that clients can download and use (if they have SumTotal). SumTotal Learning Management (Yes).

Congrats to our Top Learning Systems customers

Rustici Software

Brainier LMS focuses on educating, engaging, and empowering the modern workforce. 5 SumTotal. SumTotal is a major player in the enterprise LMS space. SumTotal Learning Management has an integration with Rustici Engine , which includes xAPI and Learning Record Store (LRS) support. It’s finally arrived… my favorite time of year, next to my birthday, my kids’ birthdays, my wife’s birthday, the Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

xapi 43

#10 to #1 LMSs of 2012

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One of the top systems for the education market. They are already in higher education and are now expanding to K-12. However, as noted above, the system is extremely strong in education. SMS (text notifications) which is strongly used today by students in higher education. Pricing is mid tier on the education side. My #1 education learning management system. Well here it is, the final countdown.

Is Your Organization Worried about the Falling Unemployment Rate?

SumTotal L&D

It’s a topic that is very close to my heart and one I encounter on an almost daily basis as I travel around the globe in my capacity as Senior Director of Business Strategy and Transformation at SumTotal. This emphasis on education is not a new solution; many companies have a tradition of investing in their people. appeared first on SumTotal. The current US unemployment rate is at a historic low.

Sharing the TinCan/xAPI@Work Journey – Step 1 – Validating the Potential

Learning Cafe

Cameron has more than 10 years digital and education experience. He is a passionate and creative professional who is focused on the development of visually engaging, meaningful and educational digital products and experiences. Jeevan has worked for EY, PWC, Boots, SumTotal and Upside. xAPI/TinCan has the potential to alter just about everything Learning does or will be expected to deliver.

xapi 61

Talent Development Platforms – R Here

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for customer education/training, partner training, B2B/B2C a TDP is not for you. Main Audience – Customers, as in customer training/education, partner training, B2B/B2C, training providers, training consultants (who sell their own content, webinars, etc.),

Top 10 mLearning tools in 2020

Ed App

In general, we use the term eLearning to refer to remote training or education. 5) SumTotal ToolBook. SumTotal ToolBook is another mLearning authoring tool. This year has seen a sudden rise in the number of tools available for distributed forms of learning.

A Whole New World (of Learning)

CLO Magazine

Many now sit behind consumer-like front ends built by companies such as Cornerstone, SumTotal and Instructure. Yes, many LMSs are very complex e-commerce, customer education and revenue-generating systems. I don’t predict the end of big systems like Saba, SumTotal, SAP or any other LMS vendor overnight. Josh Bersin is founder of Bersin by Deloitte, and a principal with Deloitte Consulting. When I began my career as an analyst, I started out studying the LMS market.

Hurrah for client winners of John Leh’s Best of the Best

Rustici Software

Best Continuing Education LMS. 3 Sumtotal. SumTotal is a major player in the LMS space and they use SCORM Engine to help them support xAPI. Best Continuing Education LMS. #3 This week, we’re cheering, “Hurrah!” ” for our clients who were named a top LMS by John Leh in his recent list, “2017 Talented Learning LMS Awards: Best of the Best.” ” John Leh is CEO and Lead Analyst at Talented Learning, LLC.

The Augmented LMS: New Life for Talent Management Learning?

Talented Learning

When we started Talented Learning nearly four years ago, our mission was to help clients find and use learning management systems that effectively support extended enterprise education. From the outset, we understood why learning technology decision makers often sought a separate LMS for channel partner and customer-focused education. Increasingly, customer and partner education programs led to desired behaviors and justified investment in a second LMS.

‘Best of Elearning! ’ Awards Honor 100 Top Solutions


Winner: SumTotal Learn. SumTotal Learn provides the personalized, contextual learning required to help your people be better at their jobs while they are doing them. Potash, FRHI, the Apollo Education Group, H&R Block. Award of Excellence: SumTotal Talent. SumTotal Talent offers the ability to discover hidden talent and capabilities within your current workforce and provide tools to help all of your people be more productive. The 2015 “Best of Elearning!”

Investing in Our Customers’ Success: Degreed Welcomes LinkedIn L&D Leader, Kelly Palmer, as New Chief Learning Officer


Combined, Degreed’s highly skilled team has decades of experience building many of the leading brands in corporate learning, enterprise software and consumer education technology: Workday, Cornerstone OnDemand, SAP SuccessFactors, Microsoft, Skillsoft/SumTotal, Harvard Business Publishing, Bersin by Deloitte, IBM, MIT, Chegg, Pluralsight, Instructure and

The New Corporate Learning Ecosystem: Coexistence at Work

Talented Learning

Originally, many LMS specialists tried to compete head-to-head with the established giants of the talent management LMS world like Cornerstone , Saba , SumTotal , SAP/SuccessFactors , Oracle. It may be considered mission-critical to educate some groups, while others are a low priority. Education often plays a strategic role in driving awareness, interest, trial and purchase by targeted prospects.

Meridian Expands Leadership Team with Learning Industry Experts


Ken joins Meridian from Blackboard where he served as a key member of their Professional Education (ProEd) Federal Government solutions team. Prior to Blackboard, Ken held public sector sales roles at Saba and SumTotal Systems. Reston, VA – December 13, 2018 – Meridian Knowledge Solutions today announced a significant leadership team expansion with the recent addition of three learning industry veterans.

Top 10 Learning Systems for 2021

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SumTotal for example did a nice revamp, but their reporting is super outdated. Small Enterprise vs Enterprise vs Large Enterprise vs Customer Training/Education (aka as Extended Enterprise). Well, here we are. A new year, and well, new rankings for 2021.

Our TinCan/xAPI@Work Journey – Step 2 – Proof Of Concept & Learning Analytics

Learning Cafe

Cameron has more than 10 years digital and education experience. He is a passionate and creative professional who is focused on the development of visually engaging, meaningful and educational digital products and experiences. Jeevan has worked for EY, PWC, Boots, SumTotal and Upside. Thu, July 16, 2015 12 – 1:00 pm EST. Register.

Alternatives to (Enter System)

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Employees and Customer education competitor. Employees and Customer education competitor. Thought Industries – If you are eyeing Docebo for B2B/B2C, customer education, partner training, associations – then TI is the one to compare. Everyone loves comparisons.

The Current Top 5 Talent Management Solutions


According to the World Economic Forum, in order to sustain economic growth, “…by 2030 the United States will need to add more than 25 million workers and Europe will need to add more than 24 million employees… almost all industries and countries will require sizeable increases in the percentages of highly educated people in their workforces.” Talent Expansion ™ by SumTotal Systems, Inc. You want a talented team. Correction: you NEED a talented team.

Innovators' Dilemma in Learning/eLearning

Tony Karrer

the information explosion, needed changes to education, etc., Does anyone from Saba, SumTotal, Adobe/Macromedia/eHelp, Lectora, etc. I blogged about this before on LCB - The Innovator's Dilemma of Learning , but the recent discussion in Product Vendor Blogs - Where are They?

Chief Learning Officer announces the 2019 Learning In Practice Award finalists

CLO Magazine

Division 1: Eric Fusilero, VP, Global Enablement and Education, NetApp. Rachapol Lamee, Industrial Training and Education Manager, E. & Skillsoft and SumTotal Systems. EXCELLENCE IN EXECUTIVE EDUCATION AWARD. Chief Learning Officer has revealed the finalists for its 2019 Learning In Practice Awards. The awards were established in 2003 to recognize learning leaders who have demonstrated excellence in the design and delivery of employee development programs.

Perception in the E-Learning World

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A virtual classroom, reeks of education and especially K-12. When someone says traditional, I know they are thinking of SumTotal, SuccessFactors and Cornerstone. Yet, I never hear those same terms that are tossed towards the folks such as Cornerstone and SumTotal. . I know some vendors call it customer education, but it is customer training. Customer education sounds dated, and refers back to well, education. Hyundai had a problem.

B2B Top Five LMSs

eLearning 24-7

They will spout that it can be used in education – i.e. Education B2B, associations and of course corporate. . 5 – SumTotal Learn. But if you can and you want to decide between CoD, SF, Saba or SumTotal. Go SumTotal. I admit I love lists. I’m one of those people who sees a book of lists about anything and then I must have it. I must read it. I just like lists. It seems to me that there are others who also love lists.

2020 Learning System Awards (by Vertical/Industry)

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Feature sets are rich for those in the K-12 and higher education market, albeit I think it is a bit stronger for higher grades in K-12 and universities and colleges. SumTotal Learning Management – Feature rich system, very strong in compliance and regulatory, knows the space well.