What do online educators need?

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Photo by Steinar Engeland on unsplash In yesterday's post I wrote about how teachers are beginning to use online forms of education to enhance and extend the reach of schools. What do online educators need?

5 keys for Section 508 Compliance and Web Accessibility

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If web accessibility issues for disabled users aren’t accounted for and addressed at the outset of the design process, the back end of a project can morph into an imposing labyrinth of alt-text, tabbing, transcript, and template color contrast nightmares.

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2019 Talented Learning Awards: Continuing Education Systems

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And this week the celebration continues, as we recognize excellence in our second category – continuing education systems. However, today we’re excited to shine a light on exceptional continuing education systems because they are our lifeblood. Web Courseworks.

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10 Web Apps for Traditional and Online Class for interactive classroom collaboration


Imagine a scenario in a traditional class where the teacher is teaching a topic in Math. She has already shared the concept a few classes ago and now plans for the students to solve problems. This is a short summary of this post. Visit The WizIQ Blog for full content and links.

Advancing Professional Education

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Provide your corporate members with a unique member benefit: a co-branded education portal. Our trade association clients have seen exponential administrative efficiency and increased corporate member engagement in their educational offerings.

5 Best Educational Website Builders and Platforms in 2019

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Technology has changed the face of the education system, replacing the old and obsolete teaching methods with innovative new ones. Whether you’re a professor at the university or a high school student, educational forums and websites are a fantastic way to explore new aspects of learning.

Effects of social media on your education and career growth

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While connecting to the world of learning, the impact of social media on education can’t be ignored. When you really want to understand the impact of social media on education, you need to consider both positive and adverse effects. Positive impacts on education.

The survival of higher education (3): The Social Web

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This is a continuation from yesterday''s blog post on changing times and the survival of higher education. Below are four reasons why the Social Web and associated media are changing higher education. British Journal of Educational Technology , 39(6), 987-995.

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The Smart eXtended Web

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Will the Web recurse infinitely? The Horizon Report is one of the most eagerly anticipated reports each year by educators, because it peers down the corridor of time and attempts to predict what we can expect to see in our classrooms in the next year, 2-3 years, 5 years. Where Web 1.0

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How the Accessible Canada Act Will Impact Web Publishers

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Ontario requires all web content to follow WCAG 2.0 It includes an Accessible Information and Communications Standard which requires web publishers to follow strict guidelines for accessibility. FAQs for Digital Educational Publishers Relative to the Act.

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The Web and us

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When Sir Tim Berners-Lee originally proposed the World Wide Web that year, nobody really knew just how influential it would be. In just 25 short years, the Web has transformed the lives of billions of people across the planet. Even shopping online has become an educational experience.

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Advancing Continuing Education

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Providing successful education programs at an association demands a Next-Gen Learning Experience Platform. CourseStage LMS is purpose-built for continuing education and professional development. The post Advancing Continuing Education appeared first on Web Courseworks. CourseStage Learning Management System (LMS) isn’t just a platform to house your content, it enables you to create learning experiences and track those experiences to make data-driven decisions.

6 Emerging Technologies in Education


Because of the great advances we are making in educational technology, new doors of opportunity are opening in classrooms. Cloud Computing - If you are using some form of we-based tools, then you are enabling further student-educator collaboration.

Advancing Healthcare Education

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In professional development, healthcare associations tend to have especially rigorous requirements because of accreditation regulations around CME, CNE, and other types of continuing education. The post Advancing Healthcare Education appeared first on Web Courseworks. CourseStage Health LMS provides the same feature-rich experience as CourseStage, but is further enhanced with Healthcare/Medical industry functionality.

Educational Game Design Q&A

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How many years have you been designing educational games? Started with my first job out of college, designing and programming educational computer games. Please walk us through your process for creating an educational game from concept to implementation.

Education funnels and webs of learning

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There has been a lot of discussion recently about the personalisation of education. The sticking point is that most education is publicly funded, the state has a major stake in how it's conducted, and therefore dictates what should be taught in schools.

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5 Best Educational Website Builders and Platforms in 2019

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Technology has changed the face of the education system, replacing the old and obsolete teaching methods with innovative new ones. Whether you’re a professor at the university or a high school student, educational forums and websites are a fantastic way to explore new aspects of learning.

Top 7 Innovations in K-12 Education


The education sector has undergone significant changes in the last decade. By incorporating technology into K-12 education model, institutes are aiming to improve the teaching and learning processes in schools and universities.

Digital Transformation In Higher Education: Will Universities Survive?

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Higher education and the nature of universities is changing and will continue to change for the next decade. Although the World Wide Web started as an academic endeavor, universities were slow to catchup with a global digital transformation.

Is education broken?

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Formerly a university academic and now a freelance writer, Audrey has courted her fair share of controversy and opposition, not least due to her forthright views on education, technology and a host of related topics. Does the web constitute a new form of cultural hegemony?

At Healthcare Educators’ Conference, “A Culture of Performance Improvement in Practice”

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The new administration has introduced uncertainty into healthcare education. The question on many healthcare educators’ minds is whether performance improvement education will continue to be an important model after the expected changes to the Affordable Care Act.

Content Curation & Association Education Strategy

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National associations or “communities of practice” have been in the business of content curation for many years: publishing journals, books containing the community’s body of knowledge, and face to face educational sessions. For association educators, the time has come to curate digital information for creating formal educational products delivered on line. These are products the learner earns continuing education credits for taking.

Why Your Association Should Be Considering Responsive Web Design

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And they are trying to accumulate some continuing education credits tapping away on an iPad during their ride on a commuter train. Why Your Association Should Be Considering Responsive Web Design - July 16, 2013.

Boost Your Business By Publishing Accessible Web Content

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In today’s web publishing world, accessibility is becoming a requirement. This is especially true in the educational publishing world which caters to students with a wide range of physical and cognitive needs. How Accessible Web Content Can Change the World for the Better.

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Upcoming Webinar: Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business

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A Sneak Peek at an Upcoming Webinar with Tagoras on March 26, 1 pm Eastern – In just two weeks, Web Courseworks will join Tagoras for a webinar on Developing a Compelling Strategy for Your Education Business. Does the typical skill set of education people create barriers?

eXtending the Web

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eXtending the Web - New and Emerging Learning Technologies View more presentations from Steve Wheeler. I was up at stupid o'clock yesterday to present a webinar for the ASCILITE organisation - the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. education Web 3.0

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The changing Web

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This is number 4 in the series of blog posts entitled 'Shaping Education for the Future.' The web is constantly changing. One of the greatest changes (and challenges) for education over the last few years has been the proliferation of user generated content. Essentially, Web 2.0

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Clarity needed around Web 3.0

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I like ASTD; they offer a valuable service to the industry in education, including reports, webinars, very good conferences (despite occasional hiccups, *cough* learning styles *cough*) that I happily speak at and even have served on a program committee for. A recent report of theirs, Better, Smarter, Faster: How Web 3.0 will Transform Learning in High-Performing Organizations , makes a mistake in it’s extension of a definition of Web 3.0, Their definition: Web 3.0

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Apple Initiatives in Education Domain


Apple has stepped up its Edu-Software and App games to manage the student and teacher experience, and has launched a new $299 iPad for schools with Apple Pencil support thereby making the education market quite interesting. A free web based service used for managing: People (Student or Staff).

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Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier in Adult Education

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Rather, I’m trying to make the case that VR will be a significant component of adult education. We asked him to take some time last week to explain the benefits of VR in adult education. The post Virtual Reality: The Next Frontier in Adult Education appeared first on Web Courseworks.

Online Education Solutions & the Changing Learning Landscape

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India’s online education market is all set to grow to a whopping USD 1.96 The numbers are a clear reflection of how technology has made its way into every aspect of our lives, including education with online education solutions.

TCC09: Digital Storytelling in a Web 2.0 World

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Even more unclear is how the growing array of interactive Web 2.0 Chareen is an online educator–was wondering if she is missing some human element. What about Web 2.0? Web 2.0 Web 2.0 TeacherTube common for education. Posted in Read/Write Web, Research.

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Medical Educators Improving Physician Education with PI-CME

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Most of the attendees have a vested interest in education and are committed to improving the way we educate our clinicians. There are some barriers for healthcare educators to overcome in terms of physician resistance to doing these activities.

TCC09 Keynote: Global Collaboration in the Web 2.0 World

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Summary: Web 2.0 In this presentation, Sue Waters will guide you on a tour of how educators, from different educational sectors, utilize web technologies with their learners to collaborate on global projects. With Web 2.0 Atlas, it's time for your bath.

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FocusOn Learning 2017: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Presentations Educational

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It is my sincere hope that adult education as a whole follows suit. My biggest take away from the conference is that I should treat conference presentations as education sessions for my attendees.