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The Colors of eLearning

eLearning Brothers

Here is a quick summary of each color’s psychological effect. We at eLearning Brother really like orange.). Use to appear more personable to your learners, particularly with boring content. It will display your sight as that person will see it.

Sparks Learning Design - Igniting Learners to Think; Washing Hands Vignettes

Vignettes Learning

They create sparks in our wired brains that causes us to recognize certain events we can relate back to, in our personal real-life situations. The heart of a story in learning is to place the person in a real-life, emotionally-charged, shocking, moving experience. It will be effective since learners interact with the story • Learning is short and faster How to get started: (1) Select a small, narrow topic (e.g. 4) What is the new version of the story on this topic?

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