A Glance at Popular E-Learning Trends that will Improve Your Business Value


The year 2018 witnessed some of the best e-learning trends which focused on decision-making, responsive learning, collaboration, effective management and more. The fun thing with technology is that it is always giving us tools to try new things to enhance training delivery effectiveness. Gamification has been around for some time now and organizations have realized the benefits of using scores, badges and leaderboards to boost learner engagement and retention levels. ?

How to Find the Best Custom eLearning Services Provider

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Companies that implement eLearning observe a 42% increase in their revenue over the next quarter according to a recent study. Not only that, statistics further state that companies using eLearning technology achieve an 18% boost in employee engagement. Outsourcing custom eLearning services help you with the translation of the material as well, allowing you to increase knowledge retention. Benefits of Outsourcing to eLearning Service Providers.

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What is XAPI And How Should You Use It?


This application is able to track the information learners seek whether that be through the elearning content provided by a company or outside information on the internet. The data it collects is useful for recording traditional learning activities such as whether learners completed courses, how much time they devoted to each course, and the scores they achieved. Formal learning experiences (i.e

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The Combination of Learning and Play: Finding the Sweet Spot

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Simply adding a cute name and keeping a score doesn’t make for an effective learning tool. Organization Need to recognize that an effective learning activity must have its beginnings with elements of learning and play, working in tandem. Description: The most effective learning games merge elements of play and learning theory into a cohesive activity that engages, entertains, and educates. Sometimes it seems that education is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Game-based Learning Tools for Corporate Training

Designing Digitally

Where there once was a one-way exchange of information, there is now an interactive learning experience that has been enhanced by quality elearning design. Corporations are recognizing that the more traditional ways of training employees aren’t nearly as effective as the methods that are being designed and marketed by elearning companies today. The process of turning ideas into a game is a very effective learning pursuit.

Interview with Misha McPherson, Director of Worldwide Sales Enablement, Marketing Software company


Mindflash: How does your company fit into the space of marketing technology? MM: We help orchestrate marketers across multiple channels and help companies maintain individual relationships with their customers. In the past, we were dependent upon managers training their people in a casual, ad hoc manner, which wasn’t super effective. I joined the company a year and a half ago to develop our training program. MM: eLearning used to be a very siloed activity.

The Importance of Personalized Learning – Part 1 of 3 – K12


This ensures that every student is engaged in the lecture, and the results of post-lecture comprehension questions provide the instructor with an understanding the effectiveness of the lecture for each student. Traditional Publishers, eLearning Companies and LMS Systems are Locked into Antiquated Approaches and Technologies . eLearning content publishers also face challenges of retrofitting their content to support personalization.

Converting Classroom Training to Elearning

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Interview with Microassist’s senior learning architect and instructional designer Brandon Winston on what it takes to convert instructor-led training to elearning. Topics covered include: What is elearning? What are the benefits of converting classroom training to elearning? Advantages of elearning over classroom training. How to make sure you create effective elearning when converting from classroom training. How effective is using elearning? ?.

Why Corporate Training is Broken And How to Fix It

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Training departments are no more at fault than bankrupt companies like Blockbuster Video, Borders, Silicon Graphics, Nortel Networks, Circuit City, Bethlehem Steel, Smith Corona, Polaroid, Wang Labs, or Underwood Typewriters. Person-to-person instruction is no longer cost-effective. After the war, big corporations replaced small companies. Forward-looking companies established corporate universities and tried to become Learning Organizations. eLearning was born.