News: Tomb Raider Creator Confirmed For E-Learning 20-20

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Discover how Lara Croft became a gaming icon when one of the men behind the Tomb Raider phenomenon looks at what eLearning can learn from its global success at the second ‘E-Learning 20-20 – Stay Ahead of the Game’ seminar later this month.

News: Weiss Sees Future In Games As E-Learning 20-20 Looms

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eLearning guru Craig Weiss has described gamification and education as “the perfect fit” as he prepares for next week's ‘E-Learning 20-20 - Stay Ahead of the Game’ seminars in London. Craig added: “There is no doubt in my mind that by 2020, corporate training will be 90% eLearning. "We

The Importance of Being an Instructional Designer

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Typically, all eLearning courses consist of three components; the content, the visual elements, and the technology that powers the eLearning course to work seamlessly across devices. The eLearning industry has undergone several transformations in the last two decades.