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Key Steps to Integrate Microlearning in Training Strategy


Lynne Millward, in his best-selling book “Understanding Occupational & Organizational Psychology,” empirically explains that any information can be comprehended effectively, if it is presented in the form of nuggets. This is the essence of Microlearning.

Microlearning: What It Is and What It Isn’t

Bottom-Line Performance

Microlearning. 18% of respondents said they’re excited about microlearning for the year ahead. The overall breakdown of trends cited lines up with the type of solutions we have been creating in recent months: Microlearning can take many different shapes.

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How widespread is microlearning?

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The face of teaching and learning has changed dramatically over the years, fueled by access to handheld devices, more sophisticated technologies, and research in effective learning techniques. Microlearning is one of the new phenomena disrupting conventional training and learning spheres.

How widespread is microlearning?

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The face of teaching and learning has changed dramatically over the years, fueled by access to handheld devices, more sophisticated technologies, and research in effective learning techniques. Microlearning is one of the new phenomena disrupting conventional training and learning spheres.

Microlearning courseware: New lessons added to the editable Content Library

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Within the library, authors are free to simply select, personalise, rebrand, and deploy lessons within minutes. . The incorporation of vital skills into your employee training strategy has never been easier with the adoption of EdApp’s completely free and newly developed Content Library.

Microlearning. By the numbers.

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That’s why many have turned to microlearning: learning in small, targeted bursts with achievable outcomes to increase the retention of information. . Microlearning has become somewhat of a buzzword in the eLearning industry. Is microlearning revolutionizing L&D?

How Visual Arts Inspire Microlearning Lessons - Tip #201

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If you have an important lesson to share with your learners, how do you ensure that it sticks to their memories? Adding One Level of Exaggeration to Your Microlearning Lessons Exaggeration is a potent method of bringing learners’ attention to an important or critical message or lesson.

5 ways microlearning boosts training company effectiveness

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The good news is that microlearning can easily help make training more engaging, interactive, effective and even fun. In this article, Ed App’s Instructional Design team give you some quick tips on how microlearning can help a training company become more effective.

6 things you need when implementing a Microlearning strategy

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Microlearning is exploding in popularity in the L&D, education and company training industries and it’s no surprise why. 6 tips for implementing a microlearning strategy. There are many types of microlearning , but by far the most important is mobile learning.

How To Improve Remote Worker Training With Microlearning

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Benefits Of Microlearning. Microlearning is also called bite-sized learning or content chunking. This pedagogical method is proven to improve retention and is particularly effective for remote worker training. Microlearning For Remote Worker Training.

5 Effective Ways Of Improving The Completion Rates For eLearning


Research has it that the average completion rates for an eLearning course are less than 15%. For this reason, there’s a need to find effective ways of encouraging learners to complete courses online. To increase the completion rate for eLearning is not a hard thing to do.

7 Benefits of Microlearning


That is why microlearning, learning distributed in small portions, has become more popular over the years & become a vital way to increase employee knowledge, compliance and training. Let’s look at what the benefits are when switching to microlearning!

Microlearning Madness: 25 Great Resources

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Recently, these learning trends and delivery methods have converged to make a new trend, microlearning , possible. At its best, microlearning leverages learning science to space out content and build long term memory. Our 25 Favorite Microlearning Resources.

Micro lesson plan: How to make the best in 4 Steps

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Microlearning is a very effective form of teaching students and training employees. In this article, Ed Microlearning’s Instructional Design team – which has created an inordinate amount of micro lessons and courses – give their advice on creating the best micro lesson plan.

10 advantages of microlearning

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Microlearning is when lessons are distilled into easily-absorbed bite-sized chunks. Here are the top ten advantages of microlearning:-. Top 10 advantages of microlearning. One of the key advantages of microlearning is linked to chunking. More effective.

Why You Need an eLearning Modernisation Strategy

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If there is one change you would like to make to the functionality of your enterprise, look no further than the implementation of an eLearning modernisation strategy for the training of your employees. An eLearning modernisation strategy facilities increased learning in the workplace, as well as boosted engagement and productivity. Gamification is a major element of microlearning, whereby gaming elements are incorporated into serious course content.

Top L&D experts reveal winning strategies for training remote workers


Crystal Warren — Create a “micro lessons” library. She has written two books, Visual Design Solutions and Visual Language for Designers, and is the creator of The eLearning Coach podcast. He’s an award-winning freelance eLearning designer, speaker, and author. .

Chunking strategy: Improve the effectiveness of your corporate and retail training

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Chunking might sound like an unrefined term to associate with the art of learning, but you’d better pay attention to it because it’s on of the most effective forms of elearning and instructional design available. What is a chunking strategy? More examples of chunking strategy.

STOP, THINK, FOCUS: 4 Ways to Design Time-Saving Lessons - Tip #208

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4 Ways to Design Time-Saving Lessons 1. If learners want to drill down and learn more, there is a Reference section that leads them to a more detailed lesson page. From this lesson page, they can again have access to more in-depth information to learn more.

4 Common Questions about Implementing Microlearning

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There is an abundance of information on and benefits of microlearning, it is impossible to learn all of the best practices at once. But if you know the first thing about microlearning we can learn how to implement microlearning in bite-sized chunks. . Many questions surround microlearning as an employee training strategy for maximum company success. We outline the four most common questions we receive about the implementation of microlearning.

4 Golden rules of microlearning

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Microlearning is sweeping the L&D world for good reason: delivering small, easy-to-remember, topical lessons is far more effective than face-to-face training or sitting someone in front of a long, eLearning course. Here are four golden rules of microlearning. Golden rules of microlearning. A great deal of eLearning software is compatible with mobile but the user experience is poor and fiddly. Golden rule: Keep microlearning short.

A Case Study on Microlearning as Performance Support to Reinforce Existing Training

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Microlearning, one of the hottest eLearning trends, is catching attention amongst eLearning fraternity like never before. Our recent discussion on a LinkedIn group received a stream of thoughts and perspectives on microlearning. Then What is Microlearning?

10 Best instructional strategies for corporate training

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Training days are not effective and, if your workforce is sparsely located, impractical. Meanwhile, eLearning courses can be even worse with course completions rates typically struggling to push past 20 per cent. But first… What are instructional strategies? Microlearning.

Top 10 Benefits of Microlearning for business

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Microlearning is the practice of teaching using small, bite-sized lessons (aka microlessons ). Below are the benefits of microlearning. Top 10 Benefits of Microlearning. Lessons don’t overawe learners. With microlearning, it can take minutes.

Navigating eLearning Trends – Six Instructional Design Strategies for Success

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It’s easy to feel trapped in a minefield of eLearning buzzwords: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), microlearning … the list could go on and on. In the world of eLearning, you need to have some fundamental strategies in your “design closet.”

4 Ways Mobile Makes Microlearning Better

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Mobile microlearning offers an array of benefits to a multitude of aspects in company processes, determinant of the extent of company success. If you’re unsure, microlearning is designed to be an employee training strategy with an aspect of learning support. Presented in the form of short modules, microlearning lessons are essentially designed to be completed in approximately five minutes. EdApp eLearning Microlearning microlearning mobile learning

Microlearning Techniques: How Empowering Learners Drives Results

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Microlearning is the perfect strategy to implement for driving results in the workplace for its ability to increase productivity and learning completion. There are various techniques surrounding microlearning, all responsible for different functions, thus a plethora of outcomes. In this article, we will outline the top 5 microlearning techniques used for driving results by empowering learners. Microlearning is there with you, every step of the way.

Design a Story Lesson Using a Journey Map - Tip #179

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Lesson. Insert a lesson that resonates with or is relevant to learners. It can be an effective tool to influence stakeholders to take action. Learn more about story and experience-based eLearning.

4 Applications for Microlearning in Corporation Training

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Microlearning in corporation training is the most effective LMS strategy to enhance the skills and increase knowledge of employees. We have pulled together our top four applications of microlearning for the most successful corporate training. Microlearning modules are effective in revealing learning gaps, which are then able to be resolved through elements unique to the modules, such as gamification and spaced repetition.

A Macro View of Microlearning: eLearning Replacement or Enhancement?

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How eLearning and Microlearning Work Together (and Apart) to Create Better Learning Opportunities. And because of that, microlearning offers a promise for many to help fill that gap. Why Microlearning? And that’s where microlearning comes in.

Is Your Lesson Like the Sinking Titanic? - Tip #131

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Shocking statistics and interactive, well-designed and understandable data visualization are some of the effective approaches. July 7, 2014 Are you Interpreting eLearning Data Correctly? Become a Master of Metaphor and Multiply Your Blogging Effectiveness.

What is Microlearning? How to Easily Incorporate Microlearning Content into Your Learning Strategy

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Fortunately, m icrolearning has emerged as an effective way to cater to the needs of modern learners who crave convenient, personalized, and skill-oriented content. . Read on to learn more about microlearning , how micro- lessons and micro-video can empower your organization to deliver better learning content , and how you can effectively create and manage microlearning content. . What Is Microlearning? .

4 Mistakes in Implementing Successful Microlearning

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We understand how exciting it can be to implement a successful microlearning approach into your business learning. Here are some very common mistakes that are made implementing microlearning. Creating lessons that are too long – ‘not microlearning’ This is a common mistake, which takes away from the purpose of successful microlearning ; learning in bite-sized chunks. Not designing lessons to be of multi-purpose. More on microlearning.

9 Experts Explain Why eLearning Success Depends on Microlearning


Looking for ways to improve the completion rates of your elearning courses? Well, you should go for microlearning because it drives knowledge retention and improves performance. Microlearning is, without doubt, one of the most exciting developments in elearning at present.

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Microlearning for the Real Estate Industry

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Enter, microlearning. In this article, we will outline how microlearning can assist in the growth and maintenance of the real estate industry. The concise manner and purposeful presentation of information offered by microlearning allows for the communication of clear goals. Clear-cut goals enable employees to be effectively guided through the learning process, while feeling supported and valued. EdApp eLearning Training microlearning real estate training