Adobe Captivate: Say Hello to Version 7

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Case in point: version 7 of the Captivate software was released today. In-course Web Browsing Enable more effective learning by embedding a browser interface within your courses. Edit audio to correct mistakes and pauses, add an external track, or attach sound effects or narration to individual objects. Adobe Captivate App Packager Embed a range of HTML5 animations and synchronize them with your Adobe Captivate course. by Kevin Siegel.

7 Instructional design principles for professors and teachers looking to create effective eLearning modules


As teachers and professors, was today begin incorporating eLearning as a key part of their curriculum, what are the instructional design principles they must keep in mind to make learning most effective?

Designing Mobile Learning Solutions


It is much easier to create a mobile friendly version of the course rather than going back and trying to retrofit the content. However, the most effective mLearning solutions are those that have a simple, user-friendly design.

Online Course Evaluation Surveys: How to Get Feedback


Getting the email subject headline right means that you are setting up the scene effectively and your students immediately know what it is expected of them. Also, it allows you to collect online survey responses and embed your surveys to emails. How to Embed a Survey/Feedback Form.

12 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Authoring Tool

When they’re set up within an effective authoring tool, you don’t need to attend to every. different version of your courses for the myriad. and is displayed in the most effective way possible. common applications/sites you might want to embed. 12 Ways to Get the Most.

3 powerful ideas you should steal from marketing

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This post includes two embeds that probably won’t appear if you’re reading it through email or an RSS reader. The video was so effective that the influx of traffic knocked the Dollar Shave Club site offline. Now for the “training” version.

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Snap! by Lectora Review

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In addition, Snap allows you to sync your media up to the timing of PowerPoint animation effects. With Snap it's easy to embed web pages, YouTube videos, and Flash. By Joseph Suarez. Recently Trivantis, makers of the eLearning development program Lectora, announced the release of Snap!

Using Captivate to Create Cool Text Animations

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Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Once you have created the text animation, you can choose from a wide variety of animation effects. I counted 85 different effects in Adobe Captivate 5.5. Select each effect and you will see it’s preview.

Learning Objectives are Dead Unless You Do CPR - Tip #122

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Breathe Life Into “Dead” Learning Objectives In my years of experience using stories to deliver lessons, I’ve found that there are a number of effective ways to revive learning objectives. There are four steps to embed learning goals in stories. How to Embed Learning Goals in Stories.

Readymade Courses or Custom eLearning Development – When to Choose What

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Since ready-made courses can be used again and again for multiple different users, they are extremely cost-effective. They can be used to train a highly specialized audience effectively. The synergy can make your training more impactful and effective - while providing better ROI.

15 Authoring Tools For mEnabling Your eLearning For iPads

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You can create interactive videos with clickable links, table of contents, search, embed quizzes and it supports both Flash and HTML5. Captivate Version 6. Impatica for PowerPoint Version 5.

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Instructional Design is Not Dead!

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Even if you are only creating training for classrooms – there is a variety of ways to blend or flip your classrooms to make them more effective, engaging and further embed learning. To help people do their jobs and to be the best versions of themselves.

3 Secrets to Creating Better Video

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Captions assume the viewer can’t hear, so they include relevant non-speech elements like sound effects and speaker identifications to make it easier for the viewer to understand what is going on. Transcripts are a plain text version of the audio.

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Webinar Recap: The Future of Software Learning: Virtual Training Labs


These challenges can be overcome with effective learning and software training. As learners only need a browser and an internet connection to run virtual labs, there are no technological constraints and no need to be running certain versions of software.

BranchTrack, Hololens, and the Scale of the Universe: This Week on #BLPLearn

Bottom-Line Performance

You can embed it in a blog or website. You can’t do much customization with the trial version—but you can get a feel for how it works in about 5 minutes with what you do get.

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Repurpose Your Content: Make a Blog Video!

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Creating an alternative version of something that already exists is a great way to save time, and ensures you’re maximizing the mileage you get out of your content. You can even add neat animations and effects, and tweak everything to your liking.

Transcript Formats Explained

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Things like conversations, speaker identities, and non-verbal sound effects like a doorbell ringing would be included in the body of a transcript. Possibly the most common type of file formats, plain text is simply the text version of video or audio content.

Enhance eLearning Assessment to Maintain Learner Engagement

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An easy, quick and effective way to address this is to look to the use of embedded streaming media via the use of iFrames. Why not embed video from media streaming sites such as YouTube or Vimeo ? For example , to embed a YouTube video: Navigate to the video you wish to use.

The Top 3 Aspects of Articulate 360 You Must Know

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This version of Articulate is a completely different package, unlike its earlier upgrades. It will be very cost effective for developers who use all the applications. Features include: Lessons: Video, Labeled graphics, Process, Timeline, Sorting, and URL embed.

ProProfs launches online survey software


Powerful Free Version. The powerful free version of ProProfs online survey software allows you to do a number of things such as create surveys with different questions-types, add custom messages as well as share your surveys on your website or social networks. Share and Embed Surveys.

The Role of Technology in the Workplace


As we continue into the 21st century, it seems like there are new technological advances on a daily basis, and those advances are beginning to embed themselves into the workplace. The primary drawbacks include dependency, the constant need to upgrade and possible negative effects on workplace relationships. Finding cost effective and time efficient solutions is a must to keep employers and employees happy.

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Course Authoring Tools for eLearning Developers and the masses

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Thinking Worlds - offers a free version (lame) and a commercial version (better) – create sims and 3D games publish to iPad (have to purchase the TW Pro + iOS edition), very slick. Embed video – inc. Embed audio, images and Flash objects.

Extended Enterprise LMS: Simplifying Customer and Partner Training


The effectiveness of such a training hangs on the tools you employ. As the name suggests, it is an extended version of enterprise LMS, which is used to extend training beyond the familiar physical spaces of an office.

Workforce Development Services: A new framework of training and learning support

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However, the opportunities to integrate (and embed) formal training into the workflow as much as possible – through the increased use of social (workplace) systems – intranets and collaborative tools – will also need to be exploited.

Infographic: The Periodic Table of Instructional Design

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It’s a bunch of decisions, some big, some little, that go unseen by the learner but nevertheless effect the overall look and feel of the course. Play with our interactive Storyline version of the periodic table here.

eLearning for Call Centers


With these two core goals in mind, call center eLearning training effectiveness can be improved using these ten simple strategies: 1. There is a plethora of eLearning tools that enable instruction designers to embed interactive games, role-plays, contests and call simulations.

HTML5 in E-learning – Signaling the End of the Flash Player

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Things only got complicated when Adobe announced that it was withdrawing support to the mobile version of Flash Player. This problem is effectively eliminated by HTML5, as you can embed multimedia elements into online courses.

Flipped Classroom Model: The Future-Present of Blended Learning

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and how effective great classroom training could be with its human contact. After consulting Jon Bergman directly, by 2013 I’d developed my own version of a flipped learning model and was using it with good effect for my learning consultation work.

What’s Hot with Articulate 360? – Part 5: Presenter

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In my earlier blogs, we looked at the easy authoring features of Storyline 360 and its ability to create good animations and facilitate effective learning interactions. Embed web applications, gamified elements, and reference materials. Welcome to the fifth post in a series of fourteen.

My professional use of social media and communication tools

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Easy to use and very effective. I have an account on Scribd and it is public, but I only use it to embed PowerPoint presentations into my WordPress blog. You can have 2.000 subscribers in the free version, for more you have to start paying.

HTML5 – The Technology that Eases Rapid E-learning Development

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It is the latest and strongest version of the HTML standard. Rapid e-learning development refers to developing online courses quickly and effectively, without having to use overly complicated software or programming techniques.

Harvard ManageMentor: Some thoughts in response.

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Learning mix in the workplace Harvard Business Publishing is releasing the next version of Harvard ManageMentor , their "online resource for business essentials". Our approach is an important differentiator because we integrate and embed the collaboration capabilities within a specific topic.

LMS Pricing Models – Solving a Complicated Issue


In this case, the organization is gambling or almost hoping that the LMS will not be used as effectively as it ideally should. It may or may not be the best model for some corporate organizations that wish to embed a continuous learning culture.

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News: New ComplianceServe Launched As Regulation Grip Tightens

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It’s ComplianceServe Jim, but not as we know it!

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10 Steps to Running a Lean Training Program


Embed videos from YouTube. Did you know that you can embed content from sites like YouTube directly into your courses? A CSV file is a plain text version of an excel file. These steps help you to focus on what really matters without reducing the effectiveness of your training. Budgets are always under scrutiny. This is especially true for training departments. Growing companies need to prove the worthiness of the programs they run. They simply can’t waste resources.