Skills Are the Currency of “The Expertise Economy”

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“Never has there been a time where so many changes are happening so quickly, and it is really hard for companies and employees to adapt,” said Kelly Palmer, co-author of the “The Expertise Economy: How the Smartest Companies Use Learning to Engage, Compete and Succeed.”.

LinkedIn Connection Approach Rethought

Tony Karrer

If you read my blog much, you know that I use LinkedIn quite a bit to help me find experts and expertise. You can see how I do this in my posts/screencasts LinkedIn Searching for Experts and Expertise and LinkedIn Answers to Get Help. And, I sometimes wonder what I did before I had LinkedIn as a resource. When I do a group search, the same effect is there about only being able to tap into 2nd degree. That's what LinkedIn tells you.

LinkedIn Guide for Knowledge Workers

Tony Karrer

I do a lot of presentations where one of the topics is how to use LinkedIn more effectively as part of your knowledge work. In most cases, I will ask for a show of hands: How many of you have a LinkedIn Account? How many of you actively use LinkedIn? How many of you get really high value from LinkedIn? - Now down to 2-5% I am continually surprised by this result ( Getting Value from LinkedIn ).

Five Tips To Make an Instructional Designer’s LinkedIn Profile Shine


LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with approximately 467 million members across the globe. LinkedIn is a powerful tool to promote your brand (could be your company or you as a professional) amongst thousands of like minded professionals, decision makers, partners, talent seekers, or customers. LinkedIn recently redesigned its UI, thus bringing Conversations and Content to the heart of the platform. Got more tips on using LinkedIn to the fullest?

LinkedIn - Prospecting No - Conversation Yes

Tony Karrer

I went through examples similar to LinkedIn for Finding Expertise and Searching for Expertise - LinkedIn Answers to show the basics of how LinkedIn works. I also discussed being more or less open as a LinkedIn Networker: My LinkedIn Open Connection Approach. The earlier presenter had talked about LinkedIn and someone in the audience asked for a show of hands for people who have got business through LinkedIn.

Freedom to Learn and Pursue One's Expertise

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We call it Path to Expertise or Path2X. 3) Ripple Effects of Insights Encourage real-time insights noting, sharing and tracking. This provides them a unique perspective of their pursuit of expertise.

Working Out Loud: Using the Tools We Already Have


In effect, it can act as a set of notes of one’s day’s learning aggregated and filtered via hashtags and shared with the broader world. Small working out loud circles can use Twitter effectively through facilitated tweet chats as well. When is it most useful to use LinkedIn?

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MOOCs in Workplace Learning – Part 4: Role in Corporate Universities


This infographic of a Deloitte Survey spanning 90 countries look at the talent issues that can threaten organizational effectiveness. ” Critical new skills are scarce – and their uneven distribution around the world is forcing companies to develop innovative new ways to find people, develop capabilities, and share expertise. LinkedIn has tied up with Coursera to facilitate direct publication of these certificates to one’s profile.

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Prevent Employee Burnout With Flexibility, Learning Culture

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LinkedIn’s “ Global Talent Trends 2019 ” report found that workplace flexibility is prized by job seekers, with 72% of talent professionals and hiring managers saying it’s extremely important to be able to work when and where they want.

4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work

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Personally I spend more time than I should on LinkedIn and Facebook, much to chagrin of my family. LinkedIn - 100 million professionals worldwide. million members in LinkedIn Groups who post 1.2 In terms of the social learning flavour, what better example than Wikipedia , where people generously give their time and expertise to build this impressive knowledge base. Blended & Learning Tech Effective Learning social learning

4 reasons why employee social learning will fail at work

Learning Cafe

Personally I spend more time than I should on LinkedIn and Facebook, much to chagrin of my family. LinkedIn – 100 million professionals worldwide. million members in LinkedIn Groups who post 1.2 Yes, I know that Facebook has 23 million users.


Learning Cafe

Are you looking to provide more effective ways for people to work together? Do you want to easily identify & reward expertise across your business? If you don’t have the network tools within work then use Twitter , LinkedIn , Google +, Facebook or any number of sharing tools like Diigo or Blended & Learning Tech Effective Learning L&D Capability Learning Trends collaboration community social networks

Getting Help

Tony Karrer

I looked at a couple examples this recently in LinkedIn for Finding Expertise and Searching for Expertise - LinkedIn Answers This topic came up again in a discussion - Blogging to ask for Help - Colin asked: If you need input from like-minded people around the world, where's the best place to ask? Is there a more effective way to approach this kind of problem? My post New Work is about changes in work skills.

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"Working Out Loud": Using the Tools We Already Have

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In effect, it can act as a set of notes of one's day's learning aggregated and filtered via hashtags and shared with the broader world. Small working out loud circles can use Twitter effectively through facilitated tweet chats as well. When is it most useful to use LinkedIn?

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Learning 3.0: How does your organization stack up?


identify subject matter experts – capture and transfer domain expertise. Research from the report shows that being able to use different types of learning modalities and identifying individuals in the organization that have subject matter expertise is very important.

If You're Not Learning.

The Performance Improvement Blog

According to LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report , “The #1 reason employees say they are not engaging in workplace learning is because they don't have the time.” [Note: I apologize to my readers for failing to post on this blog for the past two months.

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How technology is impacting Learning & Development teams

Your Training Edge

Udacity, Coursera, edX are some of the providers of a lot of courses backed by training expertise from big institutions such as MIT, Harvard, IIM and Stanford. In addition, teams are also finding it difficult to determine the options that are accessible, effective and budget friendly.

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ID and eLearning Links (3/5/19)

Experiencing eLearning

LinkedIn Niels Flor compares what he sees as the differences between instructional design and learning experience design. A learning experience designer combines these design skills, tools and methods with theoretical and practical expertise about learning.

Using Content Distribution to Market E-Learning


The big benefit of using a site like Medium (or LinkedIn’s published content, or public forums like Quora or Reddit) is that it puts you in front of (potentially) a lot of people. If you’re still set on using a platform like Medium or LinkedIn to expand your audience, there is a way to do it effectively for e-learning. On the other hand, platforms like Medium or published content on LinkedIn encourage professional expertise.

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How to Use Selenium to Automate Flash and AngularJS Based UI

Hurix Digital

We successfully automated Flash and AngularJS with the help of the in-house testing team, in a cost-effective and efficient manner. With an effective debug process in place, the team was able to improve the quality of error reports and thereby deliver high-quality bug-free products.

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Rebalancing Your Training Portfolio

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In order to make sure you have an accurate portfolio that best matches your field of expertise, target audience and market, you have to keep rebalancing it from time to time. Learn more about Bryant at LinkedIn:

Technology Adoption by Instructors to Impart Learning: Factors and Utilizations


If the benefits of the said technology can be highlighted, and a way to overcome the perceived drawbacks shown, an instructor can be suitably encouraged to use technology effectively for learning – in a classroom, as well as in a blended learning scenario.

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How Employers Can Make Every Employee a Top Performer

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Aside from this, giving out recognition rewards for outstanding professional behavior like being on time or effective collaborations with their team can encourage others to improve. Connect with Ron Cullimore on LinkedIn. Build relationships on trust.

The Best eLearning Tools You Need Now


Whether you want to learn more about awesome eLearning authoring tools, communicate more effectively with your learners, or organize your time better, our list of useful eLearning tools is sure to help. is a great eLearning tool because it helps you make your content effective.

Training Reboot: Assessing Your Company’s MOOC Readiness

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MOOCs can teach these skills just as effectively and at a significantly reduced cost. For a MOOC to work, your employees need to be willing and able to learn on their own, which requires both motivation and effective time management. Your training programs need a reboot.

Social Grid Follow-up

Tony Karrer

Twitter as Personal Work and Learning Tool My LinkedIn Open Connection Approach - Treating LinkedIn like a massive, virtual cocktail party. I believe tap is the keyword flaviofusuma : @ tonykarrer Forums , Email , Linkedin. Linkedin. It's much more social than LinkedIn.

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3 Essentials to Selling ELearning


First, do some research on sites like Udemy and SkillShare to see what courses are selling in your field of expertise. There are proven ways to generate online traffic, and one of the most effective ones is to write – or find someone that can do it for you.

RSDR 5: Development 2

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This could mean moving from one position to another within one area of expertise, or taking a logical step into another area. With an effective set of career paths, HR and training can work together to monitor the mentor program, as well as to educate and train mentors on their roles.

Networks and Communities

Tony Karrer

Even if you are a member of LinkedIn, you may not have links to people in the right fields. Thus, you may have to spend time building some initial links so that you can reach out effectively. I try to get people into my networks when I meet them (for example connect on LinkedIn). It's very interesting to see how LinkedIn Answers and Groups has given us new opportunities to surface interested experts and having that connected to known mechanisms for sparking conversation.

25 eLearning Tools You Need Now


Once you import PowerPoint content to Storyline , the effects you add will help to ensure that a learner has absorbed important information before progressing. If you have expertise on a topic, submitting answers will help to build your reputation among knowledgeable peers.

A Conversation with Danny Stefanic of LearnBrite

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Stefanic: LearnBrite is created from a belief that by combining the best and latest technologies with proven eLearning techniques, we can provide the most effective learning experience and outcome. The other day I had a great conversation with Danny Stefanic.

How to Prevent Member Education Burnout

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Your association is in a unique position to provide subject matter expertise that can define your membership and keep their knowledge of the field current. Share this on LinkedIn.

Putting Members’ Needs First: Working with Subject Matter Experts

Association eLearning

In short, if they can respect each other’s passion for what they do, share their enthusiasm, and apply their expertise in a targeted training program, the learner receives the best of both worlds. Assuming the learner’s perspective is essential to building effective training experiences.

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Deep Learning, Deliberate Practice, and Desirable Difficulties: An Interview with Patti Shank

Convergence Training

We know that learning needs to be effective, and effective learning, effective instruction, especially instruction that’s to get us to a certain desired outcome, is often not fun. And to get to any level of expertise is often grueling.

Megatrends in MOOCs: #2 Facilitating Learning Organizations

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By far, one of the largest disruptive effects of MOOCs and other digital learning environments has been to move education out of classrooms and into the real world. Promote and reward expertise. Learn more about Bryant at LinkedIn: