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What is microlearning?

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It’s is not a tool or method—it’s a way of looking at what information the learner needs at the time they’re trying to accomplish something. Many organizations are embracing microlearning because it’s cost-effective and quicker to develop than standard training solutions, it’s faster to launch, and it can be updated fairly easily. Download a white paper by Axonify on Microlearning: Small Bites, Big Impact. " Micro-Beads " by Zach Discerner is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Tony Karrer

Top 2008 Posts based on Read Counts: 100 eLearning Articles and White Papers Free - Web 2.0 37) Training Method Trends (27) Examples of eLearning 2.0 (26) For example, I just had someone ask about using Facebook in a corporate context as part of on-boarding.

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Multi-Generational Learning in the Workplace

Janet Clarey

Google, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia for homework, the school’s VLE/LMS, instant message, text, profile on a social networking service like Facebook or MySpace.). Because I watch YouTube videos, have a Facebook, and text doesn’t mean I expect you to use those to train me at work). White Paper: Generations at Work. Research Initiative for Teaching Effectiveness, University of Central Florida. Professor pans ‘learning style’ teaching method.

Top 74 eLearning Posts from September 2010

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Capabilities to push quiz on Twitter and Facebook. If we give people access to broadband, and they learn how to effectively use the new digital tools, how can we be sure they become digitally literate? statement by Wendy Drexler in her paper prompted this question. A Deliberate and Effective PLE - Learnadoodledastic , September 17, 2010 Thinking about my own PLE in relation to the reading led me to developing my own PLE Model. Social Enterprise White Paper (PDF).

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Plus, you’ll discover how you can effectively measure the business impact of your LMS solution, and receive actionable tips to help you maximize the value from your LMS investment. Learn directly from Jim and Wendy Kirkpatrick, creators of the New World Kirkpatrick Model, how to start any training program right, so that value is built in and can effectively be demonstrated when it is complete. " Flowers, Wall, Clover " by Stefano Iorio is Public Domain.