Best Practices in Creating an Enterprise e-Learning Portal

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With an e-learning portal , companies are noticing an exponential increase in the engagement of employees. Since e-learning enhances opportunities in terms of learning and offers a medium for the same, we have compiled some best practices for creating an e-learning portal.

CASE Professional Development Portal

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As a result, CASE has achieved their goals of increasing learning effectiveness, and enhancing the efficacy of place-based events with pre- and post- activities. Share this on Facebook. Download the CASE Association Learning Management System Case Study as a PDF.

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ICAAP eLearning Portal for CME

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With the portal and web-based courses in place, physicians are now able to earn CME credit and MOC Part IV credits through the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP). Share this on Facebook. Download the ICAAP Medical Learning Management System Case Study as a PDF.

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Here’s How elearning Helped Facebook Create Super Clients


This spring, Facebook dipped its toe into eLearning waters with Blueprint, a business management portal to teach small businesses and brands how to effectively utilize Facebook’s marketing tools. But Facebook didn’t launch Blueprint out of the goodness of their hearts. In the case of Blueprint, Facebook is creating super clients that understand how to use Facebook to grow their businesses. Design education Featured Blueprint elearning facebook Recognizes Digitec Interactive as Top LMS Company for 2013

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Digitec Interactive has been named on Training’s Top 15 Learning Portal Companies Watch List for its Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Direct. Share this on Facebook.

Getting Started with Online Member Education

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Make sure your they offer some assistance and training to help you implement your new program effectively. Share this on Facebook. Recognizes Digitec as Top LMS Company for 2012

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For the 3rd year in a row, Digitec Interactive has been named to’s Top 20 Learning Portal Companies Watch List for it’s best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS), Knowledge Direct. The ISTH and Digitec Partner on CME Portal - May 30, 2013.

Digitec Produces eLearning for the International Sign Association

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The International Sign Association (ISA) has overcome this challenge by partnering with Digitec on a cost-effective solution to create custom eLearning courses for its members, who are manufacturers, users and suppliers of on-premise signs and other visual communications systems.

Twitter as Social Learning: Seven Ways to Facilitate the Exchange.

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Where Facebook and LinkedIn serve mainly as social dashboards for our personal and professional networks, respectively, I see Twitter as a customized information portal. This is where you can create your customized information portal.

Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees through Peer-Based Online Learning


This is a cost-effective training method. Peer-based learning is a highly effective method of gaining knowledge and skills. In 2011, researchers from DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois , explored the effects of online peer review on the progress students made. The company launched SMART – its own education portal. There are two ways for you to implement effectively this method into practice: Create a special online course for your employees.

The Power of Your Network | Social Learning Blog

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People in your network become the portals to knowledge, opportunity, and information you might not find on your own. These people hold the secret to effective networking – it’s not all about you ; it’s about all of you.

What’s hurting the LMS market

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Some common traits include: Broadway Effect: Front end looks too busy, end users cannot figure out what to click, where to go, what to avoid – lots of information, flashiness, overload of the senses. Facebook is not a driver for sales, and social media is in fact, one component of an effective digital marketing strategy. Craig Weiss e-learning e-learning vendors elearning elearning 24/7 learning portal LMS craig weiss E-Learning 24/7 learning management systems

E-Learning End Users Have Spoken – time for the industry to listen

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Online gaming, and not just Farmville on Facebook, is exploding. Editing/Adding Effects/Manipulating. If you said using features to edit, add effects and change, you would be correct. If your learning platform, offered the ability to edit/add effects and manipulate photos would you use it? If your content authoring tool offered the ability to edit, add effects and manipulate photos or images, would you use it?

Something is Going on Down there in the LMS Market

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In the case of a well known LMS vendor for example, their system came up on Avant, but when I went to play a course, their course player screen failed to work effectively and the course window did not look as it should, in comparison to some of the other better known browsers. These sites include, StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, various Linkedin Groups, Linkedin.

Digitec Welcomes Knowledge Direct LMS Partner Indiana Association of REALTORS®

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The Indiana Association of REALTORS® has officially joined the Knowledge Direct family with the implementation of the association’s new online learning portal for member professional development and continuing education. Integration with the group’s association management system, iMIS, will allow seamless entry into the portal with single sign-on and automated learner registration. The ISTH and Digitec Partner on CME Portal - May 30, 2013. Share this on Facebook.

5 Tips To Maximize ROI Of Your LMS

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Provide access to self-help resources such as Frequently Asked Questions, Help Desk, tips and tricks to make the LMS experience more effective and efficient, etc. Let Learners Measure the Learning Effectiveness.

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The 5 Top Blogs of 2016 on Mobile Learning

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We live in a ‘social’ world, and networking tools such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have become an integral part of our lives. This has made it necessary for companies to formulate an effective mobile, social learning strategy.

What’s Your Learning Tool Stack?

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Seriously, this is important, as the tools we use and provide through the organization impact the effectiveness with which people can work. There’s also probably a need to save community-specific resources like documents and job aids, so there may be a portal function as well.

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3 Unique Ways to Improve the Online Engagement

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A website is a cost-effective and convenient way to lay out the road map, explain your ideas, keep the stakeholders informed, and keep the customers engaged. Qwertee managed to get 100,000 Facebook likes. .

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SCORM and xAPI LMS in a Learning Culture

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The idea of tracking activity streams emerged from social networking and is used by sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Find out if social learning chemistry works for you!

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Which brings us to the question as to the start of how to craft, design, and lay the foundation of using the social media platform as an effective engagement tool in the sphere of learning? Create a portal for sharing of success stories and lessons learned.

Digitec Welcomes New Knowledge Direct LMS Partners

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With the addition of the association’s new online learning portal, IA is able to deliver and track eLearning courses, learner progress, completions and continuing education units (CEUs) earned. Integration with the group’s association management system (AMS), iMIS, will allow for seamless entry into the portal with single sign-on and automated learner registration. The ISTH and Digitec Partner on CME Portal - May 30, 2013. Share this on Facebook.

Internet Trends & What they Mean for Accessibility

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Seven out of the ten most powerful companies in the world are tech companies including Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Facebook. They should ensure that both internal and external communication portals – like a web app or a website – are accessible.

Top 6 Corporate Learning Management Systems!

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An eLearning portal can be quickly created and courses released with the least amount of effort. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. Corporate training has taken leaps and bound in the past few decades.

Surviving the Millennial Apocalypse: Party Like It’s 1999

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We now have multi-device capabilities, social networking, embedded performance support systems, virtual reality, dynamic portals, xAPI analytics, gaming, powerful search engines, and (finally) really good user-generated content!

The 5 Most Essential LMS Security Features


Whether you’re doing online corporate training or selling commercial training courses, the security of your eLearning portal is something you should take very seriously. your learning portal) can be broken into and/or have their operation disrupted. Facebook login, and more.

Digitec to Produce Additional Courses for ISA

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New to eLearning or just want some ideas for effective online learning? The ISTH and Digitec Partner on CME Portal - May 30, 2013. Share this on Facebook. The International Sign Association (ISA) has retained Digitec for the production of 10 additional eLearning courses.

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5 Top IT-enabled business trends that are affecting Corporate Learning


However, it took Facebook a mere year and Twitter even less time to reach the ‘50 million’ milestone. But today, all forward thinking organizations are open to harnessing the immense potential of social media platforms to increase the effectiveness of their learning solutions.

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How to Create and Distribute a Responsive Online Course


However, before you start creating online courses, you need to know some basic creation and distribution elements to further forward it to your audience in an effective way. Cloud Learning Portal A cloud-based authoring tool enables you to reach your target audience in no-time.

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5 Creative Ways to Market Your eLearning on a Budget

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Mention those members who achieved the “high score” at your next meeting, on your website or on your association’s Facebook page. Tips for Facebook – Share a special offer with those who “Like” your page on Facebook. If you have a few dollars in your marketing budget, you should also consider promoting your post using Facebook Ads. With Facebook Ads you decide who sees your posts and how much you spend. Share this on Facebook.

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What are the Benefits of a Cloud LMS?


By logging into a web portal you and your learners have access to the features of the cloud-based LMS solution. Cost-Effective. A cloud-based SaaS LMS will usually be more cost-effective than an installed LMS. The cost is based on your usage metrics , such as users or portals , so you only pay for actual usage of your cloud LMS. This means that cloud-based LMS solutions are normally more cost-effective in the short term.

LMS for School Executives Associations

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State associations around the country are scrambling to coordinate seminars and workshops to educate school executives on everything from leadership development to educator effectiveness. Share this on Facebook.

Benefits of a cloud-based Learning Management System


By logging into a web portal you can access the features of the software. Choosing a cloud-based LMS with a SaaS model will usually be more cost effective than an installed LMS. Your cost is based on usage metrics, such as users or portals , so you only pay for actual usage of your LMS.

How Chatbots Reduce Friction In Learning

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Most commonly, Facebook, Chrome and YouTube. By engaging the user where they already are (messaging with their friends and family), you are effectively removing the requirement of swipes, taps, and searches to get the user’s mind engaged in a productivity session.

7 Things About eLearning Your CEO/Executive Director Wants to Know

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You will need some sort of portal to put your courses into, which is commonly referred to as a Learning Management System or LMS. So here are some facts to take to the boss: A 2014 MIT study proved that eLearning is just as effective as traditional learning. Share this on Facebook.

Chairperson’s Report from Corporate Learning Week


There were large organizations, such as Facebook, Publicis, Yum! For the 2018 Corporate Learning Week – Silicon Valley conference, Matt Nawrocki and I from NovoEd acted as the chairpersons for the conference.

Introducing the Social Intranet Index

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Everyone seems to have a different opinion, from a human-centred platform, to the intersection between portals, team sites and social sites , to a system that ties the business’s processes and data to the employee’s social behaviour. Effectively, its hierarchy flattens.

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